Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1172

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After calling to make an appointment, Jiang Huan arrived at Thunderbolt Studio headquarters on time.

“This building is really big…”

Jiang Huan looked up at the building called “Thunderbolt Top Ball” and said that this place is so grand. I feel that if I work here, I can blow for 3 years. When the time comes to send a circle of friends every day.

If you can’t send a circle of friends in a circle of friends, you can publish the sky of Capital City, and then take the “Thunderbolt Studio” building by the way, and then add a sentence, such as: “Go to work and punch! Today’s capital city is blue what!”

As for when the sky of Capital City is blue… This is easy to say, as long as Capital City meets, the sky will definitely be blue.

In fact, after a long time in Capital City, you will know that there are still many times when there are blue sky and white clouds in Capital City, not every day is haze.

Jiang Huan waited for a while at the door, watching various players people coming, people going to the first floor, just like shopping in the mall, very envious.

After waiting for 5 minutes, the person in charge came.

This is Zhou Peng, an employee of the Thunderbolt Studio test group. Jiang Huan had already talked to him on the phone before and talked about it.

After seeing the real person, Jiang Huan was still a little surprised, because this Zhou Peng is directly short-sleeved pants, except for the badge with Thunderbolt Studio hanging on the chest, it is completely invisible from the costume that it is coming to work, but it is more like a Students or ordinary tourists.

But this also made Jiang Huan feel a lot more comfortable, because he is also wearing a T-shirt and jeans.

Some companies especially like to let employees wear formal attire. It is enough to say that companies in finance and public relations require this, and some companies that cannot to make head or tail of it do so, which makes Jiang Huan feel speechless. However, Thunderbolt Studio is a gaming company after all, and it is obviously more relaxed in this respect.

Moreover, Zhou Peng is completely unscrupulous, with a smile on his face, just like an ordinary good friend or Senior, which makes Jiang Huan naturally have a kind of intimate feeling.

“Come on, here.”

Zhou Peng led the way while chatting with Jiang Huan.

The building of Thunderbolt Studio headquarters has a dedicated staff elevator that can directly reach the office area, which is separate from the player’s experience area.

Along the way, Jiang Huan saw more Thunderbolt Studio employees, all young and beautiful little brother elder sister, and each and everyone dressed up very spirited, and they looked very happy.

“This working environment is really comfortable. I want to work here, and I am also happy.” Jiang Huan thought to himself.

Jiang Huan, the legend inside Thunderbolt Studio, has also heard a lot. One of them is that the happiness index of Thunderbolt Studio employees is very high, because working here can get a high salary and do what you like.

And here is not as often as overtime work in other game companies, so everyone has a richer private life, there is time, energy to pamper yourself, dress yourself up very spirited, beautiful.

Of course, not everyone is the same, and there are some employees who do not have trims, but these people are often big bosses that are deeply hidden…

Basically, Peak talents from the game industry of the whole country and even the whole world are gathered in this building. If you are very clear about the outstanding domestic Designers and like a few treasures, then you may find a lot of opportunities to sign when you come here.

Jiang Huan doesn’t know so many well-known Designers, but just feels that the to-and-fro people and everyone are very high-end, and I envy them.

Zhou Peng took him all the way to the special test area.

Each and everyone is a spacious work station with a high-end computer for office use, and next to it is the top Matrix game cabin. Some testers experience the game in the game cabin, some hit the keyboard in front of the computer, probably recording various test data.

Zhou Peng led Jiang Huan all the way in: “Is the medical report with you? Come to me, and then do a simple check here.”

Before coming, I was asked to bring my own medical report. Jiang Huan had already gone to a large hospital for a medical check-up, but I still had to do some in-depth inspections when I came.

“There may be some slight discomfort during the inspection, but you can rest assured that it will not have any impact on your health. If you feel uncomfortable during the process, you can stop at any time.” Zhou Peng reminded.

Jiang Huan came to a special game cabin, this game cabin is silver, never seen on the market.

After lying down, the door closed and Jiang Huan went to sleep.

not at all Enter a certain game world, but it seems to have experienced a long dream. This dream is not too good. Sometimes it makes people happy, sometimes it makes people angry, sometimes it makes people fear…

I have experienced many complex emotions, but after waking up, I can’t remember the contents of dreams.

In the process of dreaming, Jiang Huan is conscious. Although he feels a little uncomfortable, he also does not at all have the idea to stop.

Jiang Huan has heard that Thunderbolt Studio recruits testers to have their own unique standards, and the specifics of this standard have always been kept secret. It’s just one thing that is clear. Overwhelming majority of applicants have been brushed down in-depth testing.

It sounds like a medical examination for pilots. Very few people can pass, but the specific rules are completely different. Although it is not as comprehensive as the pilot medical examination requirements, it seems to have very strict requirements for certain special aspects, especially consciousness.

After coming out of the game cabin, Jiang Huan was taken to the reception room, waiting with some anxiety.

A moment later, Zhou Peng pushed the door in, with a smile on his face.

“Congratulations, the test passed.”

“If you want, you can start a one-month trial period, during which we will arrange for you to test some games, the salary is paid at 80% of the official salary. But one thing to remind you, we may arrange for you to test some relative’ Extreme games, you have to be mentally prepared.”

“And during this period, if you can’t complete the job requirements, the trial period will be terminated at any time.”

Jiang Huan was a little surprised: “Okay, but I want to say… Is it so simple? Do you really need to do some written interviews or something?”

Zhou Peng laughed: “No, because the previous test has tested many aspects. Maybe you don’t know that the pass rate of this test is less than 15%, so everyone who can pass the test is very good for us. It’s precious and doesn’t need any extra written or interview.”

Jiang Huan was very happy: “Of course it is good, then I will come to work tomorrow?”

Zhou Peng nodded: “Of course. There will be colleagues from the hr department to sign the contract with you, which is a formal process. Our normal working hours are from 10 Points to 7 PM, if 8 to 10 Points in the morning. There will be free staff breakfast, and it’s OK if you want to come early.”

Jiang Huan nodded: “Okay, I am understood!”

Zhou Peng said: “Remember when the time comes to bring the badge, and then enter the fingerprint, the staff area of ​​the whole building basically need to swipe the fingerprint to open the door.”

Zhou Peng also urged some precautions, Jiang Huan all one after another remember.

All arrangements are almost the same, just wait for hr to come and sign the contract.

Jiang Huan asked again: “Then, our daily job is to test the game, what is the main content to be tested? Will someone teach me when this time comes?”

Zhou Peng laughed: “No need to teach. We mainly evaluate whether the latest games have a bad impact on the player’s psychology, especially… the fear value. So play carefully and record carefully, some relevant data will be automatically generated. “

“Fear value? Are we going to test the horror game?” Jiang Huan asked.

Zhou Peng’s nodded: “Yes, horror games are a very important part, but not all. What we are going to test is mainly “experience” games. Anything that can cause the player’s mood swings are listed here, touching, scary, Tormenting, etc. are more extreme experiences.”

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