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After finishing the book, the mood is quite complicated.

The last 2 months were stumbling, and everything was entangled. In addition to the driver's license, I also went to Japan halfway through, and my thoughts were disturbed more seriously. For a long period of time, I felt that my writing was not coherent.

I have to go out at 6 o'clock this morning to go to the exam 3. In fact, I should have taken the test last month, but because of the fact that I went to Japan and the arrangement of the daddy driving school, it has been dragged to the present.

(The latest news, Section 3 has been hung, spread flowers...)

In short, the main storyline was written in the way I hoped, and I am still not willing to do it. After all, this story has really been written for a long time since the end of August last year.

Let me talk about the follow-up arrangements first, and then talk about some of my own views about this book.

There are still many games that have not been written, so these games will be updated as often as possible, mainly to write some new games.

I started thinking about the way of not updating half a month and updating a dozen chapters at a time. However, many students expressed great fear of the "Word Catastrophe", so I thought about it and changed it to a daily guarantee. After 2 days, the new book will be stable Start writing.

Subsequent updates will be divided into chapters, which game will be written clearly in each chapter, and everyone can choose to keep books or skip booking.

Every day, it's not that I want to be lazy, but that I have to write a new book.

The new book will be published within 3 days, which may be tonight or tomorrow, please pay attention to the new news at any time.

There are two more important reasons why you should finish the book at this stage.

One is that the current length of this book has far exceeded my previous expectations. I originally planned to write about 15010000, including the main storyline behind it, which actually can't contain more games.

The other is that the subject matter of the manuscript has a ceiling after all. I can feel the enthusiasm for this book gradually passing away.

This is not a question of whether I work hard enough, but a limitation of the subject matter.

The way of copying the public is narrow, and the road of writing the game is even narrower. I'm really a big star who can finish writing Olympiad, go, go, variety, and variety, but this book can basically only write games and game-related content.

I remember just starting to write the plot of the Warcraft competition, and there are a lot of readers who protested not to read it. Fortunately, I insisted on writing, otherwise the book will be half as cool and the content will be reduced by half.

However, there is still little writeable. Moreover, writing things outside of the game will make me feel off topic.

I don’t want to touch a girl’s amusement park and buy a house or a car. I don’t want to touch this kind of bad plot. Of course, I don’t mean this kind of plot is bad. Maybe someone can write it, but I don’t want to. Write, feel boring.

In the later period, I was mainly writing 3a masterpieces, but the 3a masterpieces are all so different in terms of gameplay. Apart from the plot, there is no other difference in writing.

This book has written Mobile Game, written PC games, written vr, many classic games have been remade, many online games have also written derivative plots, and they have prospects for future games. Think about it and write new things. It's really not much.

Because the readers of this book are very different, and the appeals have nothing common with each other, it is difficult to meet the requirements of all readers at the same time.

Some people say that I don’t have time to play games, so I want to learn more about games and some plots through this book.

Some people say, why are you always writing game plots, I have played the game all over again, and it looks drowsy.

Some people say that they didn't pretend to be slapped in the back? It doesn't look good at all.

Some people also said that it would be good to keep playing games in this way, but it is not a metropolis, so it is necessary to pretend to do so much.

Some people want a lot of dog food and emotional dramas, and others say they just want to see no female hostess.

With regard to the issue of emotional drama, I admit that as a steel straight man, writing dog food for me will make me uncomfortable, so I can’t really write it.

Don’t force it if you can’t write it, otherwise it’s definitely awkward. I’m uncomfortable writing, and it’s uncomfortable to read, right?

It can only be said that the next book should be improved as much as possible.

For this book, SILENT's story is not over yet, you can also watch him continue to pretend.

Looking back, this book has achieved far more success than I expected. The theme of game + copycat + Game Design has been written by some people before, but it is not as popular as this book. In the final analysis, thank you all To support, if it were not all ordered 10000, I might not be so determined to choose this career as a lifetime.

Of course, every time you open a new book, it will be a little square, but the net article thing is to sail against the current, if you don't advance, you will retreat.

You can't expect to eat the old routine for a lifetime, but as long as you innovate, you have to bear the risk of thrashing the street. It's okay if it's really rushed, and he will finish the book in half a year, and write another one.

So the next book will be written differently from this book. I don’t know if you remember Qin An killed from Ladder of Gods in PUBG. The story of the new book is similar to this one. The protagonist is also surnamed. Qin.

There are 4 chapters left after the 12th of today, and the monthly ticket is no longer recorded. These chapters will be paid back from the outside, and the number of the outside is definitely more than 12 chapters.

A total of 11 months from the opening of the book to the present, that is, about 330 days, the guaranteed update is 660 chapters, and the actual update is 1150 chapters, which means that more than 490 chapters are still owed.

Because this book is written too fast, it is not considered in many places, and some plots are procrastinated, dissuading some readers. In the new book, I hope I can write slowly and be solid, and hope that more people can come to the book together.

Finally, I recommend a game to everyone. In fact, I always support domestic games, but there are really not many domestic games that can be recommended. This time it was a Mobile Game "Meteor Butterfly Sword", yes, it was the spiritual sequel of the single-player action game ip more than ten years ago. I originally wanted to write this game in the novel, because it is a kind of alternative, it is a hard mobile mobile game with a hard core, which is very rare in China. But because of conflict with the main line, there is no suitable place to write in after finishing the book, and I can only regret to give up. Today's game should be the first two tests. The keyword of the game is "suffering." I know that there are many players who like "Dark Souls" among book friends. You can feel it.

In short, thank you all for following along the way to the end, I hope everyone will keep the collection and the recommendation ticket for next month, and I have to start practicing smurf again.

After the new book has passed the review, it will send 1~210000 words at a time. When the time comes, a separate chapter will be sent after the book to introduce the title and the general plot of the new book.

Thank you for reading my book. See you in the new book.

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