Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1166

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“If you want to remake a traditional vr game and port it to the next-generation vrPlatform, which one of the following games will you choose?”

On the official website of Thunderbolt Studio, such a questionnaire triggered a heated discussion among players.

After the Matrix game cabin came out, the remake of classic vr games has never stopped.

The vr games before “Detroit: Become Human” are all traditional vr games, which are controlled by conscious signals. Although there is also a full body sense, not at all realizes neural connection.

After the next-generation vr of the Matrix game cabin was born, players’ voices for remaking classic games are getting higher and higher.

Although there are super classic IP such as a5, Bloodborne, World of Warcraft, and God of War in Matrix game cabin, players still have to never leave each other for the classic IP in traditional vr games.

For example, “Dark Souls” is one of the earliest games to be included in the remake plan. Players said that it is really good to pass fire in the next generation of VR!

Apart from this, games like “Assassin’s Creed”, “Monster Hunter”, etc., have all been included in the remake plan, and some people have completely crazy and ridiculous that they hope to add “Outlast”.

However, after all, there are too many games made by Chen Mo, and it takes a lot of time to remake them all.

Therefore, this voting is mainly based on the voices of players. Some high-profile games will be included in the priority remake target.

“So many classic games only choose 3 remakes? Not enough at all!”

“For the time being, only 3 models are selected. This is the first batch, and I will definitely add more later.”

“In this case, I feel that the optional content is very fixed.”

“Indeed, games like “Dark Souls”, “PUBG”, “Assassin’s Creed”, “Monster Hunter” have been included in the remake plan. Of the remaining games, “The Last of Us” and “Legend of” Zelda “Basically hanged everything…”

“Yes, these two are perfect scores, and the two seats must be fixed.”

“Looking at the current momentum, most of the third game is “Uncharted”. The key to this game is the good graphics, and the climbing system has done so well. The standard is cool and the popularity is sure.”

“Huh, the popularity of the 4th place is quite high, but it is estimated that it should be difficult to squeeze into the top 3, after all, it is a pure cool tour. From the point of playability and comprehensive evaluation, it is worse than the previous 3. “

“Let me see which is the fourth place…”Prototype”?? I go, you say that I suddenly want to vote for it, but this is a rare real farming game done by SILENT!”

“It’s true that games like Prototype are really rare from beginning to end, and after changing to the next-generation vr, there will definitely be a huge leap in experience? I haven’t forgotten to see it for the first time until now. At the time of the game’s promotional video, alex looked like a parkour in the building.”

“You said that I missed it a little bit. At first glance, this game was indeed shocking. At that time, I found out that SILENT did Awesome.”

“I hope that the next batch of remastered list can add “Prototype”, I really want to experience the feeling of parkour in the next generation of VR!”

In the comment area of ​​this vote, there are really many players who are replying, hoping to put the plan to redo “Prototype” on the agenda as soon as possible.

Although games like “God of War” are also very good refreshing games, after all, there are many differences compared to “Prototype”, which is completely different.

“Prototype” was developed after so many years, there are still many loyal fans, which makes Chen Mo also very surprised.

The voting deadline, the top 3 really is “The Last of Us”, “Legend of Zelda” and “Uncharted”.

“Prototype” is the fourth place, which is also an expected thing. Considering the quality of the game, it is really impossible to match the previous three positions on equal terms.

However, a reply instantly made players boil.

Chen Mo: “Reproducing “Prototype” is to wait, but I can make a new refreshing tour for you.”


This reply was immediately forwarded by the players, and everyone said that they would die, and SILENT will show mercy again!

Waiting for SILENT to make a new cool tour is like it is during the Chinese New Year, it is not easy!

As for whether this game is “Prototype 2”? Obviously not, because Chen Mo did not say that he would make a sequel. From his wording, this is probably a brand new game.

So the question is, what kind of game is this?

Although there are already a lot of classic games under remake, it is clear that the new games are still the most concerned about.

However, this game did not reveal too many details, it seems that all this will only be revealed when the game is released.


“Wow! Chen Mo’s new game is out! Called “Infamous Second Son”?”

“Wait, why is the demo version, I have a bad hunch…”

In the Moyu Streaming Platform, Lin Xue was just happy for 2 seconds and felt something was wrong.

Because there are 3 small characters behind the name of this game, “Trial version”, this reminds Lin Xue of his previous experience playing “Uncharted”…

Obviously, this demo version is the beginning, everyone can play it for free, but it will definitely be cut off perfectly in the most hilarious place of the game.

But, even if you know what it is, can you resist not playing…

This was very embarrassing. Lin Xue struggled for two minutes and decided to play.

Anyway, even if the chapter is broken, isn’t it still so uncomfortable for so many audiences to accompany themselves…

“Okay, let’s play this game today, let’s see if Chen Mo’s Shuang You is really a Shuang You.”

Lin Xue enters the game, the first thing that catches his eye is a brief introduction.

“7 years ago, a group of humans known as’superpowers’ accidentally learned how to control certain natural elements and use this ability as a weapon.”

“In order to protect the general public, the Joint Defense Department (UNPROFOR) was established to hunt or permanently detain all superpowers and redefine them as: bioterrorists.”

“At present, the general public believes that all superpowers have been successfully captured and imprisoned.”

“Therefore, when the military prepares to accept the biological terrorists in custody, UNPROFOR will also face the end of being eliminated.”

“On this day, under the mutual transfer of the military, the first batch of bioterrorists returned to the UNPROFOR’s detention facility,’Cordeng Reef Detention Center’, and was transferred to a military prison in northern Washington…”

“…But they will never arrive.”

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