Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1170

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In fact, in this game, there are only two original endings. The good endings are relatively more in line with the values ​​of the West, especially the lighthouse country. For domestic players, this route is a bit too Holy Mother.

Hank betrayed the protagonist and the others because of his daughter, which directly led to the death of the protagonist’s brother, but the good-hearted route asked the protagonist to forgive Hank and reunite Hank and the daughter. This is obviously unreasonable.

You know, Hank was originally a criminal, and 2 sides, 3 knives, erratic, all kinds of stains can be completely washed away by a daughter, who knows if he regards his daughter as a shield, in exchange for his own What about life?

The domestic values ​​are more recognized as “reporting grievances directly.” Even if the protagonist chooses the line of good people, it does not mean that he will forgive those murderers who killed his loved ones like Holy Mother, and let them continue to live.

So at this point, Chen Mo did not continue the value orientation of the original work, but gave the players the choice. No matter how the player decides the fate of Hank, will not affect their good and evil ending.

Another content of the magic reform is to make a third arrangement for the destiny of my brother.

In the original work, as the plot progresses, whether it is the good or the evil route, the elder brother will definitely die, and many players say that this is unacceptable.

Obviously it’s a cool game, do you have to disgust the player in the plot?

Of course, Chen Mo is very clear about the original intention of this design, because this story is not a pure story like “Prototype”, it has some profound discussions on the concept of good and evil.

Not to mention whether this discussion is correct and mature, but it is really deeply imprinted in the soul of this game. On the one hand, the different gameplays with the good and evil routes enrich the game content, on the other hand, it also allows players to After the game ends, you can have your own views and understanding.

Of course, there may be another very important reason for forcing players to play 2 weeks…

In general, the two courses of good and evil are completely completely different emotional experiences for players.

Taking the path of kindness, my brother and the younger brother understand each other, tolerate each other, and have the same concept. Although the early stage is always tolerant and playful, but with the development of the plot, civilians will spontaneously help the protagonist, support the protagonist, ordinary person To understand each other with superpowers, clansman is proud of the protagonist.

Taking the wicked route, you can really put down any moral burden, how to play and how to play, you can kill people at will. Although the brother and the protagonist often violent quarrels, but can see that the brother still cares about his younger brother.

But with the development of the plot, the civilians also rebelled against the protagonist. Although the protagonist became a dictator, he was abandoned by clansman, and the road of the throne seemed so lonely.

This kind of plot is actually reasonable in a certain sense, and it is also logical. Because every choice has its own advantages and disadvantages, to be a big hero, you must always be self-disciplined with extremely high moral standards and be a wicked person. It will inevitably arouse and rebuke countless people.

However, there is a flaw in this plot, that my brother will always die, but my brother is almost only one perfect person in this game, and many players cannot accept his death.

The third ending Chen Mo joined was to solve this shortcoming.

This ending gives players a chance to save their brother, but the price is that players have to give up the next plot.

Just like at the gambling table, you have already made a small sum of money. At this time, can you close up decisively.

In fact, I have said before that this game is a cool game in terms of gameplay, but it is not in the plot. It has relatively deep thinking about good and evil.

Whether it is to become a big hero or a dictator, impossible is smooth sailing and has to pay the corresponding price. The death of his brother is actually the price.

If you let your brother not die and successfully reach the end, then the plot of this game has actually collapsed. This plot treatment is completely the same as the normal Shuangyou, which is not consistent with the characteristics of the game itself.

Therefore, the third ending equivalent to is to give players another choice. If they are willing to pay these prices, they can also save the brother’s life, but the final open end will also leave the player with a lot of imagination. Will the protagonist return to Seattle and continue his own path?

As for what each player will understand, it is up to the players to think for themselves.


After the release of the game “Infamous Second Son”, as a relatively unique game type on the next-generation vrPlatform, it quickly received the attention of a large number of players.

For players, the biggest highlight of this game is its graphics and refreshing gameplay. As a superpower, the feeling of flying over the city reminds many people of seeing “Prototype” many years ago. Experience this completely immersive game on generation vrPlatform, but also give players a completely different feeling.

Brilliant lights and vibrant colors of the picture performance, immersive hearing shock, rich combat system and unique battle method, these have captured the player’s attention immediately, making this game a distinctive vr game.

As for the three endings of the game, different players have different views, especially the ending of the villain has even caused a lot of controversy on the Internet.

In order to save clansman from birth to death, clansman expelled him because of his innocent killing. In the end, the protagonist put a Ulti outside the clansman’s residence. The end of the plot is undoubtedly that the protagonist finally killed all. Clansman, the one who once liked pranks and graffiti, and the rebellious kid in Clansman’s eyes is gone forever.

Some people think that the protagonist is cruel and ruthless, and others think that the protagonist’s approach is very popular, and it also triggered a big discussion about morality.

Although it caused a lot of controversy, the choice of the two routes of good and evil is inherently contradictory, and this is exactly what the game hopes to achieve-so that the game itself can trigger some thinking of players.

On the Moyu Streaming Platform, Zou Zhuo and Lin Xue 2 were playing “PUBG” while talking about the plot of “Infamous Second Son”.

Zou Zhuo argue with the courage of one’s convictions: “It must be better to be a good person. Although it is a bit false, people are still social animals and need clansman’s approval. Otherwise, even if you conquer the whole world, what will happen if the people betray their relatives? significance?”

Lin Xue asked: “Have you played the end of the villain?”

Zou Zhuo righteously said: “No play! I am a kind person, I will not kill the innocent indiscriminately to take the wicked route!”

Lin Xue reminded: “The villain route will become a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship with the neon-powered girl, and will also do shame on the rooftop. Of course, players will not experience the shame, but they can kiss and Hug, you can also touch it casually, tsk tsk tsk feel…”

Zou Zhuo: “… Really? Then you continue to play, I will go to experience the villain line first.”

As a result, tone barely fell and I heard Zou Zhuo’s voice suddenly become frightened.

“Hey? Wife, when did you come? Wife, listen to me explain, ah!!”

Little Fatty’s Live Stream Room suddenly went blank, and the screams continued for a long time…

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