Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1180

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“Store Manager! I have good news and a little worrying news, which one do you want to hear first!” Qian Kun asked.

Chen Mo did not raise his head: “Good news.”

Qian Kun: “The good news is that the extraordinary player mode is very popular, and it has even greatly increased the sales of “Resident Evil”. This game is now about to become the highest-selling horror game in history!”

“Oh.” Chen Mo didn’t care too much. “This is basic operation. What about the worrying news?”

Qian Kun: “Well, players strongly demand that the extraordinary player mode also be opened for competitive games such as “League of Legends” and “PUBG”…”

Chen Mo smiled: “What’s so worrying about this?”

Qian Kun said happily: “Don’t worry, Store Manager means you have a solution?”

Chen Mo nodded: “Yes, the solution is not to solve it. Don’t worry if you don’t solve it?”

Qian Kun: “…”

Chen Mo continues to be busy with his own affairs: “I have already said that this competitive game is not suitable for the extraordinary player mode, because this mode will affect the fairness of the game.”

Qian Kun scratched his head: “But, Store Manager, what did you say when you launched this model?’Innate talent’ is the biggest injustice between people?”

“Have I said this? Well, I seem to have said that.” Chen Mo laughed, “Relax, I will use the extraordinary player mode in online games, but not the existing online games.”

Qian Kun: “which? how?”

Chen Mo suspended his work: “The existing online games do not support the extraordinary player mode, mainly because the gameplay and structure have been finalized. For example, “League of Legends”, innate talent and effort are probably accounted for in this game respectively. 70% and 30%, innate talent accounts for too much.”

“Even many times, innate talent will affect your level of effort. You have been winning in a row and you are born to learn faster than others. Naturally, you like this game more and work harder. If you force this game to be an extraordinary player mode, Will induce many unbearable consequences.”

Qian Kun thought about it for a while: “Store Manager, do you mean to develop a new online game before you can make good use of the extraordinary player mode?”

Chen Mo nodded: “Yes, if you want to use this model in online games and let it affect the game experience of 1000000 order players, you must limit it and make a dynamic balance.”

“Like League of Legends, because the influence of innate talent accounts for too much, so forcibly joining the super player mode will cause the game to get out of control.”

“In the new game, innate talent can only be used as one aspect of the player’s attribute. The super player mode allows us to change the attributes of other aspects so that the players’ attributes reach a dynamic balance.”

Qian Kun frowned: “Dynamic balance?”

Chen Mo laughed: “Dynamic balance means that there may be an imbalance between players. We will add other attributes similar to innate talent, such as charm and luck, and then join the background (wealth that can be inherited and controlled), region, and regional characteristics. , Even the initial battle strength, etc., so that players who are not good at this can also fill in the short board, so that they will not be crushed to no avail.”

Qian Kun is confused: “But… doesn’t that mean the player All living things are equal?”

Chen Mo shook his head: “Of course not. Because the super player mode does not raise players into superhumans, it just pulls their shortcomings high, making them normal people or better people. Just like Zou Zhuo can “Resident Evil” through the extraordinary player mode, but he can never achieve the level of Jiang Huan.”

“Those talented players will still break through.”

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