Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1178

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Qian Kun looked at Jiang Huan’s First Person Perspective on the screen and said anxiously, “Store Manager, shall we call the police?”

Chen Mo was happy: “Alarm? Why alarm?”

Qian Kun pointed to the screen: “Is this guy a perverted murderer in reality? I couldn’t bear to look straight at him when he chopped Mia… If this video is seen by Game Supervising Committee people, it’s appropriate You can’t pass the trial…”

Chen Mo laughed: “No, you think about whether you hit an innocent passerby while playing GTA? Did you use tentacles to tear soldiers when playing Prototype? The environment of the game is completely different from reality, in this way In a horrible, bloody environment, you can only do this in order to survive.”

Qian Kun struggled for a long time: “Well… as if what you said makes sense…”

Chen Mo looked at the chart on another screen: “The game cabin has been monitoring his physical and mental state, and everything is normal.”

Qian Kun Tucao said: “It is because everything is normal until now, so it is not normal! Normal people can see such a scene so calm, is this reasonable?”

Chen Mo laughed: “So he is a very good tester, we recruit these testers, not to discover these’extraordinary natural talent’ people?”

Qian Kun thought about it for a while: “This is, for the “Super Player Plan”, he is a perfect collection object.”

Chen Mo stood up and stretched out: “I will have a meeting later, let’s go first. You remember to pay more attention to this Jiang Huan. In addition, strengthen the Mia at the beginning of the game flow and be It’s too unreasonable to beat it up suddenly.”

Qian Kun is speechless: “But Store Manager, Mia’s attribute is not weak anymore, other players are estimated to be abused to no avail, and this kid is so extraordinary natural talent …… Mainly because he is too calm, can Take Ethan’s physical fitness to the extreme, you can’t use his standards to measure other players…”

Chen Mo thought about it for a while.

“Then make a slightly floating dynamic difficulty. “Resident Evil” is a horror game, not a Farming Game or a suffering game.”

Qian Kun nodded: “It’s ok, leave it to me.”

Chen Mo stood up and walked to the Conference Hall.

At this time in the Conference Hall, several S-Rank Designers under Thunderbolt Studio are all available.

These Designers are mainly responsible for the update of “Oasis”, to continuously add a new game world to Oasis, each person has several classic IPs that are loved by players.

Although they do not yet know what the content of this meeting is, but since this meeting was personally explained by Chen Mo, the content of this meeting is definitely not trivial.

Chen Mo pushed in the door on time and came to the curtain after saying hello to the designers present.

The artificial intelligence Jarvis in Matrix Glasses automatically transfers the meeting content to the projection instrument.

The designers here are already familiar with Chen Mo’s style of acting. This Legendary Designer always works swift and decisive. At the meeting, he is good at throwing one after another shocking ideas in the ordinary tone, but often these ideas All quickly became reality.

So everyone’s tolerance for various “surprise” is already very high.

Chen Mo looked at the content on the curtain: “This time I will introduce you to the extraordinary player plan.”

The designers here all listened quietly. Although the name sounds like an experiment of an evil organization, it is still difficult to judge what its use is from the name alone.

As Chen Mo explained, Jarvis changed the content on the screen to make it easier for Designers to understand.

“Everyone should know that Thunderbolt Studio is currently recruiting game testers extensively to test the impact of some Client Game games on players, especially… horror games.”

“Everyone should know that the testers’ job is to test the strength and freedom of the game itself, and also to test whether some extreme emotions in the game will affect the player’s mental health.”

“However, this is not the ultimate goal. Our ultimate goal is this, the extraordinary player plan.”

“In short, super players are super players who surpass ordinary players. You may think that we recruit testers to’screen’ super players, right?”

“But in fact, it is far more than that.”

These Designers have some doubts. What can we do besides screening?

These testers are indeed some Peak players, but since their innate talent is so outstanding, it is naturally decided that this is a very rare group of people, an absolute minority.

Even if some players can be trained as such people, the number of people will not be too large, so the word “plan” will not be used.

Chen Mo laughed: “You guys didn’t expect? Then I give some tips, do you remember that we have a technology called conscious implantation.”

The Designers here are a little surprised and still puzzled.

Of course they all know what conscious implant technology is, and not only they, but players also know it. Consciousness implantation technology is that Matrix game cabin can implant some specific ideas or concepts into the minds of players, so as to naturally induce them to perform certain behaviors in the game, which is now a very common way of guidance.

Chen Mo explained: “At present, we generally use consciousness implantation technology as a guide for players. However, everyone also knows that consciousness implantation technology and consciousness acquisition technology are associated, and only after these consciousnesses are collected, can we Put them into the player’s mind.”

“There are some limitations in the past consciousness implantation technology, so we can only use it as a way of guidance. But you haven’t thought that the next stage of our consciousness acquisition technology and consciousness implantation technology will be What does it look like?”

“For example, Qin An, a professional player of “PUBG”, shows excellent innate talent in shooting games. If we can gather his consciousness in this area, we don’t need to collect all of it, only 50%, even 30%. , And then implanted in the mind of a rookie player, what will happen?”

“Or think more long-term and bolder, if we collect their consciousness among super players with different innate talent advantages, and then implant these consciousness into a suitable player’s mind…”

Chen Mo paused: “Then, we can create an existence that is close to the “God of the game”. Let every player experience the joy of the best expert in the game.”

“If you can succeed, then everyone has a chance to become a game genius, so I call this plan: the extraordinary player plan.”

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