Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1167

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Into the game, the first is an opening cg.

The truck escorting the superpowers galloped past, and the sound of seagulls could be heard faintly at the lighthouse by the lake.

In a small town by the lake, a youngster wearing a sweater, jacket and board shoes jumped around the roof of the building, and finally came to a roof, facing the huge display on the roof.

At this time, Lin Xue found himself attached to the youngster. The next task was to use spray paint to graffiti on this huge display.

Graffiti is also very simple, first cover the exhibition board with the template you have previously selected, and then spray it with spray paint. This operation is not complicated.

After the spraying, the handsome police officer turned into a funny character with a squirt gun in one hand and a donut with orchid fingers in one hand, and a smile with a faint smile on his lips.

The protagonist stepped back 2 steps and expressed great satisfaction.

This game is not a game with a high degree of freedom like “Iron Man”. The in-game dialogue is still done by the characters themselves. All the player has to do is control the actions of the protagonist and let him do some specific things.

The opening plot is not too complicated. The youngster named Dyerson is a native of here, but he has been fond of pranks since childhood, and the poor police officer he graffiti is his brother.

As a result, his brother came back after painting, and Dyerson wanted to slip away, and it took a lot of effort to go around and want to go back to establish an absence certificate, but he was still caught by his brother.

There is a relatively long parkour in the middle, there are contents of jumping and climbing on the roof, but for Lin Xue, playing so many climbing and climbing games, this content can only be regarded as quite satisfactory, and does not feel particularly outstanding .

There was a quarrel between his brother and the younger brother. Obviously, the younger brother thought that the graffiti was displaying his talents, while the brother who was a policeman thought it was a breach of official duties, and every time he had to arrest his own younger brother, he felt very much Irritability.

Two people were arguing, and Daleson suddenly found that an armored personnel carrier truck was coming to the side staggeringly, and all the cars parked on the side of the road were hit to one side.

This huge monster has obviously hit many times on the road, the front hood is emitting black smoke, the windshield is cracked and there are dense bullet holes.

After crashing a car again, the truck instantly lost its balance and fell over to the ground!

The brother 2 was startled. When the truck overturned, the two prisoners in yellow prison uniforms and handcuffs fell off the car and ran away in panic.

“I’m going to chase those 2 people, don’t go near that thing, it may explode!”

The older brother as a policeman chased past without a second look.

Lin Xue had planned to listen to her brother, but she noticed that a prisoner was pressed under the wreckage of the car, and the car was already on fire. If he did not save him, he would probably die here.

At this point in Lin Xue’s vision appeared a mission goal: search and rescue survivors.

“So I can’t listen to my elder brother according to the normal process…right.”

Lin Xue ran over to help the prisoner lift the heavy weight on him. However, as the prisoner crawled out, Lin Xue noticed that there was an unusual black smoke on his body.

Lin Xue thought that the black smoke came out of the car before. Now it seems that it actually came out of this person’s body!

As soon as Lin Xue rescued this person, he heard his brother’s voice from behind: “Are you all right?”

As a result, I saw the policeman. The prisoner turned his face straight for a second and strangled the protagonist’s neck!

2 people are deadlocked like this. A strange flame rises on the prisoner’s left hand to attack his brother. The protagonist grabs it in anxiety, but his consciousness is instantly immersed in the vast memory fragments!

Lin Xue felt black before her and fell to the ground.

I don’t know how long it took before Lin Xue finally woke up and looked around, it was already a mess.

It is imperative to find my brother. After all, as an ordinary person, it is dangerous to fight superpowers.

Lin Xue walked forward, feeling his body a bit strange.

It seems that there is a peculiar elemental energy surging within the body. She thoughts move and found that she turned into a flame, and instantly spanned a distance of 7 8 meters!

“What happened just now? I don’t… what the hell is this??”

The protagonist Dellson has the same doubts as Lin Xue. Obviously, he was also infected with superpowers, and the reason is probably that his hands met the prisoners who are using superpowers.

The feeling at that moment was too exciting, Lin Xue unable to bear wanted to experience it again.

At the moment of activation, the entire body of the protagonist turned into flames and smoke. These clusters of flames instantly crossed a distance of 7 meters, and then re-converged to become the protagonist’s body.

Moreover, this is not just a mobile ability, it is more like the flash of the mage, you can cross any obstacles at will, after all, the flame can be said with no opportunity.

“Wow, this feels so good!”

Lin Xue, who had mastered the superpowers, was instantly happy and started to rampage. There is no limit to the use of this super power, except that there will be a 2 second interval between them.

It can basically be said to go wherever you want, and the moving speed is very amazing.

Moving forward, after the protagonist Dellson rescued his brother, his brother was also shocked by what happened to him, but still comforting the younger brother, they will definitely find a way to cure this superpower.

Several superpowers have caused chaos in the town. The two brothers decided to catch those superpowers. Although the older brother has repeatedly asked the younger brother to stop using superpowers, in order to pass various obstacles on the road, the protagonist Still can only use this brand new ability continuously.

“How useful is this superpower, why do you still dislike it? Oh, it seems that because of the world view of this game, these superpowers are regarded as criminals and locked up.”

Lin Xue whispered that he must be inclined to these superpowers emotionally. After all, these abilities are so cool, but considering the background of this game, other people’s reactions to superpowers are understandable.

2 people followed the prisoners of the superpowers to the canned fish factory. Lin Xue found that his superpower could move quickly through the ventilation ducts, which can be said to be very practical.

After coming out of the second ventilation pipe, Lin Xue found himself appearing in the sky, and then directly fell more than ten meters and fell to the ground!

But strangely, Dyerson had nothing at all, no injuries at all, and no pain.

Lin Xue experienced this peculiar feeling, shocked happily said: “It feels like Prototype, it’s really cool to swim!”

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