Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1176

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Mia face looks sinister, baring fangs and brandishing claws rushed over.

However, there is no weapon in his hand, this sense of horror seems to be so bad…

Jiang Huan patted his butt and stood up, suddenly found that he had an axe in front of his right, and immediately picked it up.

According to the original plot, Mia was supposed to take the kitchen knife, and the player took the axe with passion, but now the kitchen knife is also taken by Jiang Huan…

Jiang Huan didn’t play the bells and whistles, just put the kitchen knife on the belt, then picked up the axe and moved towards Mia.

Mia has no weapons in her hand and can only baring fangs and brandishing claws to pinch Jiang Huan’s neck, but it’s so good…Jiang Huan held the pot lid high in her left hand, and Mia was pushed out as soon as she threw it. An axe was cut from the forehead.

While he was defenseless, he had a shield and an axe. This fighting style was a bit wrong at that time…

“Fuck, is your head so irony? I have knocked you so much, why is it the same as no one…”

Jiang Huan felt that Mia’s ability to fight was too strong. She hit her with the axe for several times. The normal person should be unconscious for 2 times. In the end, why is this girl still in the lively dragon and animated tiger field? Jump around…

But Jiang Huan doesn’t mind at all, anyway Mia can’t even touch him now, just hack to death.

Finally, with Jiang Huan slashing into Mia’s neck with an axe, the girl finally returned to normal, her face covered with amazement and shock, and fell down.

Jiang Huan pulled the axe out expressionlessly, without any fluctuation in his heart.

Watching Mia fall to the ground, blood flowing out and staining the floor, Jiang Huan was still wondering how to cut weeds and eliminate the roots.

Hmmm…should she cut off her head with an axe? You shouldn’t scam any more if you lose your head?

Just as Jiang Huan wondered what to do, a ringtone came from outside.

Jiang Huan is not in a hurry. According to common sense, if this call is really important, it will probably continue to ring. The most urgent task now is to quickly dispose of Mia, who can scam.

Jiang Huan lifted his axe directly, and it was a crazy operation against Mia’s neck.

To be honest, this scene is quite inhuman. If you get the Game Supervising Committee to estimate that the game will not pass the trial, but after all, the game has not been released, and no one can control how to play it in private.

Jiang Huan didn’t cut Mia’s neck by chopping it for several times, but the amount of bleeding was greater. It seems that Mia’s physical fitness after the mutation has been comprehensively enhanced, and even the ability to resist sharp devices has also been enhanced by several grades.

Jiang Huan felt a little tired of gasping for breath. The body was too strong and the axe was not sharp enough. Think about it, if you really want to scam, then cheat, at worst cut again…

The person who called was a sister named Zoe and told Jiang Huan to leave quickly. There was a way out in the attic.

When Jiang Huan walked back, he found that Mia’s body was gone.

There was a striking blood stain on the floor. At first glance, Mia stayed, as if to lure Jiang Huan to follow.

Jiang Huan originally wanted to make up for Mia in a decisive manner, but again thought, Mia had just cut it with an axe, and Mia was not dead. It can be seen that the plot is forcing her to continue her life. Even after catching up and cutting her down with an axe, there is still no way to make up.

So the top priority should be to quickly find any weapons with a larger formidable power, such as chainsaws…

Jiang Huan made another turn in the room, and Mia mysterious was missing, but the locker at the entrance can now be cut with a wire cutter, and there is a fuse inside. After connecting the fuse, you can press the switch in the attic and leave.

However, while Jiang Huan was on the way to the attic, Mia suddenly got out of the room next to her and grabbed Jiang Huan’s hand.

“Ethan! It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s me. I know you didn’t mean it…”

As a result, Miya’s words with Yan Yuesi were not finished yet. Jiang Huan’s axe had already passed her head…

Jiang Huan’s attitude is very clear, don’t give me all these bells and whistles, this is a horror game, I still have a number in my heart… I have been scammed by you for 3 times, and I still take you as a normal person. ?

Mia, who was originally and Yan Yue, was directly beaten by this axe, and the screwdriver hidden in the right hand fell to the ground.

This screwdriver was supposed to nail the player’s left hand to the wall, and now it is completely useless…

Mia immediately changed her face in the next second, but Mia is very fierce and now she has no weapons in her hand. It is inevitable that Jiang Huan will be madly exported to fancy hanging…

It felt like something was wrong while playing Mia, and he turned and ran to the storage room beside the attic stairs.

The door was locked when Jiang Huan passed by the storage room before, and it could not be opened, but now the door of the storage room has been opened and there is a chainsaw inside.

Originally according to the normal plot, Mia used a screwdriver to nail the player’s hand to the wall, and then calmly took a chainsaw to break the player’s hand. As a result, the screwdriver fell to the ground, and Mia ran over to force the chainsaw. Jiang Huan just Behind her ass…

Mia just wanted to get a chainsaw, Jiang Huan threw the lid of her left hand directly, reached out and grabbed her hair, and then the right hand’s axe shone in the neck and began to output frantically.

Axe! 2 Axe! 3 Axe!

Mia desperately wants to reach the chainsaw in front of her, but Jiang Huan grabbed her long hair with her left hand, and her right hand is still chopping non-stop.

Mia was cut short, and she was about to pinch Jiang Huan when she turned around. As a result, Jiang Huan flicked directly, and with a right hand push, Mia fluttered.

As a result, the positions of the two people were reversed…

Jiang Huan ran directly to the storage room, put the axe to his waist, and then picked up the chainsaw…

Mia is still empty-handed, and there are no weapons on the ground except for the pot lid thrown away by Jiang Huan.

The chainsaw in Jiang Huan’s hands started to work, making a pleasant vibrating sound, and quite a kind of shaving head Master got the ease of the electric fader.

He looked at Mia on the opposite side: “This thing should be able to saw your head down?”

Mia turned around and wanted to run. As a result, Jiang Huan directly caught up, and the chainsaw directly cut her shoulder!

Mia screamed in pain, after all, it was cut by a chainsaw, and the mutants will also hurt…

But screaming is useless. Jiang Huan is wondering from what angle to saw her into two and a half. It is better to feel that this game is really a horror game. Isn’t it a farming cool game?

The chainsaw started from Mia’s right shoulder and cut to the left rib, cutting her entire body into two ends, before Jiang Huan finally stopped.

Looking at the wife who has become 2 on the floor, Jiang Huan wondered, can’t this be a corpse anymore?

Isn’t it a bit unreasonable to cut it into this virtue and scam?

Jiang Huan checked the equipment in his hand. Both the axe and the kitchen knife should not be worn on the waist. With the chainsaw in his hand, the pot lid could be withdrawn from the historical stage.

After installing the fuse, you can go to the attic. If you follow the phone, you can find the way out from the attic.

On the table in the attic, Jiang Huan found a pistol and a box of ammunition. In fact, this gun originally left him to deal with Mia. As a result, Mia has now become 2 and was intercepted in the pool of blood. No need to move the gun. Now…

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