Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1162

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“Maybe many people want to ask, what is the effect of this video mode?”

“Then I will show you a recorded video, but it is worth mentioning that the difficulty of this video is not the same as the difficulty I just showed.”

“This game has 2 kinds of highest difficulty, the first is called [Expert Difficulty], and the second is called “Virtual Difficulty”.”

“Someone may ask, what’s the difference between these 2 difficulty levels?”

“What I just showed is the expert difficulty. Under this difficulty, you have to use various angles to cut the blocks. There are many kinds of block cutting methods, and the changes are fast. It requires a certain backboard and reaction, and the movement is relatively fancy. .”

“The difficulty of prostration has been lowered in terms of the type of block cutting, but the number of blocks has been greatly increased. That is to say, for the same cutting method, you may need to cut more than ten times in a second or two.”

“Playing a game in this mode will make you feel like you have performed a strenuous exercise. We strongly recommend a simple warm-up before this mode to prevent muscle strain.”

“However, the video recording effect in prostration mode will also be very good, and the coolness that the player gets is incomparable. Well, don’t say much, please enjoy.”

“Finally, I wish President Zhou, all LEHUI products will be sold, and Leona will be installed early!”

Chen Mo stepped down after he finished speaking, and there was only one wave after another from the audience.

Zhou Jiangping was helpless under the stage. He could have foreseen that when the mobile phone and Matrix Glasses were released, neat and tidy’s “President Zhou Women” must be in the comment area.

Hey, I’m so tired.

At this time, the back of a long-haired girl appeared on the big screen, fully integrated into the virtual environment of the game, wielding 2 lightsabers and cutting each and everyone’s squares.

Soon, the audience found that the difficulty of this game is different from the difficulty of the previous Chen Mo show.

That is, the number of blocks has greatly increased!

Just entering the prelude, I saw a large block of blocks sweeping from the distance like a tide, and even the gap between the block and the block became extremely small.

This time the background track is fast-paced rock music. In the dense drumbeat, the lightsaber in the hands of the long-haired girl turned into a residual image, almost waving the lightsaber at a speed that is difficult for naked eye to catch, in the blessing of special effects and sound effects. Below, the program effect is seen as a burst!

However, the audience also found that although the number of blocks in this mode has increased significantly, it is not as complicated as the action of expert difficulty.

Under the difficulty of collapse, most of the blocks appear at the same angle, and the cutting method is basically the same. As long as you see the direction of the arrow of the front block, the next step is pure hand speed.

Now the audience understands why it’s called “collapse difficulty”. After this game, it’s really no different from a vigorous exercise!

And this video gets the back of the long-haired girl. While wielding the lightsaber, the girl’s long hair is also flicking. It looks valiant and formidable looking, very handsome.

The auditorium exclaimed from time to time, applause and cheers even more wave after wave.

“Who is this girl? Is it Chen Mo’s wife?”

“I don’t know. I can only see it by looking at the back! But I don’t think there is anyone else who can do this hand speed!”

“Oh my god, this action is too handsome? If I could record such a video, I would definitely send it to a circle of friends immediately!”

“Does this need to be said, yes!”

“If you have this stuff, you can add more exercise! You think, treadmills, ellipsometers, lifting dumbbells, these sports are too boring, and it feels particularly boring for ten minutes, but this is not the same. Direct circulation After playing Paradise for half an hour, this effect is definitely better than riding a bicycle!”

“And this thing feels very addictive, just like Yinyou, that combo number will urge you to be highly concentrated, if you want to score high, unconsciously time will pass!”

“Yes, I decided to buy it!!”


After the LEHUI press conference was held, it also caused a heated discussion on the Internet, but what didn’t expect from everyone is that most people are actually discussing this new game called “Rhythm lightsaber”…

A lot of people didn’t take it seriously at first, think it’s just a normal audio game, and what difference can it have from the previous Mobile Game for finger training.

As a result, when I watched the video of the press conference, these originally disapproved players were shocked. Can Yinyou still play this way?!

A big gimmick in this game is “sports”, which is completely different from the now popular next-generation vr games.

Most players are used to entering the Matrix game cabin every day to start a new game world, but in this way, the exercise time in real life has been greatly reduced.

Many people are aware of this problem, but it is very difficult to change, because sports are too boring…

For everyone, perhaps the most interesting way to exercise is to listen to music and ride a spinning bike, or watch TV and chase while using a treadmill, but this is actually very difficult to persist.

But, what if you combine sound games that make people completely unable to stop with sports?

Although many players still do not know whether this game called “Rhythm lightsaber” is as cool and fun as the show, but I have to admit that players have this pain point.

Many players are willing to spend more than 400 yuan to buy a pair of special handles + a game, even more how this pair of handles can also be connected to a switch and a mobile phone to play other games.

As for the latest Matrix Glasses, for players who want to replace the product or purchase similar products for the first time, the performance improvement of the new Matrix Glasses is definitely a value-for-money choice.


On the day “Rhythm lightsaber” was officially released, many players immediately purchased the game online, and then anxiously waited for the handle to arrive.

No way, I can’t play without the handle…

Looking at the barrage in the Live Stream Room, Zou Zhuo said while unpacking: “I tell you, this is what you told me that playing this game can lose weight, you can’t lose fat if you lose it.”

“What do you lose? Well, it’s better to lose one rocket per person…”

A piece of “Bah” floated immediately on the barrage, saying that they had never seen such a shameless person.

Zou Zhuo pointed to the barrage and said, “Look, so many of you have said that you have lost money, but I have written it down with a small book!”

The barrage viewers said one after another: “???What we said is bah! Stinky shameless!”

Zou Zhuo sighed while unboxing. Recently, this figure has become more and more blessed. In the past, his face was more obvious. Now his belly is also up, and his double chin is also trending toward 4 chin. It is really impossible to stop exercising. …

He took out two handles from the box and weighed them: “Hey, this weight is just right, not bad.”

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