Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1171

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Capital City, an Internet Cafe.

A unkempt youngster came out of the Internet Cafe, just in front of the rising sun.

He yawned and forced the overnight sleepiness to go back. Now he needed to go back to the bed of the rental house and sleep well.

Suddenly, he seemed to remember something, ran back to the Internet Cafe to find his computer, and took the small half pack of cigarettes forgotten by the keyboard.

“No smoke, just battle strength, but it’s about to be halved.”

Youngster went out again.

This is an Internet Cafe, Matrix game cabin and computer equipment account for half of each, which is very rare in Capital City.

After all, vr equipment has developed so rapidly in recent years, and prices have dropped again and again, and the market share of pc games has been repeatedly squeezed.

Many people say that the day before pc becomes office equipment completely is not far.

Many posters are posted on the walls of Internet Cafe. Although this relatively backward method of publicity is about to be eliminated, it still exists widely in some Internet Cafes.

Some nostalgic players still like this traditional way of publicity.

“Together with NRG, prepare for S8!”

“The pubg global invitation tournament is about to start, come to Moyu Live Stream and watch jadempQin An climb to the top of the gods!”

“Thunderbolt Studio new tour is coming soon!”

“Oasis” will open version 2.0 soon, more exciting content, all in Matrix Gaming Platform!”

Youngster everyday all come to this Internet Cafe, these posters have naturally been seen countless times.

Although the PC game has been continuously going downhill, people have always said that “League of Legends” is going to be cold or cold, but the strange thing is that the game has always continued inexplicably, and the focus of the World Finals has not decreased but increased.

Many players no longer go to match games or ranking, but only go online when special events are open, but this does not affect their enthusiasm for watching the game.

Although the popularity of “PUBG” has declined, the world competition has gradually been on the right track. Under the tempering of Ladder of Gods, the domestic team headed by Qin An has performed extremely strongly in international competitions and has won countless glory.

“It is also impossible to play games, why is he so good…”

Youngster is a bit helpless. Qin An’s story has been promoted by various game media for many rounds. Everyone knows that the world’s strongest player of “PUBG” was killed from an unknown Internet Cafe in Capital City. The spirit of staying partitioned, eating instant noodles and insisting on surfing the internet inspired countless Net Addict Youngster and brought them to the Road of No Return of E-Sports.

However, this youngster cannot learn Qin An because he is poorer than Qin An.

Qin An can afford vrInternet Cafe anyway, he can only play in the pc area…

Can only say, life…

“Jiang Huan, give.”

Youngster was just going out, and the Internet cafe Boss Zhuo Yao, who was calculating the bill, handed over a leaflet.

“Huh? What is this?”

Jiang Huan reached out and took it, the flyer said: “Thunderbolt Games professional demo player, hot recruitment!”

Jiang Huan subconsciously wanted to throw the leaflet: “Sister Zhuo Yao, don’t pit me, Thunderbolt Studio is such a big company, can you make a leaflet recruitment?”

Zhuo Yao laughed: “Why can’t we? It’s because we have a relationship between Internet Cafe and Thunderbolt Studio, so it’s weird to help promote it. You are not sure if you are a sister, how can I pit you. If you don’t believe it, Go to the Thunderbolt Studio official website to see for yourself, there is really this recruitment plan.”

Jiang Huan suddenly thought of a rumor and asked in a low voice: “Sister Zhuo Yao, it is said that Chen Mo really came to you to play games?”

Zhuo Yao came to the spirit at that time: “What is said to be true, that is true! Did I commit a lie to you? You just came to Capital City this year, you don’t know, I thought his Experience Store was right there in the street. Head, when you first opened the door, it was called deserted…”

Jiang Huan felt a bit bad. Zhuo Yao couldn’t stop it at the beginning, and quickly said: “Okay, my sister understood Zhuo Yao, please keep busy, I’ll go first!”

Coming out of the Internet Cafe, Jiang Huan walked to the rental house while reading the contents of the flyer.

“Professional game tester…”

“To conduct a comprehensive medical examination, you must meet the corresponding health standards, have a strong psychological quality and an excellent response…”

“Monthly salary, basic salary 110000 2 per month…according to the performance in the game…hiss…”

Jiang Huan was tempted at the time.

In fact, Zhuo Yao also persuaded him quite a few times, let him quickly find a decent job, don’t always spend the Internet Cafe all day, just pointing at the part-time money, can’t survive in Capital City.

Zhuo Yao also said that after all, like Qin An is a special case, if you can kill it from Ladder of Gods, you must first have the innate talent in ten-thousand does not have one game, it looks very inspirational, in fact it is all poisonous chicken soup.

I don’t know how many Net Addict Youngsters have lost their youth in the Internet Cafe, and finally ended up sadly.

Jiang Huan also knows that as Internet Cafe Boss can persuade himself so much, Zhuo Yao is really thinking about himself.

Jiang Huan is also very entangled, because he does not seem to have any particularly good game innate talent in PC games, nor does he have a good eloquence like many anchors. It is also difficult to take the anchor.

“If you can really become a game tester, it seems pretty good.” Jiang Huan said to himself.

Jiang Huan had heard before that the testers of Thunderbolt Games are completely different from the testers of other companies.

The testers of other game companies are basically drudgery, just responsible for finding bugs, bugs, and design problems in the game. You must play the game 100 times and 1000 times according to the test cases to find various corners and corners. The problem.

You don’t need to have high game innate talent, the key depends on whether you are careful enough and practical enough.

But Thunderbolt Studio’s games are different, because Chen Mo’s games have never had bugs or design flaws.

After the game is made, it basically doesn’t need to be tested or modified.

What are the testers recruited by Thunderbolt Studio?

It is a real game test, experience the game as a hardcore player, put forward some opinions and suggestions, test whether the difficulty of the game is reasonable, and so on.

In other words, the testers of Thunderbolt Studio are all Peak players. They directly determine the upper limit of a game. If these testers find it difficult, then Chen Mo will lower the difficulty.

Moreover, these testers have a more high-end task, which is to try some highly immersive VR games and experience the most cutting-edge technology in the Matrix game cabin.

The development of the next-generation vr technology is far from over. The Matrix game cabin has allowed players to enter one crazy and bizarre game world for adventure, but the high degree of immersion will also bring some risks to players.

This equivalent to is an attempt, even an experiment. It is definitely not possible to sell these games directly. They must be tested by these testers and confirmed that there is no problem before they can be added to “Oasis”.

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