Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1168

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The game continued to advance. In order to find the superpowered person with flame ability, Lin Xue pursued the cannery all the way and found a heavy iron chain as his melee weapon.

Moreover, this iron chain can be attached with flame ability, which will ignite blazing fire when waving, and the destructive power is very amazing. When not in use, this iron chain will wrap around the protagonist’s arm, which is very convenient .

“Why does it feel a bit like Kratos’ weapon? Well, the castrated version of Chaos Blade…”

Lin Xue went all the way, and when he met the flame barricade made by the superpower, he was directly destroyed with iron chains. In the fire, explosion and collapsed buildings, Lin Xue waved the iron chains wantonly, and it felt great.

“Wow, I really felt like playing Prototype a long time ago. This weapon feels a bit like alex’s tentacle! However, the feeling of vr in the next era is indeed different!”

Lin Xue feels this feeling, “Prototype” is an old version of vr game after all, with many restrictions, and now the Dellson controlled by Lin Xue is in the Matrix game cabin, it can be said that every move do as one pleases, this feeling The sense of immersion is stronger and the degree of freedom is higher.

In the cannery, Lin Xue finally caught the superpowered person. As a result, when she caught the superpowered person with both hands, her vision suddenly went dark and she saw some fragmented memories.

This time, Dyerson once again invaded the memory of the superpowers and saw his escape from prison.

Lin Xue and the prisoner started fighting in the factory. The prisoner had no weapons in his hand, but fired a fire bomb at Lin Xue; but Lin Xue is not an ordinary person now, and he can be caught with a fast-moving ability and a melee attack. The prisoner lived in a beating.

“Wow, the shock is good!”

Lin Xue beat the prisoner of superpowers with a chain of iron. The chain with flame waved like a blade of chaos. When he hit the prisoner, the chain would bring a blazing fire. Smoke and dust, sparks flying in all directions.

Lin Xue can also feel the warmth of the flames from the heavy iron chain in his hand. When he hit the prisoner, this kind of forceful feedback also made Lin Xue excited.

The prisoner ran and ran, and he could see that he was unwilling to fight, and he kept warning Dellson to let him give up immediately, otherwise no one could run until the person who came after him came; but Dellson hoped that the prisoner could tell him how to give up his own Superpowers, 2 people shuttle in 4 places in the factory, where they blaze.

However, when Lin Xue chased out of the factory, the prisoner was already sealed in concrete and caught alive by the “relevant department”.

An old woman in her 40s appeared. She is the leader of the United Department of Defense, Augustine. She is also a superpower who can use concrete, but now she is hunting these superpowers. Put them all in prison.

Lin Xue originally thought this was over, but Augustine was really a sinister cunning old fox. In and out of the story, he would squeeze any available information from him.

Dellson has now become a superpower, and once leaked, he will be put in jail like everyone else and will never be able to come out again. Moreover, his strength is simply not enough to fight Augustine.

This plot is a cutscene. Lin Xue is in Daleson’s body, feeling his emotions, observing everything around him from his perspective, and listening to his conversation with Augustine.

Lin Xue could feel the nervousness of Daleson. He dared not look directly at Augustine’s eyes and spoke a little bit of it. Fortunately, however, Dellson was clever and used the excuse “I’m nervous when I see beautiful women” to pass it on, so Lin Xue couldn’t help but give him a compliment for his desire to survive…

Augustine found no clues and turned to leave.

It turned out that at this moment, I didn’t know which one of Dellson’s muscles had a problem. He started to have an epic mouth and said, “But I want to say, is this too ridiculous? You are not a biological terrorist. ?”

However, what made Dellson absolutely didn’t expect was that this vulgar sentence made Augustine, who was proficient in analyzing the psychology of criminals, catch a weak spot. She believed that Dellson had concealed some key information from her because of the tension in this situation. The person is either a coward or has some concealment, and Daleson’s previous saying is that he is not a coward.

After the unsuccessful interrogation of Dellson, she turned her attention to the clansman of Dellson and told him that if he didn’t tell the truth, then she would interrogate these people one by one-insert concrete into their bones.

“Hello, is this okay? Isn’t Lighthouse Country the most particular about freedom and human rights?”

Lin Xue was dumbfounded, didn’t expect this dead woman by fair means or foul, but according to the plot, in this World view, Augustine and the Joint Defense Department did have very powerful powers, even The confession can be tortured, because in this world the public treats all superpowers as terrorists, and when it comes to related matters, the Joint Defense Department can even temporarily cancel all civil rights.

Lin Xue fell to the ground, there were 2 options in front of him, either surrender or sacrifice clansman.

“What the hell! Why make such a difficult choice? Isn’t this a cool swim?”

Lin Xue is going crazy. She originally thought that this game is the same as “Prototype”. Kill Kill Kill will be finished all the way, but from the perspective of this option and the UI layout behind it, this should be a branch of the plot.

Choosing to sacrifice clansman and protect yourself is the 1st Step towards the wicked branch, while choosing to surrender is the 1st Step towards the good branch.

There is no time limit for this choice. Lin Xue struggled for a long time and finally decided to surrender.

“Ai, I’m still too soft to watch my clansman suffer for me. How good is this clansman’s fat Aunt. I think even if the protagonist is caught, it should be able to escape from prison? Okay, I surrendered myself. …”

However, what made Lin Xue didn’t expect was that although Dellson told the truth-that the superpower had infected him with his ability, Augustine didn’t believe it at all, and instead tortured him even more. I was comatose in pain.

When Dellson woke up, he found himself in a remodeled ward.

Lin Xue instinctively felt something was wrong, because in the last scene before the coma, she saw Augustine walking towards his clansman.

The news about superpowers is playing on the TV, and Lin Xue turns over from the bed and sits up. This kind of unknown feeling is getting heavier.

The long house was transformed into a ward. In the compartment of each and everyone, Lin Xue saw that the clansman were all filled with cement blocks. This pain will always be with them. Obviously, Augustine didn’t believe what Dellson said, and still questioned these clansmans, and one did not miss it.

What’s more annoying is that the slut left after the interrogation, leaving these clansman to die.

“Is this mother’s dead woman perverted? I surrendered to myself. How can she still deal with innocent people?”

Lin Xue, who has always been very well-behaved, is also able to bear to swear. Although she is very clear that this is probably arranged by Chen Mo in the plot, the previous preparations still make Lin Xue feel emotionally unacceptable.

She even couldn’t bear to want to find Augustine at once, and beat this dead woman up!

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