Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1173

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On the first day of work, Jiang Huan was still a little embarrassed.

Because Zhou Peng told him before, the main job of the tester is to test those “experience” games, and a large part of them are horror games, that is, to stimulate various emotions of players in various ways to evaluate this game Whether it will have any adverse effects on ordinary players and whether it can be widely promoted.

If not, you may have to adjust the game accordingly.

However, Jiang Huan is not particularly worried about these things, because he feels that his psychological quality is still good, and he will not be scared by the horror game.

Moreover, since passing the special test, it means that you should be fine, after all, the pass rate of this test is only 15%.

After Jiang Huan was seated at the work station, Zhou Peng gave Jiang Huan a brief introduction to the basic process of work, and then went to do his own work.

Simply put, it is to enter the game cabin to experience the game, and then the system will automatically generate the corresponding data. The tester didn’t just finish it, but also played N Zhoumu.

All these data will be automatically aggregated by the system, and the game will be automatically recorded throughout the game.

At the same time, the system will screen out some parts of the tester’s emotional fluctuations or abnormal mood changes (that is, there is a discrepancy with the artificial intelligence system). The tester should indicate his thoughts and feelings at that time, if he feels that the design is unreasonable , Just write what you think is wrong.

It seems to be quite simple work, but during this month’s trial period, the artificial intelligence system and other experienced testers will check Jiang Huan’s work to see if it can meet the requirements.

And this job is not to say that you have to be serious enough. Seriousness is only one aspect, and more importantly, it is different from others.

Because the selected testers are basically different types of people, the psychological qualities have nothing common with each other, some are not cold in horror games, some are more sensitive to some touching plots, and some are slight Character defects…

That is to say, the testers represent different representative personalities. The testers of the same type do not need so many, so whether they can show different characteristics from other testers is the key to deciding whether to stay.

As for what this quality is, it must be discovered in the work.

Jiang Huan checked it on the computer, all the test procedures were normal, and lay in the game cabin with some anxiety.

This is not the first time he has entered the game cabin, but he does not play VR games too often because of poverty.

“So the game to try this week is…”Resident Evil”?”

“Sure enough it sounds like a horror game, but it should not be difficult for me.”

Jiang Huan is not blindly confident, mainly because he knows that he is a slow-acting person.

Not only the feeling of fear, but also very slow to other feelings, such as watching a very touching movie, the whole movie theater cried rustling sound, and he was confused at the same time; watching a drama, everyone else laughed forward and backward, Just look at him, and wait.

Watching horror movies is the same. Even if it is a kind of open horror plot that is recognized as horror, many people are scared and screaming, he doesn’t feel much.

This unresponsiveness caused him a lot of trouble. For example, one of his former girlfriends said that he was “cold and ruthless”, not like a living person. However, Jiang Huan thinks this is not at worst. Why should everyone be emotional?

But think about it, maybe this is one of the reasons why he was selected as a tester.

After entering the game, the first is a simple cutscenes.

It’s the usual routine of horror games. The wife is missing. The husband came to an abandoned farm in the wilderness in order to find his wife and drive himself in danger.

Three years ago, the protagonist Ethan’s wife Mia disappeared bizarrely, 3 a year later Ethan received an email, Mia asked him to come to pick her up at the Baker Farm in Louisiana, and the protagonist came here with no return.

Stopping, stopping, and getting off, Jiang Huan found that he had gained control of the body.

Jiang Huan looked down at the body of the protagonist Ethan, it was still strong. The pockets all over the body were digged out, and only Mia’s email and two people took a group photo.

Jiang Huan received the mail again and began to move forward.

Since it is to be tested, it must be played carefully and carefully, otherwise it will not be tested.

The vegetation around this farm is very lush and overgrown, and Insect Cry is a little irritating. And whether it is trees or weeds show a strange yellow, as if growing in a very unhealthy way.

I saw the iron gate of the farm from afar, but it was locked and could not be opened.

Jiang Huan was still a little hesitant to press the doorbell for death, but after pressing it, there was no sound, obviously it was broken.

I looked up at the iron fence, and the iron fence was pulled over the already high iron fence. It had to be nearly 3 meters high. It was a fool’s dream to turn it over.

Jiang Huan roughly felt that his body is indeed stronger than the ordinary person, but it is still a fool’s dream to cross this iron fence.

“Basic routines, there will definitely be small roads.”

Jiang Huan knows that horror games like to play this hand. It is absolutely impossible to let players enter from the main entrance generously. It must be 7 turns and 8 walks around the road. It is best to drill one or two dog holes in advance. A bit of atmosphere.

Jiang Huan looked aside, and found a small path between trees. After walking to the end, he found an abandoned white van with a gap.


Jiang Huan opened the van door and searched for any valuable things inside.

A friend has always been saying that Jiang Huan is a patient with obsessive-compulsive disorder. In fact, this is not appropriate. Jiang Huan is just a collector. He likes to collect all the collection elements no matter what game he plays, and even hesitates to put a game liver Over a dozen times.

All sub-era VR games have a special option called [Key Item Tips]. When this option is turned on, some props related to the plot will be highlighted. If turned off, it will be exactly the same as the ordinary props in the scene.

For example, this plan book that Jiang Huan found in the van.

He didn’t open this option, so at first glance this plan book was randomly placed on the seat of the van like a piece of waste paper, but when he picked it up, some information appeared on it.

“Program planning book-sneak into a haunted house in Louisiana.”

Jiang Huan opened the plan book and turned it over. There are really a lot of content written on it. A TV program wants to sneak into a haunted house shooting program in Louisiana. Even the route exploration, camera shooting, related promotional content, etc. have been planned. Too.

“A haunted house in Louisiana? That’s not right here.”

Jiang Huan looked at the abandoned 3 tripod next to the van, which was obviously for the camera. I just don’t know why it was thrown here, presumably because the cameraman carried the camera in, and I didn’t need this 3 tripod?

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