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"Ah, I'm understood! It must have killed the monster with this stone, that's right."

Lin Xue picked up the stone on the ground, touched the monster quietly, and then moved towards monster's head and skimmed over!

"pa ta !"

Lin Xue's thrown precision head was not good. The stone flew past the monster's head and smashed into the distance with a crisp sound.

The long monster like a baby immediately made a harsh scream and ran towards the place where the stone was!

Lin Xue froze in place for 2 seconds: "Ah? Was the stone used this way? Cough cough, almost similar..."

Lin Xue was afraid after a while, she thought she had hit the monster with a stone, if it hit, wouldn't it be cool...

Fortunately, the stone pulled the monster away, Lin Xue quickly went on.

Knowing the correct way to play this game, Lin Xue's progress is much faster, but the process is still scary.

To put it simply, the gameplay is to let the player use sound waves to explore the way, turn around 7 in a dark environment, avoid those roads, open various organs, and walk out of this level.

In the level, there will be a lot of terrifying monsters. These monsters are of different types, but they all have something in common, that is, they will judge the position of the player based on the sound.

Every time the player walks, wades, claps and explores the way, these monsters will scream and rush over, putting great psychological pressure on the player.

At this time, players need to use some special methods, such as throwing stones to lead away these monsters, and then take the opportunity to open the mechanism to escape.

Toughness has no future, a few lives are not enough to die...

The scenes in the game are divided into 2 types. One is a realistic scene, such as the protagonist's home, office, orphanage, etc. These scenes are made with real textures and modeling. There is no monster in it, no echo exploration, but there are Some mobile phone elements.

For example, the newspapers of that year, the brochures of the orphanage, the letters from the wife to the protagonist, these all are collecting elements, suggesting to the players the background of the game.

Through these scattered collection elements, players can roughly guess the actor's identity and background.

Another kind of scene is the scene of echo path exploration, such as the absolutely dark cave.

This kind of scene is often forced and narrow, and there is absolutely no light source. You can only see everything around you through the echo.

These scenes are full of monsters. Players must move forward with confidence, use their voices to fight against these monsters, and then enter the next scene.

These two scenes are continuously alternating, which makes the player's spirit sometimes tense and sometimes a little relaxed. Under such a relaxed rhythm, the player can keep his teeth tight and keep playing with his teeth.

"This game quite understands step by step, every time I want to quit immediately, the result is still here..."

"Wait a minute, I'll throw a stone to find a way... Hmm?! This monster is invisible!!"

Lin Xue threw out a stone and found that a red illusory shadow moved almost instantaneously to the place where the stone was, and then disappeared!

Obviously, as the progress of the level continues to advance, the difficulty of the game also continuously rises.

The new monster is invisible, which means that it can only see a momentary afterimage while it is moving, and usually simply can't see where it is.

Moreover, the complexity of the level has also increased. Lin Xue not only has to continuously avoid the monster detour, but also has to open various complicated organs.

Most of these organs are valves or gates, and every time they open, they will make a harsh noise, which will attract the monster.

Therefore, Lin Xue could only throw away the monster by throwing stones in advance, and dare to open these institutions after a good distance.

What's even more annoying is that throwing stones away from the monster is also very risky.

Because the further back the level is, the more sensitive the monster's hearing is, and even ordinary footsteps will attract them.

Lin Xue could only walk quietly or squat, and walked forward slowly, daring not to make any sound.

The surrounding environment can only be determined by the sound of water droplets and the screams of monsters for 4 weeks. Many times, they are throwing stones blindly.

If one doesn't pay attention, throws a stone on the wall in front and bounces it back, it's cold...

Under such continuous mental torture, Lin Xue insisted on playing all the way, even she felt very shocked.

As the level continued to move backward, Lin Xue began to gain more clues.

The actor once tried to adopt a child, but somehow it was not completed.

The company's leader once wrote a letter to the actor, asking him why he was absent recently, and gave him a long vacation to adjust his mood.

It seems that there have been major changes in the male protagonist's home, and after the vacation, the male protagonist performed well, and the company considered promoting him as the chief designer.

At the same time, Lin Xue also found a large number of remedies for depression in the actor's home. These medicaments were actually banned in the early 90s when Early-Stage was used, because excessive use can cause suicidal tendencies.

In the end, after the torment of a long journey, in the memory of distortion and horror, the protagonist once again experienced the past with his wife, and finally came to a rooftop.

On the rooftop, the protagonist's wife jumped down and left him forever.

At that moment, Lin Xue's field of vision was blue, and a program was being restarted urgently, and a dialog box was finally displayed.

[Requires manual restart]


By now Lin Xue has understood, in fact, all this is just a virtual world.

The male protagonist and his wife are about to have a lovely baby after they are married. They have even started to prepare for pregnancy, but they have miscarried because of an accident. They wanted to adopt a child, but in the end they were unsuccessful. His wife jumped off the building due to depression and committed suicide, leaving only the male protagonist to keep him in this nightmare forever.

Lin Xue chose not to restart.

This time, the actor woke up in a room full of servers, behind him was a virtual reality device.

This is his home, but it's all occupied by servers one by one.

There is only a crib in the corner, which can remind people of the warm and happy home before.

After the death of his wife, the actor worked hard to make a lot of money. He bought a lot of servers and virtual reality equipment, creating an illusory dream for himself and allowing him to return to the happiest time.

However, this dream is not happy, because the guilt in the heart of the actor not at all let him go, his dream has become a terrible nightmare.

The whole decade has passed, and the actor has come out of this endless nightmare for the first time.

However, just when Lin Xue thought that the actor had put it all down and accepted his wife's death, he pushed open the door and walked out.

"Waiting for me...I'm here for you..."

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