Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1154

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Chen Mo took off the Matrix Glasses and put them on the table.

Qiu Hengyang asked curiously: “What’s wrong? I think they are doing too badly and don’t want to play?”

Chen Mo shook his head: “No, I have cleared all the customs.”

Qiu Hengyang: “…”

The game flow of these horror games is not long, and most of them have some loopholes and shortcuts, so when most of the audience are still experiencing, he has already got through.

After all, these Designers are fresh students, and it took less than a month to prepare this horror game. It is also impossible to make a standard game duration of more than 20 hours in such a short period of time. It is not bad to do this.

After all, when Chen Mo just graduated, he still made pixel games like flappybird…

Afterwards, the judges commented, commenting on several works with high votes, and several judges each airs his own views.

This design competition is different from the design competition that Chen Mo participated in a long time ago. There is no one-vote veto power for the judges, and one more Chen Mo’s one-vote right to pass.

However, this “one vote pass right” has not been used by Chen Mo until now. It can only be said that most of the works are mediocre, and the judges are disappointed, as is Chen Mo.

The first prize won was a work called “Blindness”.

This game is able to stand out because it has made a very big highlight, that is, innovation.

For horror games, restricting the player’s field of vision through darkness and inspiring the fear of dark instincts is a very common and very useful approach.

This game worked hard at this point. The protagonist entered a haunted house during the day, but after entering, he found himself blind.

It was later discovered that he was not blind, but a ghost covered his eyes and his eyesight was severely limited.

There are 2 kinds of props in this ghost house, one is blood and the other is clear water. Wipe your eyes with clean water, you can see the surrounding scene, but you can’t see the ghost; wipe the Glasses with blood, you can see the ghost, but you can’t see the surrounding scene.

Players can collect water and blood, and change it when they think it is appropriate. At the same time, there are different types of ghosts, and there are different ways to deal with them.

Although the level layout and details are a bit naive, this idea is very good, so it has won unanimous praise from the judges.

After the award, it was a routine summary speech.

In fact, many contestants come to participate in the competition, the prize is second, mainly to see Chen Mo.

For many people who want to enter the gaming industry, Chen Mo is clearly their first idol.

Even more how, every time I sum up my speech, Chen Mo will more or less talk about some of the concepts and ideas of Game Design. If you understand some of them, you will benefit a lot.

Chen Mo came to the stage and the audience immediately burst into warm applause and cheers.

This scene has already been seen for a long time, and Chen Mo has not prepared a manuscript.

“Good morning everyone, I won’t talk more nonsense. First of all, thank you for overcoming your inner fears to participate in this design competition. After all, the theme of this design is a horror game.”

“Maybe many contestants were ashamed when they got this theme. Many people haven’t dabbled in this one, so they can only do it by brace oneself, so the difficulty of this competition is still relatively large. A number of excellent works can emerge It’s not easy.”

“Here I will briefly share some small experience of making horror games. By the way, why does the game “Blind” seem to be not particularly outstanding in quality, but it can win the first prize.”

The audience and the contestants all listened attentively. Is the “little experience” of Sailunte small? Until now, the horror legends of “Outlast” and “Silent Hill” are still circulating on the rivers and lakes…

Chen Mo continued: “Horror games are games that bring horror to players and make them feel scared. So what is the key to horror games? Is it a grim monster? Is it weird music? Is it a sudden open door kill? Or a lot of Plasma, even somatic pain?”

“It can be said that all of the above, but they are all appearances. The key to the horror game is to create the atmosphere.”

“Like “Silent Hill”, why can it bring players a completely different experience from traditional horror games? It is because of the atmosphere.”

“Please bear in mind that the unknown is the most terrifying, which is why many horror movies use a lot of darkness to obscure the players’ vision.”

“It’s precisely because “Blind” stands out. Just like “Outlast”, through the setting of night vision cameras and batteries, the field of vision becomes a resource that players can collect and obtain, and at the same time, it can build different difficulty. . For example, in the highest difficulty, you can only carry up to 2 batteries.”

“And “Blind” is ingenious in that this resource is split into two, Shimizu is equivalent to night vision cameras and batteries, and Blood is equivalent to a prop that can see ghosts. In this way, the game’s The strategy and gameplay will be more abundant.”

The audience was nodded, they were really scared when playing games, but they were also very excited when they found the water and blood.

A horror game that is difficult and scares everyone away is not a good horror game. The key is to hang the player all the time, give them a little hope, and a little more fright, step by step, this is sustainable development.

At this time, a contestant in the front row raised his hand and asked: “So, in addition to restricting the field of vision, are there any other better ideas?”

Chen Mo nodded with a smile: “Of course.”

When he said this, everyone was interested, and they were all staring.

Chen Mo sold a pass: “A new game will come out next week, you buy it and play it understood.”


After the design competition, “Blind” as an excellent work, will have Thunderbolt Studio’s professional Designer to guide the modification and hang it on the Thunderbolt Gaming Platform.

This is a very exciting thing for a new designer, because a random recommendation on the Thunderbolt Gaming Platform may mean at least a few 10000 yuan a day.

However, players are more concerned about the new game Chen Mo said.

Obviously this game was created on a temporary basis, and the production time is less than a week, so it shouldn’t be a big production.

But according to Chen Mo, this game is definitely an innovation, at least in terms of gameplay, it will definitely be different from the current mainstream horror game.

Moreover, the horror game made by Chen Mo, you still have to worry about not scaring…

Many people are curious and frightened, with extremely contradictory moods, waiting for the new game to be launched.

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