Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1174

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Jiang Huan tried to raise this dirty 3 tripod to see if it could be used as a weapon.

Obviously not.

This three-corner stand is very high, about 3 meters away, and it is the kind of camera bracket, so it is very heavy, and it is more difficult to carry, let alone use it as a weapon.

And after such a long time of wind and rain, the three legs of this thing have been rusted, and it is a fool’s dream to want to remove it.

Jiang Huan studied the van again, and it seems to have been hit by wind and rain. Some debris in the car and the tripod on the outside of the car all hinted at the fact that the person in the car never came out after entering.

Assuming these people come out, then even if they take another exit, they must drive the car back. But now the car is thrown here and abandoned, everything is still in the state of those people leaving, this matter itself is very strange.

“Normal people find that this situation should return early and call the police, right? But as a player, you still have to continue to move forward.”

Jiang Huan talked quietly. Obviously this was just the beginning. He was already madly suggesting the protagonist’s fate, but he couldn’t help but retreat. This was very painful.

There is a gap in the iron fence in front. Jiang Huan drilled through the gap and walked forward to the knee-weeds. After 7 turns and 8 turns, he came to a special “gate”.

Many rotten cows’ legs were tied up by ropes and became a weird shape of the sun. There was an Alisar bone in the center, which looked like some kind of evil ceremony.

Just near this place, Jiang Huan smelled a stench. Although the taste system of the Matrix game cabin has been weakened, it still makes people sick.

Jiang Huan held his breath, squatted down and drilled past, and waved away the flies around.

“It’s getting too much.”

Continue to go forward, there is a pile of burned garbage in front, and a half-burned women’s shoulder bag is particularly eye-catching.

Jiang Huan picked up the satchel and found that there was a Mia driver’s license and some broken clothes.

These torn clothes all carry a smell, and torn, only this driver’s license is a little worth, proving that Mia should indeed be in this farm.

Continue to go inside, and finally came to the backyard of the house.

This should be the farmer’s residence, but there is no sign of human habitation at all, and it is all ruined. There is also Qiu 1000 and benches in the backyard, but the paint on them has been completely peeled off, showing a kind of ash-gray. Crazy-growing vine plants covered the house, and pieces of wood were nailed to the house to repair it, and it looked very unattractive.

“Anyone who can live here is definitely not a normal person. I feel like I still have to find a guy self-protection.”

“This actor is really true. You were born in a lighthouse country. Shouldn’t it be an innate talent with a gun? Human rights, you don’t even need a gun. Isn’t it too much if you don’t have a dagger capital?”

Jiang Huan vomited while in the vicinity to find if there was anything that could be used as a weapon.

Although Jiang Huan does not play much VR games of this era, he still understands many game features.

Now the new VR games of the next era are pursuing the “perfect combination of freedom and plot story”, and players have more and more choices.

Like previous games limited by hardware performance and technology, in order to allow players to experience the most extreme experience, the process is often relatively fixed, such as “Uncharted” and “The Last of Us”.

However, with the development of VR technology in the next era, these new games encourage players to adopt a variety of different ways to play games, rather than sticking to the official set line.

For example, you can use your ingenuity to make weapons in the game, such as dismantling a broken stool and use it to fight monsters. The various props in the scene are no longer just a set, they can also be used as waste.

As a result, Jiang Huan looked around in the yard, and really didn’t find anything that could be used as a weapon.

It may be that the wooden boards on the wall of the house can be removed and used for waste, but these wooden boards have been a little bit decayed after such a long time of wind, rain and moths. This hardness is really not good. It is better to meet ordinary people than direct. Fist fist, meet the perverted monster This small board can only play some funny role.

“The road is one foot tall and the magic is one foot tall. It seems that SILENT has no intention of letting players get anything to fight in this yard. Then go ahead.”

Jiang Huan entered the house, and the surroundings soon became dark.

Most of the windows have been sealed off by wooden planks, and only a little sunlight penetrates, and the moment never seen the daylight. Fortunately, the actor has the “nuclear flashlight” necessary for the horror game, so he will not go dark.

Came to a place like a restaurant, Jiang Huan was once again hit by the 3rd-layer of sight, touch and smell.

In the pot on the table is a squishy thing, the large intestine and internal organs can be seen vaguely, and it is full of oversized cockroaches. As soon as the lid was opened, this disgusting odor directly smoked Jiang Huan enough. Many cockroaches crawled up his hand while taking advantage of this trend. This touch of send cold shivers down one’s spine made Jiang Huan directly put the pot Guy threw it aside, then shook his hand desperately to throw away the insect.

After calming down, Jiang Huan took the pot lid in his hand, considering that the thing was metal anyway, and could barely be used as a shield.

The microwave oven and the refrigerator are rotten food. The 3 strange smells mixed together made this room a bit impossible to stay. Jiang Huan searched very quietly for the things that may be hidden in the house and came to the second floor.

Here, Jiang Huan found a video tape with a button, but nothing happened after pressing it.

There are a lot of doors in the house that cannot be opened. Jiang Huan is very deadly kicking, but the feet are numb and the door is not kicked. It makes one wonder whether something behind is blocking it, or rather The protagonist’s strength is too small to kick.

Continue to walk into the house and come to a living room.

There is a TV and a VCR in the living room, which is obviously used to play video tapes.

Jiang Huan still searched the entire living room according to the previous habit before putting the video tape into the VCR.

In fact, once he discovered that there was a weird rod in the fireplace, but Jiang Huan still made every prop to the best of his habit. Because his goal is not to miss any key message, rather than plowing the plot.

Soon, the image appeared on the TV, and it was really the person in the van.

It seems that this is a group of three people who died, just to record a haunted house program, and the result stayed here forever.

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