Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1164

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“Hey? Little Fatty, what’s the matter with you? Why did you sit down just after giving you a gift?!”

“No, you are handsome for only 3 seconds, stand up and continue fighting!”

“Your physical fitness is really enough, but after all, isn’t this game always working, why are you still tired of your legs…”

“Little Fatty, is this the way to cut 2333?”

At the beginning, Zou Zhuo still sat on the ground and waved the handle casually to cut the square. Later, he didn’t even bother to look at it. He lowered his head and waved his hands. It looked like an armed helicopter…

As a result, afterwards, the helicopter gunship became a wiper, and the wiper became two antennas…

At first, Zou Zhuo worked hard, and then he simply raised 2 and put the lightsaber in the direction of the square, and then silently waited for the game to end.

“Hahaha Little Fatty Is this abandoning treatment?”

“A Genji has lost his dream!”

“SILENT is a lie, this game clearly has a fat house mode, you can open it when you sit down!”

“Little Fatty is a true Buddha anchor. Jiang Taigong’s fishing battle is completely dependent, just waiting for the box to hit the lightsaber himself…”

“Little Fatty, stand up! Say good to buy to lose weight??”

Zou Zhuo put 2 lightsabers up for a long time as an antenna, and said desperately: “Why is this game unfinished…”

What he did not know is that the difficulty of prostration in Rhythm Lightsaber will not die, but in the end, points will be deducted based on the number of misses.

Because the difficulty of prostration was originally intended to increase the amount of exercise for the players, the blocks appear very dense, and it is basically difficult for players to combo all of them. Once the leak is too much, if the direct game is over, it is a very frustrating thing for players.

Therefore, in this mode, miss will not fail, but will affect the results in this mode.

It turned out that Zou Zhuo was tortured. It felt like this more than 2 minutes was an unexpectedly long…

Zou Zhuo has also watched online videos before. The visual effect of watching prostration mode is really stimulating, and it doesn’t seem so tiring. As a result, I found out after playing with it myself, this is really prostration mode. Lie!

The biggest feature of this game is the use of high decibel, fast-paced passion bgm and each and everyone clearly targeted blocks to let you forget the fatigue of the body, forget the time, focus on the things in front of you.

This principle is the same as many audio games. When playing, the player’s attention is always on where the next block comes out, how to operate it, etc. Even if he is very tired, it will be temporarily ignored in this case.

And the cool bgm, coupled with dynamic light effects and excellent strike, allows players to get feedback for every action.

As long as the player gently waves his hand and cuts the block, he can hear the cool sound effects on the beat. You can see the gorgeous special effects brought by the lightsaber across the block, and the right vibration effect will come from the handle. The positive feedback of this kind of operation can be called an explosion.

And even if it is a miss, you will only feel sorry, and then want to cut the next block to find the place.

In this case, every simple action can get excellent feedback. The player has formed a conditioned reflex like a Pavlovian dog. Over time, there is only the each and everyone box in the eyes, so that he is panting , Sweating, and soft legs, all these things are left behind.

So, it’s not that Zou Zhuo is too salty, but he is really too tired…

“Oh my god, I didn’t expect that playing a game can be so tiring, it feels more desperate than going to the gym!”

This song finally ended, Zou Zhuo took a lot of effort to get up from the ground, so that he still kept breathing in front of the computer.

“You look at my hand, still shaking… you look at the sweat on my head, mother, it’s about to merge into a stream…”

“Thank you for sending a rocket to Little Fatty’s rocket to fill the kidneys… I tell you that although the rocket is received, I have to declare that I am not a kidney deficiency, I am just Exhaust!”

“What? Come back to prostration mode again? No, no, no, no, you have to let me rest for a while. I feel that playing this game is really easy to die on the spot.”

“Thank you again for the rocket sent in prostration mode, okay. Since you want to see it that way, wait for me to drink and continue…”

Zou Zhuo is speechless, what are these local tyrants each and everyone!

Do you want to see me play the collapse mode? Do you even want to send the rocket?

But for the Rockets, Zou Zhuo chose to give in. After taking a sip, he took two handles silently…

The barrage is happy and crazy, and it smells delicious in one second!

“I tell you Little Fatty, you’re good. Others spend money to make you lose weight. What else are you unsatisfactory?”

“Yes, other people lose weight by spending their own money. When you lose weight, someone gives you money. Look at your treatment!”

“A streamer Live Stream loses 1000000 a month!”

“After all, it is a well-known anchor. A few 1000000 viewers supervise you to lose weight, so I ask if you are afraid!

“Hehe, Little Fatty, don’t be content. Let me tell you. Rhythm lightsaber and Silent Hill 2 choose one. Choose your own!”

“Little Fatty, come on! Keep playing this game every day. After a month, I will come back to see it. If you are really thin, then I will buy it for fun…”

Many players have said that it is worthwhile to spend money to give gifts to Zou Zhuo to test the weight loss effect of this game for everyone!

And after watching Live Stream, many players really loose their minds, wondering whether to buy a set of equipment to play with.

Where is the main game Awesome? It is the combination of the addictive attribute of audio games and vr, which produces a very wonderful chemical reaction.

Although the audio games on the mobile phone were particularly addictive in the past, but the practice is to practice the fingers, which is useless for most people to practice this thing!

But the exercise and weight loss are very urgent for many people.

After buying this game, this effect is almost comparable to the spinning bike in the gym. Not only is it equivalent to doing aerobic exercise to lose weight, but also can exercise your own responsiveness, hand-brain coordination ability and speed, it is simply a multi-purpose.

And the most important thing is that this game can also be used to pretend!

There are already a lot of videos of great gods on the Internet, and they are all made of mixed reality video effects, and the back is simply handsome.

The expert mode is a show action. Many great gods cut various directions while also showing a variety of saucy actions, which looks handsome. The prostration mode is a cool word, watching large blocks of blocks smash under the sword, with a fast pace With the bgm, it is nothing more beautiful can be imagined.

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