Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1175

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These testers were still scared or slaughter all sides in the game, and their actions were recorded and uploaded.

Some people will check the status of their test games, and of course, Chen Mo will occasionally check it out.

At this time, Chen Mo is looking at Jiang Huan’s game screen.

The new tester was holding wire cutters in one hand and the lid in the other, and was walking out behind Mia.

I have to say that this scene is a little funny, because the wire cutters and the lid are not serious weapons and armor, but Chen Mo still wants to give this tester a wit.

Many people know that Thunderbolt Studio has dedicated game testers, but they don’t know why Chen Mo uses such strict standards to recruit testers.

Everyone thinks that these testers are used to test some extreme horror and bloody games, see if these games will have any negative impact on people’s mental health, and then decide whether this game can be released.

This is indeed one of the reasons, but it is not the only reason.

A more important role is that Chen Mo wants to see what unexpected things players will do in a game with a high degree of freedom, and whether the game itself can carry such “unexpected”.

In layman’s terms, it is to see whether the plot of this game can develop normally after giving players a high degree of freedom.

For example, now.

According to the design of “Resident Evil 7” in the previous life, Ethan had no weapons in his hands when he met Mia, and he had a wire cutter, but this wire cutter can only be used to cut the iron chain on the door. , Can not be used to fight.

As for the pot lid, it’s even more ripped. It can’t be used as an armor at all. It’s just a scene interactive content for disgusting players.

However, in the “Resident Evil 7” of VR of the next era, all items are given real physical attributes. Players can of course use the pot cover as an armor and the wire cutter as a weapon.

Although this lid cannot be reversed like “Dark Souls”, it is a metal product, but it is quite strong. It is okay to block it with a knife or two.

From the original defenseless to the current armor, the player’s battle strength can be said to have increased significantly, then the next battle will not necessarily develop according to the original plot.

Chen Mo does not want to see these testers play step by step, he wants to see these people use their intelligence as much as possible, to challenge the original “script”, and try to make the whole story develop in the direction of deviation, so that it can be measured How inclusive is this game.

Because players are increasingly dissatisfied with the step-by-step, planned game experience, they hope that they can use their ingenuity to rewrite the protagonist’s fate. Chen Mo is now continuously trying this aspect.

Jiang Huan showed excessive talent in this respect, so Chen Mo couldn’t help but pay more attention to him.


Mia and the protagonist Ethan originally wanted to escape from here. As a result, when they didn’t pay attention, Mia seemed to be captured.

Jiang Huan didn’t find where Mia was after searching for a long time, thinking that this was probably a plot kill, so she continued to search for the first aid with peace of mind.

And with the increasing number of props, the necessary 4 dimensional pockets in the game have appeared.

I have to say that this is a set bypelled by circumstances. If it is really according to the actual situation, Jiang Huan needs to take the wire cutters and take 2 large bottles of first aid medicine. There is no shoulder bag on his body. Where to put it…

Fortunately, these things can now be thrown into 4D pockets, and even things like pot lids picked up from the scene can be stuffed into the pockets, which is an improvement over the design of the “Bloodborne” period. .

It’s just that this 4-dimensional pocket also has a capacity limit, and the lid is quite occupied, so Jiang Huan has been holding it all the time.

Pushing a door open, there is a downward staircase in front of you, and you can’t see anything in the dark paint, but there is a very strange sound.

“Oh, so do I have to go forward again… Normal people will find this place strange when they hear it?”

Jiang Huan walked slowly down, and suddenly saw Mia get out of the ground with her feet on the ground.

The wife, who was gentle and pleasant before, suddenly changed her face, her face became bloated and exposed with blue tendons, like a body that had been soaked in water for a long time, her eyes were muddy, and her white teeth seemed to eat people. .

When Jiang Huan saw her, Mia suddenly rushed over, grabbed Jiang Huan, and threw him out!

Jiang Huan fell heavily on the ground, and just wanted to get up, he saw that Mia was already standing in front of herself.

With a loud scream, Mia brandished a sharp kitchen knife and spurted Spikeweed to Jiang Huan!

If the player does not carry anything in his hand, he can only use his arm to block the knife, and the plot in the original is indeed the case. The player’s palm will be pierced by the kitchen knife, mainly here to create a deep bone marrow Of fear.

But Jiang Huan now has a lid in his hand…

He held the lid directly in his left hand to block this blade, and then the right hand reached out the wire cutters, and looked at Mia’s head!

Mia was knocked a little bit stunned, but next time she threw herself up again, waving her kitchen knife just to stab Jiang Huan to death!

At this point, the protagonist played by Jiang Huan, Ethan, was already shouting: “Mia, wait a minute! You can calm down!”

If according to the original plot, the protagonist can only use his own hands to block the knife while retreating, but Jiang Huan simply didn’t intend to do so. The pliers knocked Mia’s head desperately.

The original plot was supposed to be Mia herself suddenly sober and knocked herself out, but this time it was knocked alive by Jiang Huan…

Until Mia fell to the ground, Jiang Huan missed a knife and was not injured at all.

Mia fell to the ground, as if she was dead, completely lost her life.

Jiang Huan said he didn’t believe it. I just didn’t believe it because of the battle strength just now.

So he silently picked up the kitchen knife Mia threw to the side, wondering how to make it safe.

Well now, the left hand pot cover right hand kitchen knife, the battle strength has also improved.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have equipment, just grab it from the enemy.

It’s just that this body gives people the feeling that most of them want to scam, what should we do?

Beheaded? Chop your hand? Poke the heart?

emmmm, it feels a bit cruel…

But when it came to this part, what was cruel or not, Jiang Huan raised the kitchen knife and stabbed it directly in Mia’s chest.

However, at this moment, Mia really defrauded, she instantly changed face under Jiang Huan’s eyelids, grabbed Jiang Huan and smashed it against the wall!

A disrepaired wooden wall was smashed into a big hole at the time, but even so, Jiang Huan still held the kitchen knife deadly and was thrown out without letting go.

According to the original plot, Mia should pull out the kitchen knife that was originally on the wall and chase it over. As a result, she saw that the hole inserted in the wall by the kitchen knife was still there, but the kitchen knife was missing…

Mia face looks sinister, but there is also a bit of coercion in the fierce…

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