Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1169

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The next plot happened logically, these clansman are tortured, and want to take out the concrete within their body, they must use concrete super power.

The protagonist thought that he could copy their superpowers by touching other superpowers, so to save these clansman, he had to rush to Seattle and get her superpowers from Augustine.

Although his brother did not agree with this plan, he still couldn’t bear the younger brother after all. The two of them drove to Seattle.

Upon arriving around Seattle, the protagonist found that the roads here had been damaged, the roads were covered with roadblocks, the bridges were blown up, and then they could only walk.

During the journey, the protagonist stumbled upon himself that he could strengthen himself by absorbing smoke, drone energy fragments and relay cores. Their functions were to obtain energy, upgrade the skill tree and unlock new skills.

apart from this, the protagonist also deeply realizes that the relationship between ordinary person and superpower is broken. Superpowers are regarded as terrorists and freaks, and they are discriminated everywhere. Even soldiers will shoot directly when they see superpowers. .

The protagonist also saw traces of various battles, which were left by some super powers. It seems that the super powers who escaped are still active in the city, and they are still continuously creating destruction.

After encountering the battle, Lin Xue encountered the same problem again, that is, how to choose between good and evil.

When these UNPROFOR soldiers lose their combat capability, they will raise their hands to surrender, and at this time the protagonist can choose to kill them, or subdue them, not kill.

There will also be drug dealers and police fighting in the city, the protagonist can also choose to help drug dealers, or help the police.

The former will increase the value of notoriety, the latter will increase the value of goodness, and directly lead to 2 different branches.

“Why, it’s a hassle! How can I become a superpower? There are so many restrictions on killing individuals!”

Lin Xue feels a little embarrassed about this matter. I wanted to play alex as a slaver all sides. I have never encountered these problems…

But obviously, it is inferred from the plot that choosing a different route will inevitably have an impact on the ending. Lin Xue struggled a bit and decided to take the good man route first. After all, the opening has been chosen. .

As the plot continues to advance, the protagonist continuously absorbs energy and unlocks new skills. At the beginning, he can only sprint, but soon unlocked special movement capabilities such as jumping, floating, climbing walls, and various cool attacks. Skills, including handsome full-screen Ulti.

“It feels… very similar to Prototype, but not the same.”

Lin Xue is also difficult to describe this feeling, it is indeed very refreshing, but there is still a clear difference from Prototype.

“Prototype” is pure violence and pure cool, but this game is more inclined to skill.

The protagonist’s various cool super powers are more like skill-based, including when fighting, the protagonist’s important attack method is to launch a smoke bomb to attack, which requires different combat strategies for different situations, not always Brainless.

The plot goal of the game is also very simple. The protagonist needs to fight with the soldiers of the UNPROFOR in the city, destroy the mobile command center, and constantly contact the few super powers who have escaped in the process to continuously unlock new super powers.

In addition to the original flame (smoke) ability, the protagonist can also get the neon gas ability (looks like a neon), video game ability (turn virtual electronic image into reality), and also fight against the final boss Can get concrete capacity.

These abilities have different appearances and special effects, but the common thing is that they are all very dazzling and they are very useful.

Especially the video game ability, because the original superpower is an otaku who likes to play electric games, and can use this ability to summon angels and demons, so the protagonist will also be differentiated according to his own good and evil values ​​after gaining the ability.

If it is a good person, then this ability is to use the blue lightsaber, while the wicked one is to use red claws to attack, Ulti will also be completely different.

After catching these superpowers, the protagonist can decide their destiny, which is also divided into two routes of good and evil.

These superpowers will become the protagonist’s help, fighting against Augustine together.

However, while the protagonist chooses, his good and evil values ​​will also change continuously, and the patterns behind him will be different.

The initial pattern is two birds, one blue and one red, representing good and evil. With the continuous development of the plot, one will devour the other and finally reach [True Hero] or [Notorious].

Lin Xue broke through the two lines of good and evil, and found that the game turned out to have three endings, and the most troubling plot was the brother’s death.

In the course of the plot, the protagonist found Hank. Hank said he would lead the way to Augustine. However, Hank was actually a 2. He deliberately introduced everyone to Augustin’s ambush circle, resulting in Brother’s death.

The angry protagonist fights Augustin with both sides suffer. Augustine escapes, and the protagonist decides to avenge Hank.

After he caught Hank, Hank said he would betray them because the daughter was caught by Augustine. At this time, the protagonist had 2 choices. In the face of Hank daughter, he killed him, or let him go, Reunite him with the daughter.

Lin Xue found that whether killing Hank or letting it go here does not affect the protagonist’s good and evil values.

Generally speaking, the route of good people is very stubborn. Although it has the ability to kill civilians at will, the protagonist must be tolerant everywhere. Peaceful coexistence with superpowers.

The villain’s route is very cool. The protagonist can kill people at will, but it will cause unanimous condemnation from the civilians. When finally getting the concrete ability to save the clansman, the clansman no longer accepts him, or even drives him out. The protagonist ends with an Ulti.

In other words, the good people’s ending process is a little suffocating, but the ending is 10000 people’s support; the wicked ending is wanton, but the road to the throne is very lonely.

apart from this and the third ending.

When the protagonist just got the video game ability, he found that he could not use any ability. At this time, his brother persuaded him that since you are no longer a superpower, then we can already go home.

At this time, the protagonist has 2 choices, or continue to move forward, absorbing the relay core to unlock the video game ability to continue the battle, but then his own brother will be sacrificed.

Or follow his brother’s words and return to the village. The clansman will welcome their return. The protagonist seems to have returned to the life of a normal person, but this ending leaves an open end, that is, the superpowers he subdued called. , Let him go back and continue to help them defeat Augustine.

As for whether the protagonist chooses to be an ordinary person or to go back and continue to fight Augustine, this ending is not at all clearly explained. But anyway, my brother survived.

What Lin Xue does not know is that these three endings, including the decision on Hank does not affect the value of good and evil, are the products of Chen Mo’s magical reform. On the premise of retaining the original spiritual core, let this game’s Good and evil views and values ​​are more relevant to domestic players.

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