Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1163

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Wearing Matrix Glasses and holding 2 handles, Zou Zhuo opens the game “Rhythm lightsaber”.

“I heard that this game has a special video mode. I can combine my movements with the in-game picture through the latest mr technology. The whole video is recorded. Everyone will wait for me to study.”

Zou Zhuo quickly found this mode after starting to enter the game, and then turned it on.

However, this mode requires an additional camera. After connecting with Matrix Glasses, you can capture the back of Zou Zhuo.

Zou Zhuo, of course, has a camera as an anchor. He just found a picture with better quality and shot it behind his back.

After the camera and Matrix Glasses are connected via Bluetooth, they automatically synthesize a new picture, pull out the back of Zou Zhuo, and then locate it by the position of the helmet and handle, and combine it with the picture in the game.

So the audience in the Live Stream Room saw a little fat Fatty appeared in the dark in the sky, in front of the game options bar.

“Oh, this library is so rich, I don’t know which one to play from. Well, but this game also has its own theme song, let me play this first.”

“Difficulty… Do you want to see the difficulty of prostration? Uh, no, no. I’m still a chicken, just come to ordinary difficulty.”

“Let’s talk first. I haven’t played music games very much. It’s very good. Don’t spray me.”

Zou Zhuo is talking while studying the rules and settings in the game.

As a result, everyone on the barrage said that they would never spray!

“Little Fatty see what you said, do you only play audio games? Any game you play is okay…”

“Yeah, it looks like you said that you play other games very difficult to deal with 2333”

“It’s true love to watch you play games for so long, because if your food leaves you, it is estimated that the Live Stream Room has no audience…”

Zou Zhuo silently said that he had laid hearts on the old iron, and did not know whether I should be happy or sad with you audiences…

The rules of the game are very simple, totaling 3 points.

The first is to cut squares with lightsabers of the correct color along the arrows.

The second is not to let your head hit the oncoming wall.

The third is not to cut the bomb.

In fact, the first one is more troublesome, that is, the red square can only be cut with the red lightsaber, and the direction of cutting must be along the arrow.

Zou Zhuo selected the first song, the theme song of “Rhythm Lightsaber”, and found that a leaderboard appeared on the right side of the field of view, all of which were friends on the Thunderbolt Game Pass.

“What? Lin Xue has such a high score? This is decisive, I can’t bear her!”

Zou Zhuo chooses ordinary difficulty and starts the game decisively.

In an instant, all the surrounding scenes changed. Zou Zhuo found himself in the Universe Starry Sky, and each and everyone’s red and blue squares were flying towards him.

Zou Zhuo tried everything with the lightsaber in his hand, and heard the sound of “shua”, the square cracked in response to the sound, and also brought a burst of particle special effects.

“Wow! Wow! This shock!!”

“The handle also has a vibration effect, this feeling is simply!”

“Wow, this rhythm is so exciting, I can’t stop it!”

“Wait, why haven’t you stopped, isn’t it a good 2 minutes, how can I feel that 5 minutes have passed… Emma, ​​so tired…”

Little Fatty was already out of breath.

The number of blocks of medium difficulty is actually very small, less than 200, and the distance between them is very far. The average player can basically pass the game as long as they are attentive. Extraordinary natural talent can even play a full combo.

The result was like this, Zou Zhuo also felt that he was brow beaded with sweat after playing, but fortunately, not at all the symptoms of backache.

“Haha, all combo, not great! I tell you that I’m Yinyou young genius!”

“Hehe, I’m very inflated now, I want to try the difficulty.”

Zou Zhuo feels very inflated after playing ordinary difficulty, and opens the difficulty difficulty decisively.

Zou Zhuo’s attention was very focused, staring at the cube coming from a distance, but found that it seemed no different from the ordinary difficulty, and there were just a few at first.

“Huh, isn’t it difficult at all, I can hold… Ah! This is what the hell!”

Before Zou Zhuo finished talking, he saw a red wall flying directly from above. He almost subconsciously leaned back, feeling that the wall was almost flying over his scalp…

Zou Zhuo felt that his waist was about to be broken. After all the walls had flown away, he saw the densely packed red and blue squares flowing like tide!

“Anything, all this, ah!!!”

Zou Zhuo’s 2 hands began to dance wildly, and began to continuously report miss in his vision, and after 5 seconds, he directly gged.

The game is over, Zou Zhuo is still in place, there is no came back to his senses at all.

“Just…what happened…” Zou Zhuo’s face was dumbfounded.

The audience on the barrage answered.

“Just now you showed us the legendary long-lost cloak hammer!”

“No, you just cosplayed Jax’s counterattack…”

“No, you just showed the god-level martial arts Xia Ji 8 in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period…”

“No, this is obviously a car wiper!”

Zou Zhuo’s face was black: “I’m almost exhausted. You are still talking about Fengliang here! Hum, but then again, this game is really fitness. I feel my hands are shaking and I’m sweating…”

Zou Zhuo took off the Matrix helmet and came to the camera to show the audience his greasy forehead.

“Huh? On the barrage, many students asked me to show the difficulty of prostration?”

“Okay, okay, let’s play for a while and satisfy you…”

The highly dynamic bgm sounded again, but this time the blocks no longer appeared sporadically for each and everyone, but were lined up in a long row, and densely packed came over!

Fortunately, the directions of these squares are very simple, most of them are pure up and down. Players only need to remember the rules and then they are purely speed.


Zou Zhuo uttered a low growl, the body’s potential burst out at this moment, right hand waved the blue lightsaber and flew up and down quickly, a large number of blocks were cut into pieces!

In the cool background music, Zou Zhuo’s hands are all with afterimages. At this moment, he is like a chef with a spoon, oh no, it should be a chef who cuts his pile, and has inspired his potential to the limit!

A bunch of 6666 floated across the barrage instantly, and all the audience didn’t expect Little Fatty. This seemingly dead fat man’s body contained such a powerful force, and various gifts rolled up instantly.

But before the gift was finished, I saw Little Fatty gasping for breath sitting down directly on the spot. Two hands raised their heads in vain and waved randomly, like a salted fish about to drown…

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