Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1158

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“This ending…what the hell !!”

Lin Xue was shocked. She thought that after so many years of torture, the actor finally came out of the shadow of his wife’s death, and turned out to be suicide?

This ending is too depressing, the protagonist has only two ways, either to indulge in the nightmare of his wife’s death and never wake up, or to commit suicide?

Lin Xue feels that he is bad for the whole person. After playing this game, he just wants to directly pigeon. Go out and listen to a cross talk to ease it…


Many contestants who have participated in the design competition have already purchased this game immediately, and they are quite curious. What does Chen Mo say “better vision-limiting ideas”?

Then when they played this game, they suddenly realized, yes, the so-called “restricted field of view” does not have to use traditional visual restrictions, and it can be expressed in other ways!

In fact, the traditional visual restrictions have already been dug up, and there are just a few kinds of back and forth, and players are also somewhat aesthetically fatigued.

For example: limiting the field of vision of the player through darkness, creating unexpected dangers through narrow spaces or opening doors, etc.

Around these visual restrictions, through some special “removal of visual restrictions”, you can create a Zhang Youchi horror experience.

For example, the dark scenes and night vision cameras in “Outlast” is a very classic practice, and until now it has been learned by many horror game designers.

However, “Suffocation” has a unique approach in the relatively solid horror game production method, which is a complete creative victory.

Is “Suffocation” a difficult game?

After playing with these Designers for a while, they found that it was not difficult at all.

Horror games are actually a type of game that very much tests art. The more realistic the scenes, the stronger the horror atmosphere created for players.

In order to give these Designers a fair competitive environment, Chen Mo also specifically opened Thunderbolt Games’ art material library for them. All high-precision horror game art materials can be freely used.

Without these art materials, the horror games made by these designers must be very spicy, and even some of the better ideas can’t be reflected at all.

Mind you, if the art scenes in “Outlast” are extremely rudimentary, monsters have stiff movements, and the textures are rudimentary, how much can be left in the horror atmosphere…

However, “Suffocation” is a game that basically does not rely on art materials. All the horror levels are displayed with simple lines. It is the simplest horror game in history.

These designers know that for the designer of Chen Mo level, he already has almost unlimited resources, and he can naturally use Peak’s art materials to make a high-quality game.

But for designers who are new to the industry? How to make a game with excellent quality and novelty under the condition of saving resources as much as possible, but it is too difficult.

Chen Mo not at all uses “Suffocation” to show off his skills. Instead of making it so fancy, he uses the least resources and the latest creative ideas to tell all the novice Designers how you should design the game according to your own situation. .

Many people feel it when playing this game. This game seems to give a completely different horror game experience?

Although it can’t be said to be different, it is indeed very different from other horror games.

Once again, I realized that these talents suddenly realized.

It is because of the sound of this game.

In other horror games, the sound is only used to accentuate the atmosphere.

For example, in “Outlast”, different scenes will have different sound effects.

In a quiet scene, the player can clearly hear his footsteps, his spirit will be very tight, any slight wind and grass may make him feel a wave of fear;

When chased by monster, accompanied by fierce background sounds and monster howling, the player can clearly hear his rapid gasping and heartbeat, which will make his adrenaline surge and feel the ultimate fear.

However, “Suffocation” has a unique approach, and the sound used to highlight the horror atmosphere has become a means for players to understand the surrounding environment. It is equivalent to make vision and hearing become one.

Players are faced with a choice every time: if they don’t make sounds to find a way, they will be submerged in the darkness, and they can’t move at all; making sounds to find a way is contrary to human instincts and may lead to darkness In the monster.

This unique visual restriction has given “Suffocation” a series of unique gameplay. It is no longer just a parkour, but a fusion of understanding mystery, exploration and parkour in one body, while combining a unique art style. Provides players with another completely different horror game experience.

Moreover, this game fits perfectly with the characteristics of next-generation VR.

Players can make any sound in the game, whether it is talking, coughing, or knocking on the wall, they will make corresponding sounds, and these sounds can be used to explore the way.

In this way, the player’s immersion is further enhanced. He can even see that the size of his voice affects the range of sound wave pathfinding. Every sound must be carefully considered and cautiously, unlike other horror games, as long as you hold back Just stay silent.

Of course, if someone asks, is Choking a horror game that goes beyond classic?

Obviously not.

Among the horror games made by Chen Mo, “Suffocation” is obviously the simplest and least scary one, and it has no comparability with games like “Outlast” and “Silent Hill”.

But Chen Mo made this game mainly to show the unlimited probability of game production to all novice Designers.

Novice Designer is limited by various resources, can’t he make a good game?

Of course not.

Use existing resources, tap your brains and creativity, try your best to avoid shortcomings, and do your best work, this is what Designer should do.

Or, what is a good Designer?

Not a good hand, but a bad hand.

Excellent Designer can make up for all the shortcomings with great creativity, and create works beyond the times. This is the most attractive place in the Game Design industry.

The designers who participated in the competition all felt emotions. The boss is really the boss, and we can’t beat martial arts…

This kind of feeling is like in some fantasy novels, the big guy said “I suppress realm to fight with you”, but after I finished playing, I found that it was still crushed!

“What to do, I feel that I can’t reach the height of SILENT in my whole life…hey.”

Some of the participating Designers felt that they never seemed to doubt life like today…

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