Almighty Game Designer Chapter

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The new book has been uploaded, the title is “Superman”, everyone add a collection, slowly keep it.

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speaking of which The title of this book is awkward. I originally wanted to call “Hardcore Player” for a patient with advanced cancer. The result was shown to an author who didn’t play games very much. What does nuclear mean.

Considering that this book may have a wider readership, not just gamers, it is called “Superman”.

Someone must have asked if this book is related to the previous one. Of course it is. There are many details in the previous chapters.

As for the specific connection, I will not hurry to say that everyone should be able to guess.

Many people guessed what kind of story this book is about to write. It is to write the story of the player, but it is not an ordinary player or an ordinary game.

The last book was written from Mobile Game to the next era of VR. In fact, it also hinted at the end that the end of the game should be like the world of “The Matrix”, of course not as desperate as that one, but by shielding the player’s memory + and reality The almost indistinguishable virtual world + advanced artificial intelligence is responsible for the operation of World Rule, which can basically create an omnipotent game world.

So what this book is about is what happens if the real world is transformed into a game.

In terms of the game world, it will have a strong continuity with the previous book.

Is it original? No, it is not clear which part is which game, but you can definitely see it.

In general, a person who has not played any games will not find it incomprehensible after reading this book; a person who has played many games and will see a lot of bridges will inevitably smile. This is probably the effect.

The main reason for this is that when writing a book, when writing a new game, it is always 2 difficult, less introduced, readers who have not played before can not understand; more introduced, readers who have played It’s too wordy. There should be no such problems in this book.

I am not sure about whether this book can be well written. This book may be a relatively slow book at the beginning. I hope that I can calm down and write more realistically, but this book has a world view. After the opening, there should be more intensive laughs and refreshing than the last one, and the protagonist must have more protagonists than the previous one.

Therefore, I also hope that everyone can support it. The new book is currently 2 times a day. The old book will be updated tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Everyone will keep a book as appropriate. If you can, I hope you can help me promote it. Thank you!

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