Am I A God? Chapter 1000

Zhao Xue touched the head of the sheriff while shaking his ears and listening to the movements not far away.

I saw YuanYuan’s cat’s claws slowly coming back from the claws of a super-powered cat, and the mouth made a smirk of laughter.

Zhao Xue snorted and asked the police chief: “Can you hear what he is thinking?”

Sergeant: “I can finally go back to eat KFC.”


Zhao Yao turned on the phone, saw the phone call from Zhao Xue, and picked up the phone: “Hey? Is this so? Don’t worry, you will continue to follow him. If you have any problems, please report it to me at any time.”

At the same time, the doorbell rang, Ningning, who was sitting at the front desk and playing with the mobile phone, looked up and looked at the person who came in at the entrance of the coffee shop. He was surprised: “Yang Hui? Are you coming again?”

Ning Ning looked curiously at the woman around Yang Hui. The woman wore ordinary shirts and jeans, but it gave a feeling of fashion and pure mixing.

Yang Hui nodded and looked at the cousin next to her and said: “This is my cousin Li Shuzhen, she wants to find a coffee shop to drink some coffee…”

Said, Yang Hui’s tone is full of doubts, can not help but look at the cousin.

Cousin Li Shuzheng has been an idol of Yang Hui since he was a child. He has been a schoolmaster since he was a child. The college entrance examination was admitted to Peking University. After graduation, he stayed in a large office in Beijing with excellent results. He became a department leader in less than 30 years. I also bought a small house in Beijing loan, which is called young and promising.

I heard that my cousin also awakened the apostle’s qualifications and owned her own super cat.

Yang Hui’s goal is to become an elite independent woman like Li Shuzhen. She is young and has a house with a cat.

However, shortly after the cousin returned to his hometown, he said that he would come out to drink coffee, and then took Yang Hui on the street for a while and strolled to the coffee shop where Ningning was working.

Li Shuzhen smiled at Ningning: “Hello, I am Yang Hui’s cousin Li Shuzhen.”

Ningning: “Hey… Hey, hello.”

After Li Shuzhen and Yang Hui ordered two cups of coffee, they sat down in the store. They had nothing to talk about, but Li Shuzhen’s eyes swept in and out of the store from time to time, and he stayed on Zhao Yao’s body many times. It seems to be watching.

Li Shuzhen: “The man has been lying here, is he the boss of this store?”

“Well, a disgusting dead man, I heard that he is lying in the store every day to sleep and play games.” Yang Hui nodded, remembering Zhao Yao’s last “wandering” performance, and there was some disgust in his eyes.

Li Shuzhen nodded and remembered what his boss had said in his mind.

‘You don’t have to know who he is, just know that he is important. ‘

‘Exactly your cousin has contacted him, this is a good opportunity. ‘

‘You also try to contact him, it is best to be a good friend with him. ‘

‘Right, this guy should be a otaku, you can start from this. ‘

Li Shuzhen’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he carefully observed Zhao Yao, who was checking the information on the Internet.

In front of Zhao Yao, in order to avoid being madly harassed after being recognized, he changed his face with strong physical fitness, ability to grasp the body, and Quick Regeneration ability. People can’t recognize that they are Zhao Yao. Identity.

Therefore, although Li Shuzhen carefully observed it, he did not recognize Zhao Yao’s identity. He only thought that this man’s dark circles were heavy, his clothes were plain, his appearance was flat, and he still gave people a sense of isolation. It was like that for several years. The same as the otaku who does not go out.

“This man, looking a bit honest, and lying in the store all day to sleep and play games, is it really a house man? That should not be difficult to deal with.”

Li Shuzhen thought for a moment and said to Ningning: “The coffee in this store is good, I went to the boss to talk.”

Ning Ning was surprised to see the cousin who stood up and walked over, and looked at the coffee in front of her: ‘Is this coffee good to drink? Ningning said that this is the cheapest instant coffee. ‘

Li Shuzhen has already sat next to Zhao Yao and smiled and said: “Is this the owner of this store? The coffee in your shop is very good.”

Zhao Yao looked up at the other side and continued to look at the cat’s information on the computer screen. He did not care about Li Shuzhen.

Li Shuzhen analyzed in his heart: ‘A general otaku and a beautiful woman like me will be embarrassed, right? But that would be a better temptation and control. ‘

Her eyes flashed through the color of self-confidence, and her eyes swept across the other’s screen: ‘Otaku, you can start with their hobbies first. ‘

Seeing a cat on the other side’s screen, Li Shuxiao said with a smile: “Do you like cats? I also have cats. It’s really good to be cute. I feel that life is inseparable from cats.”

Zhao Yao, who was not planning to manage money at all, suddenly raised his head and looked at Li Shuzhen and said, “Do you like cats too?”

“Yeah.” Li Shuzhen asked: “Do you have a cat?”

Looking at the cat information, I thought about how to get the alien cat’s Zhao Yao and said to the other person: “Do you have a cat? Are you interested in how to raise a cat?”

Looking at the other person’s eyes, Li Shuzhen said with some hesitation: “Is there a bit?”

“Hey, I haven’t met a young man like you for a long time. You are asking the right person.” When talking about the cat, Zhao Yao came to the interest and said: “The cat I have raised has two or three hundred. Whether it is kind, hardworking, honest, or wretched, embarrassing, and lazy, it will eventually become a sly kitten in my hand.”

Li Shuzhen secretly said: “Is the hobby really a cat? Then continue to close the relationship with him by talking to him…”

Zhao Yao said in the heart: “Is it a beautiful girl who is interested in raising cats? It is better to take her… and turn to the store to work.”

Li Shuxiao smiled and said: “You are a good boss, but our cat has never listened to me, and even let me hold it.”

Zhao Yao immediately said: “That is, the discipline is not in place, the cat must not be used to it, the hungry is hungry, the fight is to fight, you teach you a few ways…”

Looking at Zhao Yao, who is talking non-stop, Li Shuxiao nodded and smiled. “This guy… It’s a lot of words, like a man who talks about history and starts blowing. It can’t stop.”

“How?” Zhao Yao said after a while, watching Li Shuzhen say: “Do you understand?”

Li Shuzhen: “It is still a little difficult to fully understand. It seems more esoteric than I used to think.”

As she spoke, she was naturally closer to Zhao Yao, and the girl’s breath spit on Zhao Yao’s face.

She looked at Zhao Yao and said, “Boss, can you tell me more about the cats?”

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