Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1155

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“Emmm, “Suffocation”? What kind of game is this? The introduction is quite interesting, what is a low-cost horror game…”

Lin Xue is now in the Matrix game cabin and wants to see what Chen Mo’s new game is.

Regarding this game, it has also been hot on the Internet recently, mainly because Chen Mo’s speech at the design competition has aroused the curiosity of many people.

Of course, Lin Xue’s decision to play this new game is also determined to die. As one of the most coveted anchors of the whole fish, playing this game really requires a lot of courage.

But it doesn’t work, the audience doesn’t let go…

Last time, “Silent Hill” has been hiding, but I can’t hide it from the first one, but this time I think about the pigeons again, but the audience has to rebel.

“Hey, this is what you let me play. I told you that if I was scared out for a while, you remember to brush me more rockets…”

The name of the game is “Suffocation” and the English name is stifled.

The entrance of the game is in a cave near Seaside Mansion. The entrance is very short, and it is basically barely able to drill into an adult.

Lin Xue looked at the dark hole in front of him and felt a little nervous.

“Can I delete the game now…”

After two minutes of entanglement, Lin Xue still clenched the teeth and stepped in.

As soon as he entered the hole, the light behind disappeared instantly, and the surroundings immediately became dark.


Lin Xue was screamed in horror. She looked around for 4 times and found that she could see nothing but a TV in the front right, which was ringing in Salsa.

This TV is strange.

It is pure black and white, pure black shell, white lines outline its outline.

In other words, it cannot be called a TV, it is just a pile of white lines, but this pile of white lines just constitutes the outline of a TV.

The name “Suffocation”, written on the TV screen, is light gray and covered with snowflakes. And with the rustling sound of the TV, the white outline of the circle ripples away like a wave of water.

Lin Xue cautiously came to this TV and fumbled.

Judging from the sense of touch, it is indeed a TV set, but this strange view makes Lin Xue very upset.

There is a button under the TV set, and with a light press, the game officially begins.

A moment later, the sound of an alarm sounded in Lin Xue’s ear.

With dazzling light in front of him, Lin Xue narrowed his eyes and sat up from the bed, finding himself in a bedroom.

The alarm clock was still ringing. Lin Xue watched it next time. The first reaction was…

Why is this still foggy in the house…

It’s been foggy for 4 weeks, and it feels similar to “Silent Hill”, but the key problem is that this is in the house…

I have never heard of such fog in the house.

Lin Xue turned off the alarm clock next to the bed, and got off the bed and found that the fog was getting thicker and thicker, and could not even see the scene 2 meters away.

Touch your chest again, uh, can’t tell.

Touched his hair, sure, he was a man in the game.

Lin Xue should now play a relatively strong male with strong muscles and a fairly burly figure.

It’s a pity that he was blind at a young age.

Lin Xue wondered: “What on earth does this mean, suggesting that this is Capital City 50 a year later?”

The fog is too great, Lin Xue can only fumble and move forward.

Just then, a line of prompt appeared at the bottom of the screen: “Try to make some sounds.”

Lin Xue opened his mouth: “Hello? Anyone?”

The mist surrounding her was instantly dispersed, exposing a radius of less than 2 meters.

“Huh? Is this fun? What if I clap my hands?”

Lin Xue tried pats again. This time it was louder than she talked, and the mist had diffused more.

Lin Xue clapped her hands and wandered around the room 4 times to check the various furnishings in this home.

It seems to be a middle-class family in Europe and the United States. The furnishings are not luxurious, but the house is very new and the area is not small.

Bedroom, bathroom, study…

Lin Xue opened all the drawers and cabinets and found some things, such as IDs, books, archives, greeting cards, baby products, etc., all of which are relatively common things with no special clues.

A clearer clue is that this protagonist has a wife and will soon have a child. From the cribs and magazines at home, it can be inferred that they are preparing for pregnancy.

On the first floor, Lin Xue saw a woman’s shadow cooking in the kitchen, but after walking over, the woman’s shadow disappeared.

“Well, it’s not that scary so far…”

Lin Xue said that this level of horror was acceptable. There was no darkness, no bgm, and there were Birds, Speech, Flowers, Fragrances in the courtyard.

Except that this smog is very annoying, everything else is normal and not so terrifying.

As a result, Lin Xue heard someone ringing the doorbell all the time. As soon as she walked over and opened the door, her vision suddenly turned into a weird scarlet, and then it was dark.

When she woke up, it was already in the wilderness, and the car in front of her had been turned over.

“This… where is this? There is still a pool of blood on the ground? This is my wife’s? Did I roll over?”

Lin Xue has been understood from his previous experience in the room. The male protagonist has a wife called Rose, but now the car is overturned, and a pool of blood on the ground points into the darkness in the distance. Obviously, the hero is now going to die Going to this pool of blood to find his wife.

“…Don’t die, okay, let’s call the police… Uh, it seems that there is no way to call the police. It was written in the previous newspaper. It seems to be in the 70s?”

Lin Xue can only walk along the blood stains into the dark jungle. Although he knows that the plot is arranged, there is no way…

There was still a little light next to the car, but as a result, I walked deep into the woods, and even the light was gone, only dark.

But it is strange that Lin Xue can still see things, because the surrounding trees, grass, and rocks all have white outlines.

This white outline will gradually fade over time, but as long as Lin Xue makes a sound, there will be a circle of white sound waves spreading out. When the sound wave touches an object, it will outline its outline.

“Explore the surroundings through sound waves? So the true identity of the protagonist is… Batman???”

Lin Xue walked forward while clapping his hands, saw the surroundings through sound waves, crossed a stream along the blood stains, and finally came to a hole.

It is not a natural hole, but a sewer or air raid shelter. There are iron fences at the door and artificially built vaults inside.

Lin Xue’s emotions are more complicated now. It stands to reason that she should be very scared.

But she is not particularly afraid, far from the level of “Outlast”. Because as long as you clap your hands hard to make a sound, you can see far.

“It feels okay, not so scared…”

Before Lin Xue’s words were finished, he heard a monster scream suddenly in front of him, and the red outline immediately spread out!

Originally, there were white outlines all around, and they were all dyed red in an instant. This visual experience makes people’s minds explode…

Lin Xue was frozen at the time.

“Can I still quit the game now?”

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