Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1179

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The designers who were present looked at each other in blank dismay. Although they were psychologically prepared, the plan was still a bit difficult to accept…

A Designer raised his hand and asked: “Then… if this plan is really achieved, is there no difference between “League of Legends”? Then how can we distinguish between bronze and king players?”

Chen Mo laughed: “This plan will not introduce player confrontation games and competitive games for the time being. At the beginning, only stand-alone games will be introduced.”

Another Designer asked: “But in this way, the greatest value of this plan is difficult to realize. Although players are eager to become high-players or even professional players, this is based on a premise that 90% Players are all based on rookies. Without roosters, experts cannot be superior.”

“If you only introduce stand-alone games, is it not that different from fully reducing the difficulty of the game?”

Chen Mo shook his head: “The difference is of course great, because this system will only give you innate talent, but not directly give you strength. That is to say, when players just accept the implanted innate talent, they will feel the same difficulty as before. , But through his continuous efforts and practice, he can continue to become stronger until Peak, this process itself is a relatively long process, players can feel this change well.”

“To fully reduce the difficulty of the game, players will only feel that the monster is too weak, but increasing the player’s innate talent and raising the ceiling they can achieve can allow them to experience the happiness of expert.”

A Designer was silent for a moment, and said: “President Chen, I still think that this plan is a bit laborious and unsatisfactory? Overwhelming majority players have actually accepted the fact that they are rookies, let them experience the feeling of expert, will it Counterproductive in some ways…”

Chen Mo laughed, did not answer immediately.

He looked at everyone in the room: “What is the biggest injustice in life? Is it the family you were born in? Is it your appearance? Is it a policy of differential treatment? Is it luck?”

“No, the biggest injustice is the mind. Some people can start on the rich list from scratch, while some people even exhaust their minds and fail to pass a major university.”

“What is the biggest injustice in the game? How much is the money? Is it the time you spent in the game? This is of course also unfair, and the derivative of the game is the liver krypton game. However, the liver krypton game has gradually been used by players. What we have abandoned is that these two types of injustice are no longer mainstream.”

“Now, the biggest injustice in the game is talent. Everyone can work hard, but some people become Peak players after working hard, and some people still work as bronze 5 after working hard.”

“‘Become expert’, these four words seem simple, but in fact, they are very attractive to those rookie players.”

A Designer looking thoughtful: “President Chen means that through this system, every player can experience the process from suffering to farming in “Dark Souls”? Let everyone experience in “Outlast” The process from startling to parkour? If this is the case, it seems to be a very attractive plan for ordinary players…”

Chen Mo nodded: “You can understand that. But I want to emphasize that we are giving players is innate talent, not ready-made capabilities. Whether players can change from rookie to expert depends on whether they are willing to work hard . What we have to do is just to ensure that every effort of the player can be rewarded.”

“In essence, it is a complement to the player’s gaming experience.”

“Every effort has gained…” The designer who asked the question repeated this whisper, “It sounds a very tempting statement. But, is this thing equivalent to an official plug-in?”

Chen Mo shook his head: “Of course not. The two are essentially different.”

“A plug-in destroys the rules of the game and allows the player to reap without sowing. It does not make the player work hard, nor does it make the player a true expert. It is only equivalent to giving a gun to an ordinary person so that they can kill Martial. Arts Circle expert, but people who actually have guns can’t experience the feeling of Martial Arts Circle expert. This is a disruption to the gaming experience.”

“And what we have to do is to give each player the probability of being a Martial Arts Circle expert. Players need to work hard, and after the effort, he will become a real Martial Arts Circle expert, not a person with a gun. Players can still get The best gaming experience.”

Designer nodded asking questions: “I see.”

Chen Mo looked at the projection screen and the content above automatically changed: “The reason for telling everyone the extraordinary player plan is mainly to prepare for the future.”

“Awesome players plan to log on to stand-alone games, and also to some specific copies of “Oasis”. What we have to do is not to allow the game to affect the competition between players, but in certain single-player content In the game, every player can experience the joy of becoming stronger.”


After the meeting, Chen Mo returned to the monitoring room.

“How’s it going?” Chen Mo asked.

Qian Kun pointed very silently to the screen: “It has been played into a simple puzzle game.”

Chen Mo looked at the pictures on the screen and Jiang Huan was already searching for various puzzle-solving props to advance the plot.

The VR version of “Resident Evil 7” is actually more like a huge haunted house, there is no longer a fixed flow, but also not how to play.

Hidden in this huge haunted house are a variety of threatening enemies and various resources. Although players can jump from one scene to another with their ingenuity, in the final analysis, the elements of clues and exports remain unchanged.

For example, the key of a door is hidden in a specific location. If the player cannot find it, the door cannot be opened.

However, the puzzle-solving element of this game is still secondary, mainly horror.

But for people like Jiang Huan who can remain sane in extreme situations, this game is already equivalent to a pure puzzle game.

The horror game is mainly difficult for the player to feel above fear. When the player is in extreme fear, the action will be deformed, the observation power will decline, and the judgment will also be wrong. In this case, the difficulty of the horror game soars.

But if the player can predict what is going to happen next, or keep calm at all times, then the difficulty of this game will drop by several grades.

Qian Kun said with some concern: “Store Manager, if the extraordinary players are like him, can our horror game still be sold.”

Chen Mo laughed: “Who tells you that extraordinary players will be the same as him? The standards for extraordinary players are set by us. We just want to fill in the players’ shortcomings, and we don’t say that they will all become superhumans.”

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