Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1177

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After killing Mia, Jiang Huan suddenly didn’t know what to do next.

However, while he was continuing his search, one hand suddenly caught Jiang Huan’s shoulder without warning!

Jiang Huan felt that his body was being reversed by a powerful force. He tilted his head subconsciously, and punched his ears with his big sandbag fists!

In front of him was a bald man with an old face. Although he was wearing Glasses, he was still face looks sinister, but he shouldn’t expect Jiang Huan to be able to avoid this fist, so he was a little ignorant for a while.

Jiang Huan remembers when he first met Mia, Mia said in horror: “father is here, we have to go quickly.”

That old man is mostly “daddy” in Mia’s mouth.

Isn’t this just…our own Sir Father? ? ?

The thoughts of Sao in Jiang Huan’s mind popped up one by one, and the Sao operation in his hand did not stop.

Sir Father threw a punch again, but Jiang Huan bowed his head hard and hid again.

Sir Father wants to continue, but Jiang Huan won’t sit still.

He had a chainsaw in his hand, but the distance between the two was so close that the chainsaw couldn’t be opened. In a hurry, Jiang Huan threw the chainsaw directly on the ground, and took out a pistol against his father-in-law’s head!


The distance between the two is very close, so Jiang Huan shot almost against his father-in-law’s temple. Imagined that the head may bloom and the brain sputum splashed, but this scene does not happen at all.

The bullet did penetrate the father-in-law’s head, but it only left a blood on it, staggering his figure, and the amount of bleeding was very small, almost making Jiang Huan doubt whether the gun in his hand was really true. Guy.

But judging from the recoil uploaded from the hand, this should be a real gun…

Obviously, my father-in-law has also mutated like Mia, and all aspects of life force and strength have been comprehensively enhanced, and it cannot be called human at all now.

But Jiang Huan didn’t panic either. Anyway, one shot didn’t work, so another shot…

Jiang Huan shot directly at his father-in-law’s head while walking forward. His father-in-law was beaten back staggeringly, but he was still standing side by side.

In fact, this gun was originally designed to deal with Mia, and Mia has a chainsaw in his hand. The player must keep a certain distance from Mia. Once he is close, he will be directly executed by the chainsaw, and Mia is moving. In the middle, it will continue to shake left and right, and the player will be inaccurate in a panic, so this terrifying atmosphere is easy to create.

When my father-in-law came out, he appeared directly behind the player and punched the player with a punch. After that, it was the plot.

But Jiang Huan’s reaction was too fast, his father-in-law didn’t even hit 2 punches, but gave him a chance to fight back…

If you use a gun against Mia with a chainsaw, you really can’t get close, but now your father-in-law 2 has empty hands, even if he is caught, he will not be seconds, so Jiang Huan shoots directly at close range continuously, all according to Sir Father Greet on the forehead.

However, even though his father-in-law’s head was about to be sifted by a pistol, he still did not suffer any fatal injuries. Instead, he grabbed Jiang Huan’s neck and threw him out!


“Well, this is what a horror game looks like…”

Although Jiang Huan used a pistol to madly output Sir Father, Sir Father’s blood was too thick.

Jiang Huan could pick up the chainsaw on the ground, but he felt that he couldn’t beat it even if he picked it up.

Obviously, Sir Father should basically be regarded as one of the strongest monsters in this game. It must not be able to be smoothed out with a few bullets and a chainsaw cut twice, otherwise how to play later in the game?

Even more how this place is very narrow, and it can’t be opened. Even if Jiang Huan picked up the chainsaw and sawed his father-in-law successfully, he would still die if he was approached.

Therefore, Jiang Huan is decisive, run first as a respect!

In fact, Jiang Huan’s inference is also completely correct. As the male master of the farm, Sir Father is indeed one of the most difficult bosses to deal with in the game. It can also be said that the newcomer persuaded him to repeatedly scam the corpse during the game. No, it is a key character that leaves the player with a psychological shadow.

But he also has a weakness, that is, his IQ is relatively low…

Horror games are like this, there is a pervert boss, there will definitely be peek-a-boo play, so Jiang Huan ran away, Sir Father chased over, 2 people started peek-a-boo.

Although the terrain of this place is not complicated, the walls are in disrepair, and the wooden walls are badly eroded. Before Mia threw Jiang Huan on the wall, he directly smashed a big hole, which shows that this place is already quite fragile.

Jiang Huan went around the circle with his father-in-law at this place. In fact, according to the normal process, this place originally allowed the player to go around the circle with Mia who had a chainsaw…

After 2 laps, Jiang Huan glanced at the opportunity, climbed the ladder directly, and pushed open the attic exit.

According to the normal process, Mia should have broken the player’s hand with a chainsaw, and then left. The player found the pistol and climbed the ladder to leave. However, Mia kicked the ladder with one foot, and the two people wrestled together…

But now Mia didn’t have time to break her hand, but instead was chopped by Jiang Huan, so the ladder was still leaning against it endlessly, and the exit could still be used.

Jiang Huan can’t care about that chainsaw now. Although the chainsaw is very easy to use, it is too heavy after all. Once it is overtaken by Sir Father, it will be over.

Soon, the roar of Sir Father came from below. Jiang Huan felt that the ladder under his feet had been taken by Sir Father. He looked at Sir Father to pull the ladder down.

However, Jiang Huan directly struggled to grab the edge of the exit, and then climbed out!

Sir Father jumped upright under his feet, but there was no way, because the ladder had been pulled down by him, and it was too late to get it up again. Father-in-law didn’t have any long-range weapons, he just grabbed an empty wine bottle beside him and threw it at Jiang Huan.

Jiang Huan felt that his back was firm and firm, but it didn’t hurt. He climbed out of the skylight in the attic.

This is also thanks to Essen’s better physical fitness. Otherwise, let the real Jiang Huan come over, and even this simple pull-up cannot be done, let alone fight with Mia and Sir Father.

Having said that, if the physical fitness is not bad, how could it be sawed and still alive. It can only be said that in order to allow players to fight monsters, Ethan’s physical fitness far exceeds ordinary person, but this also gives Jiang Huan a lot of room to play.

After climbing out of the attic exit, Jiang Huan came outside and didn’t have to worry about Sir Father chasing after a short time.

After I came out, I found out that there was thunder and thunder outside, and the rain was like rain.

The densely packed raindrops hit Jiang Huan’s body and instantly poured him through.

But with so many things happening, the body of Ethan controlled by Jiang Huan was unscathed, which is truly a miracle…

Not only that, but he also had a kitchen knife, an axe, a pistol with empty bullets, and supplies.

Jiang Huan is still thinking, is it possible to retreat now and get a branch ending?

Returning to the original road is very difficult, because the outside is dark, and the wind and rain intersect. Jiang Huan didn’t know where his father-in-law was, so he didn’t dare to turn on the flashlight, so he groped slowly, and walked out of the backyard by the occasional lightning.

As a result, when he walked to the entrance, there was a MMP in his heart. The entrance was sealed by a lot of disgusting black matter.

“So the game still has to be continued…It’s SILENT’s game, not at all gives me the option to quit halfway…”

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