Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1156

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Lin Xue fumbled in a dark cave, very scared, but not the kind of scared to walk.

Because traditional horror games limit the viewing range, the smaller the range, the stronger the player’s horror.

For example, the visible range of normal people is 300 to 500 meters in an open area. In caves and buildings, due to the limitations of the building itself, this range may become a few meters. If in the dark, this visible range will be shortened to One 2 meters, even dark.

Darkness represents unknown and dangerous, so the smaller the visible range, the stronger the player’s inner fear.

But the difference of this game is that although the surrounding is dark, the surrounding things can be seen by players.

It’s just this “bat perspective”.

On the one hand, darkness reinforces the fear within the player, on the other hand, all factors are visible and alleviate this fear to a certain extent.

Therefore, under the superposition of two feelings, Lin Xue was not so scared.

But this brings a problem that the player’s feelings of sound become extremely sensitive.

As everyone knows, when a person’s vision is limited, hearing becomes sharper. For example, many blind people’s hearing and touch are far better than normal people.

At this time, Lin Xue was in such a state that it was dark around and there were only a lot of white imaginary frames. With limited vision, hearing became very sharp.

The cave at this time was very quiet, so every subtle voice tingled her nerves.

When the protagonist walks on the metal platform, there will be crisp footsteps; when walking in the water, there will be crash-bang water sounds; and the protagonist will keep clapping, coughing, talking for the purpose of exploring the road, these sounds are silent A piece of cave is also very obvious.

So there is a problem: if you want to look further, you have to make a louder sound, but the louder sound will bring a stronger sense of insecurity to the player.

Think about it. If you walk in an unfamiliar and dark environment, you don’t know where there will be an enemy. Normal people will not make a sound cautiously so as to avoid being noticed by the enemy.

Shouting in the dark is a way that violates human survival instincts, but in this game, in order to see everything around, players have to do so.

The cave is a 7-turn 8-turn road, but fortunately, there is no road, it is completely the same way.

However, every time he passed a corner or crouched over obstacles, Lin Xue felt that his muscles were tight and his hair was standing upright.

I walked forward for about two minutes again, bypassing countless intersections, and a sharp cry came again in front of me.

This sound is a bit like a baby cry in a horror movie. It is sharp, high-pitched, and lasts a long time. In such a quiet environment, it is simply mental pollution.

And even more terrible is that every time this scream comes, the white imaginary frame around it will be dyed red, giving a very strong sense of crisis.

Lin Xue can judge the location of this monster by the source of red sound waves, it is getting closer and closer.

“I feel like I’m going to die…but I suddenly understand why this game is called a low-cost horror game, and the cost is really low…”

Lin Xue said that he has never seen such a cost-saving game…

Except for the first scene of this game, the main level scenes are all in such a dark environment, and they don’t even need to be mapped, just use a white line to draw an outline…

Like other horror games, in order to highlight the horror scenes, it is often necessary to do very complicated scenes and monsters. The more realistic the plasma, the residual limbs, the internal organs, the better.

This game is not used at all, all are outlines, but the results are particularly scary…

Continue to go inside, Lin Xue finally saw the true face of that monster.

“My God, what is this, disgusting, mother, I’m going home…”

Lin Xue didn’t dare to speak loudly, observing the scary monster from a distance.

The sound is very much like a baby, the appearance is also very similar to a baby. But this is a deformed baby, keeping the baby’s body shape, the head is big, but the foot is about 1.5 meters.

Moreover, its head and body are covered with deformed tumors or bumps, and Lin Xue can’t judge what those things are. After all, everything she sees now has only outlines, but in any case, the monster’s voice , Appearance and movement will only give people a feeling that it is disgusting.

This monster was separated from Lin Xue by an iron fence. Lin Xue crept around and wanted to get around, but it didn’t work, because as long as she stopped making sound, the surroundings would immediately fall into a dark state.

Therefore, Lin Xue can only continue to advance while clapping her hands. Every time she claps her hands, the baby monster will scream, and then frantically run to search for her position. Fortunately, there is an iron fence, and the monster can’t pass. Come.

Clapping and screaming, one after another, make each other interesting.

Lin Xue confirmed that after this 3 monster can’t pass, this just endured the mental pollution of screaming and continued to move forward.

Suddenly, Lin Xue found a women’s shoe on the ground, but just when she bent down to pick it up, the board on the ground suddenly collapsed!

Lin Xue was screamed in shock and fell to the ground.

Fortunately, this distance is not particularly high, Lin Xue climbed up and looked up.

It must be impossible to get up.

“Well, this is the basic operation of the horror game, calm, calm…”

Lin Xue continued to move forward while comforting herself.

But this time she found that she seemed to have fallen into the baby monster’s den…

This time there was no fence, the baby monster was 4 five meters in front of Lin Xue, screaming continuously, emitting red sound waves.

Lin Xue couldn’t panic. She wanted to take the road on the right to avoid the monster. But she didn’t pay attention and stepped on the puddle.

“Oh la la !oh la la !”

Lin Xue walked in the water very loudly, and the baby monster immediately screamed, moved towards Lin Xue!

Lin Xue was scared and screamed, which revealed his position. The baby monster pounced directly and grabbed Lin Xue’s arm!

Lin Xue felt that her left hand was grabbed and screamed loudly, but the baby directly pounced, and Lin Xue’s screen became a scarlet.

After the resurrection, Lin Xue could still feel his legs trembling continuously.

“Frightened me…no, this game seems to be in an endless loop. I can’t see the road clearly without making a sound, and the sound will lead to the monster, and it will directly me…”

Lin Xue couldn’t panic. After she died once, she already understood that this game is the same as “Outlast”. Players simply don’t have any room to resist, and can only play with monsters through wisdom.

However, how can we get rid of the monster?

Lin Xue cautiously groped forward, and suddenly she saw the stones on the ground.

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