Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1161

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As each and everyone’s red and blue squares continue to appear, Chen Mo’s hands are starting to move faster and faster. The audience can even see the 2 lightsabers dragged out of the residual image on his hand, matching the cool Dazzling movement and sound effects, the scene effect is excellent.

However, this game obviously requires more than hands-on, and soon one after another red wall appeared in the distance, some need to flash sideways, some need to squat down, and also need to make moves while dodge the wall Cut the square.

I saw Chen Mo’s walking in the court, and left and right, while the two lightsabers kept moving, picturesque.

The audience said that although they did not understand it, it was over…

Of course, if you remove all the special effects and sounds on the scene, then this action should also be very awkward.

Although Chen Mo’s movements are very skilled and handsome, after all, this is not dancing, but playing music games.

The player’s movement is mainly cutting, and in some fast-paced places, the hand movement is particularly fast. It is basically difficult to make the movement very cool in this case.

But then again, this game is playing special effects…

This is a game after all, facing the largest group of players. If you intentionally design some complex professional dance moves, it will be too difficult for overwhelming majority players to play at all.

Just like the sound games on many mobile phones, they are generally 4 fingers, and a little more are made into 6 fingers. I have never heard of doing as many piano keys as the program effect.

Chen Mo is now playing at the highest level of difficulty, so the visual effects are very cool, and the difficult elements in the game are basically displayed.

Although the players don’t understand it well, they can guess a rough idea.

“These blocks are color-coded, right? Red lightsabers can only cut red blocks, blue can only cut blue blocks?”

“And the direction of the chopping is also required. You see that the arrow on the block is not there, and you will not be given the wrong direction.”

“Can’t you touch this wall? You have to hide it? If you touch it, you’ll finish it or lose points?”

“It seems that there are different ways of cutting. Look at this dot, it seems to be knocking.”

“This bomb hanging under the block should also be untouchable? I rely on it. Why does this game feel so difficult…”

“It’s very difficult! Chen Mo must be playing at the highest difficulty. I think if we play it, it will be good if we can get it through simple difficulty…”

“But this sense of rhythm really reawakened my Leg Shake Syndrome and my Shaking Syndrome…”

Soon, a song ended.

The lights on the spot did not light up immediately, and Chen Mo was also a bit gasping for breath. After all, this game requires the whole body to move together, which is very difficult.

“Okay, do you have any songs you want to listen to next time? Order it directly.” Chen Mo said with a faint smile.

“Ah? Can I order songs casually?”

The audience was shocked, what is the operation of ordering songs?

If you click it, you have to see whether it is in the music library of your game!

At this time, I don’t know who yelled: “Paradise!”

The audience in the front row immediately had a big laughter, and then followed the coaxing: “Ecstasy! Paradise!”

Chen Mo hehe smiled: “You guys, it’s quite hard to get the fare back, okay, then Paradise.”

A burst of cheers erupted in the field. Although SILENT can’t see the jump of Paradise, is this a jump in disguise?

Although this song was originally released together with “Onmyoji”, after so many years, it has been out of breath, and it is no longer the grandeur of the slaughtering video website, but the audience present basically has heard this song.

Sure enough, when the prelude to “Paradise” sounded, the audience immediately burst into cheers and applause like a tsunami, because this melody is so familiar!

With the sound of lightsaber cutting the block quickly, this song has become more rhythmic…

The rhythm of brainwashing swept the audience. This time the audience was surprised to find that the regularity of the squares and Chen Mo’s movements perfectly matched the rhythm, and the movements of the previous song completely changed into 2 different styles.

Soon, the song ended, and the audience started shouting again: “A Life of Fighting is but a Dream! A Life of Fighting is but a Dream!”

Chen Mo laughed a little helplessly: “You guys are addicted to singing songs, are you trying to kill me? Okay, I’ll be here today, there will be a time limit for the release, and I have to introduce you to this later. A game.”

The lights in the venue turned on again, and you can see that the audience was still unsatisfied. This cool and addictive program really does not stop.

Chen Mo started to introduce this new game.

“As you can see, this is an audio game. But it is not the same as the previous audio games.”

“First of all, we bought the copyright of a large number of songs, and specially developed a custom function. After any track is uploaded, the corresponding level can be automatically generated.”

“Yes, this is all thanks to artificial intelligence. With the help of artificial intelligence, the system can judge the general style of this track, and at the same time determine the timing of the block according to its beat, and then control the rhythm through certain rules to let the track The whole process is relaxed and relaxed.”

“Second is the pair of special handles in my hand, which can guarantee the maximum accuracy, and can achieve zero-latency connection with Matrix Glasses. We also specially made a weight for this pair of handles, holding it in the hand with the real The lightsaber is very close.”

“I know that you are all very concerned about the price. The price of this pair of controllers is 299. At the same time, you can directly connect with Matrix Glasses, switch, and mobile phones, and adapt to the traditional vr games and mr games of the overwhelming majority on the Matrix Gaming Platform.”

“Of course, you can also use the switch handle to play games.”

“You may have to ask, what is the difference between this and the switch handle? Is it just the appearance that looks better?”

“Of course not, there are many derivative gameplays for these two controllers. For example, you can combine them into a long stick, or even a nunchaku…”

Chen Mo took a special connecting rope from the side and connected the two handles together.

The lights were dimmed again, this time it was just a relatively simple song, but the focus was not on the song, but on the handle.

I saw Chen Mo was really like playing a nunchaku, flicking fancyly, while using red and blue light blades to cut blocks!

The audience immediately burst into warm applause, which is so cool!

This visual effect is simply incomparable compared to the previous one, which forced it to go up several steps in an instant.

Chen Mo stopped after a demonstration, and continued: “Apart from this also has one of the most important functions, that is, through the latest mr technology, you can combine your actions and backs with the in-game images. The whole process Video, so that everyone can see your heroic attitude through the video.”

“And, it comes with special effects and sound effects.”

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