Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1165

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At the beginning, everyone was still familiar with the basic operation of this game, backplane, specializing in a few tracks, and combo the number.

Even if there are more showy gods, they are basically playing the regular gameplay seriously. At most, they add a little slapstick movements, twisting their waists and twisting their buttocks, and they are more conservative.

However, as everyone’s proficiency is getting higher and higher, various interesting moth gameplays have begun to emerge endlessly…

The first is to make a fuss on the handle.

The pair of handles are specially created for “Rhythm Lightsaber”, the counterweight has been intentionally added, the vibration module has been adjusted, and the useless buttons have been hidden by a special design.

In addition, the hole behind the handle can be passed through a special wrist strap to prevent it from falling off. These two holes can also be used with other accessories to “deform” the two handles.

For example, tying the two handles together with an attached rope becomes a nunchaku; using a special connecting rod to connect the two handles together becomes a Dasmore’s sword, which is The two handles are connected together, holding the middle, the light blade appears on the two ends.

As for the significance of these cool transformations… just handsome!

Of course, this mode is prepared for a few bigwigs. Most people don’t even understand the one-handed mode. How can they play the nunchaku mode again? The square has not been cut yet. It is possible to smash yourself first Too.

But some of the big guys really played it out, and also recorded it.

The effect is just one word, handsome!

Some gangsters who have specially practiced nunchakus tried to play with nunchakus. They saw that the red and blue light blades fluttered with the nunchaku’s swing, accompanied by a cool rhythm, visual effects It can be called an explosion.

The Darth Moore model is equally handsome. After the two handles are connected together, the two lightsabers become a stick-like shape, and the cutting method naturally changes completely.

These gangsters cut the square like a stick, and the red and blue light blades are the two ends of the stick. The two light blades will dance together and look more integrated. When they surround the player’s body, the effect is far. More handsome than the traditional double sword mode.

Of course, if you want to say the score, you definitely can’t make the list, but what about then? The handsome is done!

Many players do not play this game to make the list. They just want to be handsome, and then exercise a little, exercise their muscles, sweat and so on. This mode can be said to perfectly meet their needs.

In addition to the handles, players began to think about the characters of this game and the skin of lightsaber…

An additional function is included in the game, that is, the player’s body can be replaced with a model of a game character, and a video of the game is automatically generated.

In addition, there are a large number of lightsaber models, such as Frostmourne, Moonlight Sword and other weapons, all can be changed to the game.

There is even a very cool sickle, but the price is more expensive…

These game character models are free to download, and they are all classic characters of Thunderbolt Gaming Platform, such as “World of Warcraft”, “Overwatch”, etc., especially the Genji model is very popular.

Of course, there are players who like to use various cute sister models. Anyway, as long as you are willing to spend money, any model and lightsaber can provide…

The last place where you can play flowers is the music library.

The music library in “Rhythm lightsaber” is very rich, Chen Mo also specifically bought a large number of song copyrights, and automatically generated the levels in the game through the artificial intelligence system.

Players can choose their favorite singers and tracks to practice, just listen to songs…

Some players are very enthusiastic in making various playlists, and other players can like the playlists.

A playlist with a high number of likes will be posted on the homepage, and players can directly play the playlist.

It’s just that there are usually dozens of tracks in the playlist. Most players can’t get tired by jumping at most two. A playlist may score one or two months before they can all get through…

And the players were very surprised to find that the song in this game was actually linked to the dance with 1000 threads and 10000 threads…

Some popular songs on the Internet, such as “Paradise”, have dances themselves, and the block distribution in the game is also based on a similar layout. When the player goes to cut, there will even be a kind of dancing. feel.

Of course, some complicated dances certainly cannot be expressed, but like some relatively simple “Divine Comedies”, this degree of reduction is simply breaking the table.

For example, tracks like freaks, time, seve, wenospeakamericano, players have said after playing, this reduction degree is simply…

If these are not enough for you, then the game also has an ultimate ultimate weapon, which is the editor…

In the editor, players can upload their own tracks, allowing artificial intelligence to automatically generate levels based on the tracks.

Of course, players can also make some adjustments to the content of the level themselves. If the crazy players conquer even the collapse mode, then they can also go here to increase the number of blocks in the game by one or two orders of magnitude.


With the increasing number of players, the popularity of “Rhythm lightsaber” is also rising.

In the game’s discussion area, players are all sharing some fun experiences, and some people even post specifically to record their weight changes…

“Today Matrix Glasses and handles are available, starting today, a difficult and difficult track every day, and then record your weight changes!”

“Upstairs is awesome, I feel like I want to record my weight just like you, I feel this game really loses weight!”

“I played 2 songs, and I felt brow beaded with sweat. The prostration mode was even more perverted. I felt like I was shaking after finishing playing.”

“It’s true. I used to think that sports are particularly boring. I still haven’t encountered this game! I only found that the original addictive audio game combined with VR has such a good effect?”

“Recently, I saw a lot of gangsters’ operations. I also want to practice the cool nunchaku game. After recording, I can send the video to the Internet to pretend!”

“Hahaha, aren’t you too optimistic, we salted fish still obediently and honestly play the single sword mode, what nunchaku…”

“Salted fish must also have dreams! Although not at all now, but I can practice slowly, anyway, at home, I don’t feel embarrassed. I can always practice one month or two months!”

“With a little oil, I will start punching in today to record the weight change. I will play a song every day and try to lose 5 pounds a month!”

The enthusiasm of these players has all been mobilized. Many people were surprised to find that the game discussion area of ​​”Rhythm Lightsaber” has become a weight loss discussion group.

All of them are actually punching in to record their weight. The most amazing thing is that these people have lost weight…

Players have said that who often plays vr is bad for their health? This game is simply too physical!

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