Am I A God? Chapter 1001

‘A girl who is so interested in the cat’s way? It also looks much better than Ningning. ‘

Zhao Yao nodded happily. “I have a little bit of experience about raising cats, educating cats, punishing and rewarding, nutrition, and cat food making, cat thinking, and tricks.” I will simply talk about two things…”

After two hours…

Yang Hui looked at the mobile phone and looked at Zhao Yao, who was still in the distance. He said without words: “Isn’t you finished?”

She looked at the cousin who still smiled and looked at her interest. She said in her heart: “The cousin can listen for so long… Does she like this man? No?”

Li Shuqiang kept a smile and looked at him in front of him. He didn’t need him to answer Zhao Yao. He said in his heart: ‘This guy is finished… No, my face is laughing… He is going to collapse when he is so stunned… I have to stop him. ‘

In the distance, watching Zhao Yao and Li Shuzhen chat for more than two hours, Mocha said with a dignified look: “Zhao Yao should not look at this woman?”

Elizabeth said on the side: “For so many years, apart from Zhao Xue, have you seen Zhao Yao bring a woman home? I think… Zhao Yao may not like women at all.”

“But you can see Zhao Yao talking to this woman for so long. I have a feeling at first glance. He has never talked with a woman for so long.” Diana said on the side: “Call… know Zhao Yao’s After the sexual orientation is normal, I feel relieved, otherwise the cat is at risk.”

“Well! Well! Ah!” Mocha nodded and said, “Do you know that when I sleep on a bed with Zhao Yao every night, every time he turns around, I will be scared!”

the other side.

“Well? Have you just made a short break?” Zhao Yao narrowed his eyes and looked at Li Shuzhen and said, “Is it too boring?”

“No… No, the boss is very good at talking about it. I just heard it.” Li Shuzhen said with a cold sweat: “It’s five o’clock now, or else we will go out for a meal, let’s eat and say. I also want to hear more about your boss’s insights about raising cats.”

“Dining?” Zhao Yao frowned and looked at the phone and said, “No, I still have a lot of information about keeping cats. I don’t have time to go out to eat.”

“Ah?” Li Shu stunned and looked at Zhao Yao in front of him. He couldn’t find a channel in his heart: “Is this guy directly rejecting the invitation of this kind of beauty? Is there only a cat in his mind?”

Watching Zhao Yao turn around and continue to look at the information carefully, Li Shuzhen secretly said: “This guy is completely super-heavy cat control! Is this kind of person really heavy on the top?”

“But I won’t give up so easily.” Li Shuzheng: “From small to large, I solved all the difficulties step by step. After hard work and time, I have the present life, how can I lose to the cat.”

Li Shuzhen looked at Zhao Yao with a look at the prey, and said in his heart: “Look at me to completely conquer you.”

Li Shuxiao said to Zhao Yao with a smile: “If you don’t go out to eat, you can also take a takeaway.” So she plans to take a takeaway and then eat with Zhao Yao in the store.

Zhao Yao shook his head and said: “I plan to do some food when I am making a cat meal. I don’t need to ask for a takeaway.” He said that he looked at Li Shuzhen, and suddenly he said: “Yes, I just I told you that the feeding cat is balanced, and how do you listen to the cat cooking? Would you like to try it?”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! ! ‘

In the kitchen, Ningning said: “Boss, really don’t need me to do it?”

“No, I have a few new dishes to try, and it doesn’t matter here.” Zhao Yao looked at the side of Li Shuzhen and said: “By the way, let’s do it yourself, only the cat rice that contains your own love is the most. Good cat rice.”

Under the command of Zhao Yao, Li Shuyu, who cut vegetables, minced meat, and seasoned, looked at her eyes: ‘I am… what are you doing? ‘

Looking at the other party under their own command to finish the cat meal, Zhao Yao nodded and said: “Not bad, the first time I have achieved my six success, you are very talented to cook, there will be more time in the future Play and play.”

Then he introduced Li Shuzhen to the kitchen and then directed Diana: “Take Tom, Arya and Aceu to call them and let them taste the taste of this cat rice.”

Li Shuyu, who was introduced outside the kitchen, looked at the kitchen door silently. He said: “This guy…just just called me to make a cat meal? Shouldn’t he not like women at all?”

Seeing that the cousin came out, Yang Hui said: “Sister? You won’t like this man?”

Li Shuyi smiled slightly and said in disbelief: “Well… okay, I can’t talk about it, but the boss is pretty good.” She said in her heart: ‘This metamorphosis is only cats in the brain, just bring the cat next time. All right. ‘

On the other side, Zhao Yao looked at Ase, Arya, who was eating in front of him, and Tom, who was eating with Mocha, and asked, “How do you feel the taste? Is it suitable for the taste of the short Maozong?”

Seeing that several cats were satisfied with the start, Zhao Yao nodded. This is his improved taste according to the habits and animal species on the cat star.

Then he tried new squirrels on three cats, as well as Bridget catnip, funny cat, little mouse, cat scratch board and so on.

Watching the three cats catch the cat scratching board with catnips, Zhao Yao said in his heart: “The cat is really a cat. It seems that the culture of the cat is different, but many methods of the earth are still useful. The super cat over there should also like it.”

So the next day, Zhao Yao crossed the Space Gate and went to the cat slave hall to participate in the training.

But as he practiced, Blue Moon came to him and said, “Light feather, did you come yesterday?”


“Remember that you missed class once.” Blue Moon said: “If I have more than three times, I will propose to the instructor to expel you. I hope that you will cherish the opportunity of the cat slave temple.”

Zhao Yao reluctantly waved his hand and said, “I understand.”

At this moment, the black sand dunes went to the trainee slaves and said: “The cat slaves on the other side of the Mai Mai are not enough. The battlefield in the north also needs formal cat slaves. So the adults decided to let you train the cat slaves to take care of him. Living and eating…”

The black sand dunes have not been finished, and many cat slaves cheered excitedly.

Zhao Yao’s eyes are also slightly brighter: “Hey, look at my use of yesterday’s preparation to completely conquer this super cat.”

The group left the cat slave temple and came to the palace of Mai Mai.

Then I saw a large hall in the hall, and the public cats stood in rows and looked at the shadows in a distant tulle.

Zhao Yao stood at the end, picking up his feet and looking at the figure, his brow slightly wrinkled.

Thousands of black sand dunes said: “Mike Mai, the trainee cat slaves in the temple are all here.”

“Hey? My cat slave is so.” The tulle was pulled open, and a cute girl of fourteen and five years old came out and said with a sigh: “It looks useless.”

Zhao Yao looked at the little girl on the stage in surprise and asked the trainee cat slave to say: “She… she is Mai Mai? Why she…”

The person on the side said: “Do you not know? Mai Mai adults used the technique of reincarnation and reborn to the unborn baby.”

“Hey! I am so prepared for white!” Zhao Yao airway.

The trainee cat slave next to him wondered: “What happened to you?”

“Nothing.” Zhao Yao said with a sigh of relief: “He knows that after he became a person, there is no cat so cute!”

“Yeah.” The trainee cat slave next to him said with deep sympathy: “Why do you want to become a nasty little girl? I don’t know when the Mai Mai adult can turn into a cute cat again.”

Zhao Yao said in the heart: “Oh, if the cat becomes a little girl, what would it like? At least the taste of eating has completely changed. I have to think of a way to flicker and take me to learn skills.”

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