Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1159

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“Zhou Jiangping Women!!”

The huge banner was hung in the middle of the auditorium of the LEHUI new product launch conference, which was very eye-catching.

Zhou Jiangping on the stage continued to calmly explain the new LEHUI phone, remaining unmoved.

“I am very happy to share with you fans that our LEHUI product line and cash flow are getting better and better. This time I assure you that the new flagship mobile phone can definitely persist for 3 days, and guarantee that 3 days will definitely not Will be out of stock!”

Zhou Jiangping solemnly vowed assured.

As a result, an audience yelled in the voice below: “What can I do if you can’t guarantee it, are you women?”

The scene immediately had a big laughter.

Zhou Jiangping’s inner mmp has contributed a lot of Resentment Value to Chen Mo.

Zhou Jiangping felt that he was too wrong, the problem is that he simply did not promise to wear women!

Not to mention promises, not even this tendency!

The result is not because of Chen Wei’s random Weibo, LEHUI fans and Thunderbolt Studio players have been holding this stubbornly until today…

No way, life still has to continue…

With the east wind of Thunderbolt Studio, LEHUI is getting bigger and bigger, and has already become the largest domestic technology company, and its influence is spreading around the world.

Like some developing countries and backward areas, LEHUI products are popular because of their good quality and low price, and they also have a large number of fans.

Now the global launch of LEHUI’s new products in China is already a global Live Stream, and there will be simultaneous interpretation in different regions, which cannot be the same as before.

Although the mobile phone is still one of the main products of LEHUI, the center of gravity of products in recent years has been greatly tilted towards mr and vr devices.

The two devices Matrix Glasses and Matrix Gaming Cab have reached a dominant position in the world, and have no rivals in their respective fields.

Of course, there is no way to stop without competition. These two products are still continuously updated and iterative, basically as short as 2-4 months, as long as one year, there will be new releases.

In addition to higher configuration, these new devices will also frequently add some new functions and new accessories.

Zhou Jiangping is diligent on the one hand, and another very important issue is that Chen Mo is still constantly releasing new games and always puts forward some new requirements for the device, so LEHUI must continuously update the device to keep up. Chen Mo’s game development speed.

“Okay, then the most exciting part is here. Let’s finally review the configuration and attributes of this phone. What is the price of such a flagship phone without a short board?”

Zhou Jiangping sold enough, and then he waved lightly at the big screen.


After the ancestral explosion sound effect, huge numbers appeared on the screen.


The scene immediately remembered a round of applause and cheers, and a “true incense” floated across the barrage instantly.

Zhou Jiangping said with emotion: “Yes, everyone should be very familiar with this number. This year is the 16th anniversary of the establishment of LEHUI, and this is also the 16th flagship phone released by LEHUI.”

“I don’t know if you remember, 16 years ago, we first developed the cloth conference, and the first LEHUI phone was the price.”

“I still remember until now when the price came out, there was applause for 3 minutes on the spot. Because LEHUI fulfilled its initial commitment, we sold more than 4000 and 5000 mobile phones in the same configuration until 1999 At this price.”

“In the next decade or so, LEHUI mobile phones have been ups and downs, suffered a major crisis, and have had a very glorious highlight moment.”

“Later, LEHUI is also working hard to develop high-end flagship mobile phones, and the price has slowly reached the price of more than 4000 yuan.”

“But today I am happy to announce that LEHUI’s flagship phone has once again returned to the classic price of 1999. We have increased the price without increasing the price. All the configurations of this phone are the current highest configurations, and the running points are also on the list. Yiqijuchen, but our price is back to 1999 again.”

“LEHUI has never forgotten the purpose at the beginning of its establishment. We allow everyone to enjoy the happiness brought by technological progress, as well as to use affordable technology equipment to enjoy real benefits.”

“Okay, then my explanation is over. Don’t rush out, we still have a very critical product that didn’t come out.”

“But for this product explanation, we invited a special guest. After seeing him, you will understand that it makes sense that our fare for this press conference is so expensive!”

“Who are you asking? Let us have the Chairman of Thunderbolt Studio, Mr. Chen Mo!”

Zhou Jiangping took the lead and applauded while walking down the stage. On the other side, Chen Mo came to the stage wearing Matrix Glasses.


“Chen Mo old thief! Pay back my hard-earned money!”

“Oh my god, please invite Chen Mo to explain the new product. I really want to know what price President Zhou paid, too terrifying!”

“It’s really worth the fare. Not only did I watch a press conference, but I also met SILENT in an instant and it was worth the price!”

The applause and cheers in the venue lasted for a long time. Everyone can clearly see through the big screen that the Matrix Glasses Chen Chen is wearing looks different from the previous styles.

It should be the latest version released this time.

Chen Mo smiled and waved at everyone, indicating that the applause could stop. I’m going to start speaking.

“First of all, I thank President Zhou for his invitation. I didn’t develop conferences often, and I was a little nervous.”

The audience in the audience was happy in an instant. Are you guilty of saying this?

How many games have you opened? Remember what you did at the “Dark Souls” conference? Ah?

“As you can see, I wear the latest Matrix Glasses on my head. In one sentence, the performance of the new Matrix Glasses is 32% higher than the previous generation, but the size is reduced by 27%.”

“What? Do you ask the price? Of course it is the same as the previous generation product. President Zhou and I always sell things cheaper and cheaper. Have you not counted?”

There was another laugh at the scene.

It is true that the first feeling of the new Matrix Glasses is lightness. While preserving the original cool technology, it makes people feel that it is more like a Glass rather than a head-mounted device.

The main change comes from the main part of Matrix Glasses.

In order to ensure the player’s vision, the lens still covers the player’s eye area, which is smaller than the previous generation, but the reduction is limited. It is probably similar to the larger sunglasses lens, but the edge of the lens is slightly inward and the closure is more closed. it is good.

The main part of the glasses has only one headband, which is stuck on the player’s ears. The size of the bone conduction headset has also been further reduced, and it directly extends from the head ring and is stuck behind the player’s ear.

Not only can the ears be stuck, the Glasses are not easy to fall, but also look more beautiful, but also can prevent the dangers caused by the environmental sounds can not be heard when wearing outside.

The only problem is that in some noisy environments, the immersion will be worse, and LEHUI comes with a pair of earplugs with excellent sound insulation.

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