Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1160

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Chen Mo is obviously prepared, talking about the attributes of the new Matrix Glasses, but it is obvious that everyone’s interest in him is much greater than Glass itself…

In fact, this thing can’t be more normal, because Matrix Glasses has to be updated and iterated every few months, and no matter how updated, there are so many functions back and forth, nothing more than the performance has become better, there will not be that A change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

In comparison, Chen Mo has recently made less and less appearances, neither Live Stream nor seldom hold new game launches, and even Weibo has sent less, making people angry.

Off the stage, a senior executive of LEHUI whispered to Zhou Jiangping: “President Zhou, can it work? How do I feel that everyone doesn’t care about Glasses at all, and they are all working hard on President Chen…”

Zhou Jiangping laughed: “You can rest assured that there is something that SILENT can’t sell? Besides, the highlight is not here yet.”

After Chen Mo introduced all the attributes of the new Matrix Glasses, he suddenly changed his mind and changed other topics.

The content of ppt on the big screen has also changed.

“In recent years, due to the rapid development of the vr industry, there are more and more concerns about the health of players in all sectors of society.”

“Although the Matrix game cabin is designed based on ergonomics, it can give players a very comfortable experience, but after all, lying down for too long does not exercise, which is not good for the body.”

“Moreover, because the Matrix game cabin is the next-generation vr, immersive gaming experience, so players have played for a long time and will have the illusion that they have been exercising for a long time.”

“Of course, so far we have continued to pay attention to the player’s physical health. In general, there are no major problems. Although there are some hidden health risks, we must not waste food because of choking. After all, it is our for a long time to enter the virtual world. dream of time.”

“So, if a player sends me a private message, can you make a game that can exercise in reality?”

Chen Mo paused, continued: “I thought, this seems to be a good idea. I always think that there is no problem that a good game can’t solve, if there is, then come again.”

“I saw some sullen expressions on the faces of some viewers. I know what you are thinking.”

Chen Mo smiled and waved towards the big screen, some existing games appeared on the screen.

Such as dance mats, somatosensory games such as baseball volleyball boxing, game equipment with 10000 elephant treadmills and so on.

“There are actually some similar games on the market, but the problem is that it is difficult for them to persevere for a long time.”

“Why? There are many reasons, such as poor immersion, too high difficulty, boring, insufficient physical exercise, etc.”

“Taking a baseball game on the market as an example, a player needs to swing a somatosensory handle as a bat to hit a baseball, but in a dull repetition, the player’s patience will soon be worn away.”

“What’s worse is that it’s difficult for players to get a continuous sense of growth from the game, and it is difficult to make different difficulty and new challenges in the later stage, so most players bought this thing to exercise, but in the end they all threw it aside It’s gray.”

“However, this new game of Thunderbolt Studio is completely different. For this reason, we have specially arranged the latest holographic projection device in the venue to better show you the visual effects of this new game.”

“Look at the direction of the big screen, everyone.”

After Chen Mo finished speaking, he took out two special handles from his pocket and took them in his hand.

These two handles are actually a very thin cylinder, a bit like the handle of a lightsaber, but there is no laser blade yet.

At the same time, the lights in the conference venue were all dimmed, and the big screen became dark, so I could only vaguely see the silhouette of Chen Mo.

The audience at the scene immediately made a loud noise. They thought Chen Mo was talking casually. Who ever wanted to show it directly on the scene?

And it seems to use holographic projection technology, which is sincere enough…

I just don’t know what the game is like, can it be worthy of SILENT?

The low background music sounded, and the tremor of heavy bass could be felt throughout the conference, and then the sound of “shua” was heard, and the two lightsaber handles in Chen Mo’s hands lit the blade at the same time!

The left hand is the red lightsaber, and the right hand is the blue lightsaber, one red and one blue has a very visual effect, causing a few exclamations.

Chen Mo’s standing in the darkness, only two colors of lightsabers caught the eye.

Suddenly, over the meeting place, a wide passage appeared above the heads of 10000 people.

This is the effect of a holographic projection. The entire channel is like a deep night sky, glowing with soft light blue.

In the heights, one after another star looms high above the sky, instantly bringing everyone into the colorful science fiction starry sky.

The edge of this channel is 2 bright rays, extending from far and near, all the way to where Chen Mo stands.

At this time, Chen Mo’s holographic projection also appeared on the stage.

Because the scene of the press conference was very large, the audience in the back row actually could not clearly see what Chen Mo looked like, but this holographic projection was only a little shorter than the big screen, and even the audience in the rear row could clearly see Chen Mo Actions.

The gorgeous holographic projection special effects immediately burst into cheers in the venue, and the two gorgeous lightsabers also attracted the attention of many people.

Then, the blue blocks of each and everyone blue and red came from the far end of the starry sky channel and came to Chen Mo.

Chen Mo controlled the huge holographic projection. When the blue and red cubes came to him, they waved the lightsaber in their hands.

“shua !”

“shua !”

A clear voice sounded, and the lightsaber cut through those huge blocks and instantly cut them in half.

The cracked block made a clear sound, and the red and blue rays of light exploded on it, and then dropped on the ground.

While the lightsaber cuts the square, the beat of the background music also perfectly fits, making everyone on the scene unable to bear to shake the body slightly with the beat.

The dynamic background music instantly ignited the audience. In the distance, each and everyone red and blue squares came like a turnover, densely packed.

Chen Mo’s movements are getting faster and faster. The red and blue lightsabers in his hand drag the residual image. Every time the block is cut, a faint particle light spot will burst out, exactly the same as the special effects of the lightsaber collision in the movie.

The audience at the scene was surprised to find that Chen Mo’s movements, squares, and background music beats perfectly matched. The shocking sound effects and gorgeous visual experience made such a simple game perfect for everyone. Enjoyment.

Even the audience at the scene couldn’t help but began to applaud regularly with the beat. A front-row audience looked dumbfounded: “This is the first time I have seen such a cool game…”

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