Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1180

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“Chen Mo’s new work officially released! 》

“Named Resident Evil, the ultimate horror game experience! 》

“Chen Mo: This will be the first game with “special mode”! 》

On the day “Resident Evil” was released, the major game media all over the world immediately competed for coverage.

Players have also said that bother, please anchor first!

No one will forget the bad experience brought about by “Outlast” and “Silent Hill”. Even more how the current game is a second-generation VR, which is more than a traditional VR game…

Although the two games “Outlast” and “Silent Hill” have been reworked and scared a lot of old players, but after all, for many people, they are already familiar with the game process, and then play the remastered version. It would be so scary.

But this time is different. This game called “Resident Evil” is the latest product from Chen Mo. Everything in it is completely unknown.

This is not like watching a horror movie on a forced station. In the game, there is not even a high-powered monarch. It is absolutely trembling in fear every second.

Of course, players don’t play, but they love watching anchors play…


Moyu Streaming Platform, Zou Zhuo’s Live Stream Room.

Although I have long heard about the sound of the release of “Resident Evil”, Zou Zhuo did not at all choose pigeons, which makes many players feel very novel.

But this not at all inspired their compassion…

“Seeking Resident Evil!”

“Pray for “Resident Evil” at 12pm!”

Looking at all kinds of barrage, Zou Zhuo can only express very sadly that the fans are cheating!

But he didn’t panic much, because he had got the gossip from Chen Mo, what is the so-called “super player mode” of understood.

“Okay, good! “Resident Evil” is broadcast at 12 o’clock in the evening, and the words are counted! Wait a moment, I will enter the game immediately.”

Zou Zhuo hooked the “Super Player Mode” first, and then switched to the Live Stream screen after entering the game screen.

There were a lot of puzzled sounds floating in the barrage.

“Fuck? The chubby is so simple? It feels like a ghost!”

“Yeah, what’s the situation? It was agreed so simply? Not reasonable?”

“Little Fatty, are you possessed by what Evil Spirit?”

“Wu wu wu, if the chubby smashes you, if you are hijacked, you blink 3 times, and we will save you…”

Looking at the floating barrage, Zou Zhuo remain unmoved: “You can’t be like this, people will grow up. You always think I’m very counseling, but I want to tell you, it’s not like this at all, I’m actually very brave.”

“Well, I know you don’t believe it, it doesn’t matter, I will prove it to you!”

Zou Zhuo entered the game with confidence and started his own horror game journey.

The audience on the barrage happily chatted while watching Zou Zhuo play.

“Place your bets and hands off the table ah! Guess how long it can last for hours?”

“Hehe, how many hours? 20 minutes can’t be more!”

“Fuck, the atmosphere of this game is a little weird, how to say, it feels different from “Outlast” and “Silent Hill”.”

“Ahhhhhhh, scared my dad! This wife will change how she changes!”

“Fuck, chubby smashed and calmed down with a scream? This is not scientific at all!”

“What the hell, how did his marksmanship improve so fast, and it was still sparse when he first came in. Why did the marksmanship improve significantly after playing for half an hour?”

“How do you feel that today’s chubby is a bit wrong, is it too calm? Isn’t it just a fight! I strongly ask you to check the fish!

Players are wondering, what happened today?

As far as Zou Zhuo’s character is concerned, this is a proper counsel, how could it be possible to insist on playing “Resident Evil” for two hours at a time…

The main reason is that the game is really scary. Even the audience watching Live Stream is terrified. Zou Zhuo’s VR mode is so immersive that it is many times stronger than the audience. Even now it is still very calm? ?

Moreover, Little Fatty seems to have an online IQ, not an annoying anchor, and even marksmanship has improved…

So that everyone doubted, did Zou Zhuo hire a representative?

“Don’t lord Lord, don’t wrong me, these are all operations I personally hit!”

“As a big anchor for touching fish, I have professional qualities. It is impossible to do this kind of thing on behalf of me!”

“Aiya, these all are due to my hard work and progress, how do you look good?”

Zou Zhuo defended his mouth, but his heart was elated.

It turns out that playing games is so cool!

I feel like I have lived in vain for more than 20 years…

Zou Zhuo did understood some inside information from Chen Mo in advance, some insider information about the “super player mode”.

But he also only knows that this model will implant some awareness into the player, enhance their innate talent, so that they can experience the feeling of expert. It’s just how it feels, Zou Zhuo doesn’t know.

But I discovered after the experience, is this the feeling of expert? It’s just fluttering!

Zou Zhuo’s first feeling was not that the game became easier, but that he became stronger.

For example, when encountering some bridges that should be very scary, Zou Zhuo was also scared, but he quickly recovered his calm; and in some puzzle solving and fighting parts, Zou Zhuo’s mind became clearer Now, the game flow becomes very smooth.

Zou Zhuo can feel that the difficulty of the game has not changed, but he has become more powerful.

The second feeling is that I am a genius! I am progressing fast!

For example, Zou Zhuo’s marksmanship is actually not good. When playing “PUBG”, it serves as a Level 4 package all year round. When I first got the pistol in Resident Evil, Zou Zhuo’s marksmanship was also rotten and almost killed by Mia. However, after getting familiar with a few shots, Zou Zhuo suddenly found that his marksmanship seemed to be better?

Zou Zhuo can feel it by not relying on Mongolia or system support. It is indeed that his body has formed a muscle response in a short time, and the accuracy of shooting has been greatly improved.

This is the first time Zou Zhuo has experienced this kind of happiness, that is, to put forth efforts and then conquer a game.

So much so that he was obsessed with playing, unconsciously spent more than 2 hours in “Resident Evil”.

However, at this moment, a barrage pierced his secret ruthlessly: “Fuck! Little Fatty must have opened the extraordinary player mode! Otherwise, it is so powerful!”

The audience didn’t know what was going on, but more and more barrage brushed up.

Because Chen Mo not at all hyped up what the “super player mode” is, even after many players bought “Resident Evil”, they only noticed that there is such an option in the game.

Various barrage fluttered instantly: “Deceptive anchor! Unsubscribe!”

“Shameless, turn on super player mode! Turn off quickly!”

“We want to see you play in normal mode! How dare you scum!”

Zou Zhuo was angry at the time, what did he mean, who looked down upon him?

Now Zou Zhuo is quite inflated because he thinks the game “Resident Evil” is not difficult. Whether it is terror, battle or puzzle solving, it is completely within the acceptable range, even if the super player mode is cancelled?

“I’m telling you, you guys, just don’t expect me to be better than you! Is it so difficult to recognize others’ excellence?”

“Okay, okay, let you be convinced today, you are waiting.”

Zou Zhuo saved a file, and then returned to the main interface of the game, canceling the “super player mode”.

“Hmph, next I will prove to you that this model has not helped me at all. I rely on my talent and efforts to conquer this game!”

Zou Zhuo ambitiously read the archive and continue the game.

After 3 minutes, Zou Zhuo screamed loudly and gently, and then the Live Stream Room went blank…

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