Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1181

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Although Zou Zhuo is brave enough, at least he has completed his historical mission, which is to let many players understood the “super player mode” gameplay.

After all, his Live Stream Room has a few 1000000 viewers who clearly see what the status of this mode is when it is turned on and off, which is simply live advertising.

Many viewers are chatting in the Live Stream Room with a blank screen. They want to wait and see if Zou Zhuo will come back. The other side is also discussing this new model.

“Which big brother talks about what does this new model mean?”

“Same request!”

“Everything troubles us so much, wouldn’t you go check it yourself! “Resident Evil” wrote in the game introduction!”

“Forget it, let me explain it to everyone. It means that when this mode is turned on, the game cabin will implant some peak player’s innate talent and consciousness into your brain. Do you think that the marksmanship before Little Fatty is stable? Also calm A lot? Not at all annoying? These are all because of this model.”

“Damn, isn’t that the official cheat device?? Wouldn’t it be invincible for me to play “League of Legends” and eat chicken?”

“Wishful thinking …… At present, only single-player games support this mode, otherwise, those good innate talent players are not going to rebel?”

“To put it bluntly, this is to make all stand-alone players cool, it will not affect other players, but it will make you feel like playing high. And not to reduce the difficulty of the game, but to increase your upper limit, as long as you insist on playing this game, naturally The ground will become stronger.”

“…You succeeded in making me a horror game, okay, I’ll buy Resident Evil.”

Many players would not have bought the horror game “Resident Evil”, but when they heard this new model, they felt like they bought it for fun…

Most people dare not play horror games, but they are timid.

Speaking of poor technology? Then you can play with low difficulty. At most, it is to die a few times. After the backboard is familiar, how can you pass the customs? It’s just that the process of customs clearance is more tormenting, and most players will not experience much fun.

However, there are also some diehard players who like to play horror games. Obviously, they are different from other players in that they can have fun from horror games.

For this group of people, horror games can make their adrenaline surge and heartbeat speed up, allowing them to experience the thrill of extreme death and experience the extreme stimulation that is not felt in reality…

The fun of horror games is not just here, it can also test whether players can stay awake and sane in an emergency, and find key clues in a pile of useless information in a panic state to solve the mystery.

It’s just that whether the players can have these funs is basically something that has long been doomed. It’s not good for this bite, and no matter how much exercise is used.

However, with the extraordinary player mode, players no longer need to worry about being unsuitable for a certain game type as before.

Everyone sees a player like Zou Zhuo who can be calm at home, and he can calm down and face all kinds of difficulties in “Resident Evil”. Others are more confident…


Once the extraordinary player mode was launched, it immediately caused a strong response from players.

Only the first consensus reached by the players is: the use of anchors is strictly prohibited! !

The anchors are simply bitter in their hearts. Why bother you can use it, we can’t use it!

In fact, this is also quite reasonable, because the anchors’ Live Stream game is equivalent to performing talents for the audience, performing their own skills and innate talent. If you use the extraordinary player mode, who is your innate talent?

The audience will say that if you use the super player mode to play like this, it is really me to go to me, so why should I still watch your Live Stream? If you don’t open this mode, you can play well. That’s the real ability!

This view quickly became the consensus of the audience. Except for some beautiful and timid female anchors who can use the extraordinary player mode Live Stream “Resident Evil”, other male anchors will be sprayed without exception…

The anchors are simply bitter in their hearts. Many anchors simply do not broadcast Resident Evil. When they can’t start the broadcast, they secretly open the extraordinary player mode to experience the game. It’s enjoyable.

But for players, this mode is really fun.

In fact, Chen Mo’s original intention is like this, this model is for everyone to be cool, equivalent to is part of the game experience. As long as players limit this to stand-alone games, it doesn’t bother other players.

The launch of this model also produced an unexpected effect, that is, the sales of “Resident Evil” has skyrocketed.

The same horror game produced by Chen Mo, “Outlast” and “Silent Hill” are Renowned, and even can be said to be a household name.

Although these two games use completely different charging models and marketing strategies, in general, there are many people who know, but few people actually play. Even if “Silent Hill” adopted the strategy of “passing the game to send the game”, most people are still unmoved in the slightest, because everyone’s desire to survive is really strong…

However, judging from the current popularity and sales curve, “Resident Evil” sales exceeds the previous two works should be no suspense.

Of course, all this is due to this new game mode. When players try this mode, they will find that they are not so scared when they play horror games. They even seem to get a bit of where horror games are fun.

Affected by this, the sales of “Resident Evil” are increasing, and the discussion about this game has become a hot topic for players.


“Resident Evil” and the success of the extraordinary player mode, let many people see the broad prospects of this mode.

Its biggest meaning is that it can eliminate the barriers brought by the players’ “genius”, so that niche games are no longer niche, and players who have no confidence in themselves can dare to let go of those themselves in this mode. A type of game that you wouldn’t dare to touch.

The attempt of “Resident Evil” is just the beginning. In addition to horror games, there are many games that can use this mode, such as suffering games.

Even some original hard-core games can take this opportunity to expand to a group of players who were not very interested in the game, such as female players.

And this means that the game crowd will be further developed. Those players who are not interested in the game at all, after trying this mode, may also fall in love with the feeling of playing the game.

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