Am I A God? Chapter 1002

Zhao Yao looked at the wheat in the distance and looked at the lv28 on the other’s head. The eyes were full of thoughts.

Then he saw the virtual micro-microwave in front of him, and only the Space Gate he could see was directly in front of him.

“If a cat turns into a little girl, the body becomes a little girl’s body. The feelings, tastes, and touches will definitely be different. It feels different. If the time is long, then the preferences will naturally be different, but there may be some habits. Keep it.โ€ Zhao Yao called Mocha and stood behind the Space Gate: โ€œLet me check out what the little girl likes.โ€

Zhao Yao squeezed his fist: “Damn, I don’t know what girls like.”

The wheat on the stage sits on the throne and tilts his little ankle.

Perhaps it is because the habit of being a cat is still awkward. She wears very little clothes. Basically, she only needs a few rags to wrap up her hands. Her legs and clavicle, and the large wheat-colored skin on her stomach are bare. Come out.

Pouting, Mai Mai said: “It looks like there is no fun.”

Next to Mai Mai, a young blonde said: “Mai Mai adults can let them show their skills in the cat slave hall to see which one is better. After all, they are all trainee cat slaves. If you enter the palace, I am afraid some people are not qualified.”

โ€œHey?โ€ Mai Maiโ€™s eyes turned and said: โ€œItโ€™s not about writing hair, cooking, exercise, etc. in the cat slave hall. What is good to see.โ€

Mai Mai moved the white tender legs and looked at the trainee slaves. “The stories in the palace have been heard. I have to listen to the new story. Each of you will tell me a new story. Stay, if you are not good, go back and continue to be a trainee cat slave.”

“tell a story?”

When I heard the instructions of Mai Mai, many of the trainee slaves were stunned and their faces were puzzled.

The blond man next to Mai Mai immediately said: “Are you questioning Mai Mai adults? Since the adults want you to tell stories, just talk about it.” He pointed to the blue moon standing in the front row and said: “You come first. โ€

“I?” Blue Moon saw Mai Mai’s curious look, and a strong sense of oppression swept.

Suddenly I have to come up with a story, let the unprepared blue moon and the cold sweat of my head, and finally reluctantly said: “A long time ago, there was a brave cat slave called black smoke. He served a cat called Kaka. One day, Kaka was taken away by another big evil cat, and the black smoke decided to rescue Kaka…”

Listening to the story of Blue Moon, Mai Mai yawned with a big mouth: “The old story, the next one.”

The blue moon face ugly stopped, and the trainee slave beside him was named by Mai Mai, stuttering and saying: “From… there was a mountain in the past, there are many people on the mountain, they rely on playing every day… hunting for life ……”

Seeing the stuck cat slave, Mai Mai frowned: “Next.”

However, the trainee cat slaves in the front have been honing their skills both inside and outside of Frosty City. They struggled to become an official cat slave and hone themselves every day. How can you ponder over the story?

Seeing that Mai Maiโ€™s eyes were becoming more and more impatient, and when the trainee cat slaves became more and more disappointed, it was finally Zhao Yaoโ€™s turn.

Zhao Yao walked out confidently, just in time when other cat slaves had told the story, he had already thought about what story he was going to say.

“After five hundred years ago, in the high altitude of hundreds of thousands of meters from the mainland of Satoll, in the depths of an icy dark sky, nine cats with a hundred feet of jaws pulled a bronze cymbal and slid into the void. This is the image of the nine cats…”

“That is, on the day of the nine cats, in the north of the Satoll continent, a cat named Jojo is trying to cultivate his own superability.

Three years ago, Jojo was originally a gray cat with excellent talent and high blood, but overnight, the sudden change made him the lowest orange cat.

While practicing, he couldnโ€™t help but look at the direction of the main hall. Just there, just today, the beautiful cat Yiyi came to him to remarriage…”

Then I saw that Zhao Yaoโ€™s mouth was flying, and a story about the orange cat Jojo was vividly displayed in front of everyone.

After listening to Jojo’s becoming an orange cat, how to get rid of humiliation, how to get powerful power step by step, respected by other cats, and constantly expand the site, dominate the world, Mai Mai’s eyes reveal a hint of bright color.

When I heard the orange cat Jojo fell off the cliff and met an old white cat, Zhao Yao suddenly stopped.

Mai Mai immediately asked in anxiously: “How did it stop? Let’s talk about it soon.”

Zhao Yao reluctantly said: “I can’t think of it.”

Mai Mai was surprised: “The story you just said is what you think of yourself?”

Zhao Yao nodded. “Yeah, I usually like to listen to stories. I also try to make a little story. I haven’t compiled the story of the nine cats. You have to wait until you want to listen.”

Mai Mai frowned, and the calf shook impatiently: “How long will it take?”

“I can think of it every day, and I can tell you every day.”

Mai Maiโ€™s eyes lit up: โ€œGood! From today on, you will stay in my house and tell me stories every day.โ€

When I heard what Mai Mai said, the other trainee cat slaves looked at Zhao Yao with surprise, and their eyes were filled with envy and envy.

Zhao Yao also nodded with satisfaction and looked at the Space Gate in the void. Mocha was standing at the Space Gate and holding a mobile phone to read Zhao Yao’s novel.

Just Zhao Yao is reading the novel in the mobile phone, while changing appropriately, adding more cat characters to enhance the sense of substitution of Mai Mai.

In his heart, he said: ‘Fortunately, I usually read a lot of books and read enough. The key moments will work. ‘

The instructor asked the black sand dunes on the side: “What about the old trainee cat slaves?”

Mai Mai glanced at them impatiently and said casually: “Let them cook, shovel, and clean.”

The black sand dunes bowed their heads and said: “Follow.”

Mai Mai smiled and came to Zhao Yao. He stretched out his pink tongue and wanted to lick Zhao Yao. He said, “I have covered you since today.”

The young blonde behind him immediately rushed over and stopped Mai Mai and said: “Adult! You can’t just lick others! It’s all bacteria, it will be poisoned.”

Mai Mai reluctantly took back his tongue and licked his mouth. He learned the appearance of an adult and patted Zhao Yao’s shoulder and said, “Do it well, I will raise you later, what I eat, what you eat, you must be jealous.”

Seeing this scene, the blond youth behind Mai Mai, the head of the cat slave under Mai Mai, stared at the small hand of Mai Mai on Zhao Yao’s shoulder and could not help but frown.

Other trainee cat slaves looked at Zhao Yao’s gaze more and more. They have worked hard for so many years, and they can only work from the most basic level, the most common work, and the light feathers in front of them have become trainee cat slaves for a long time, and the qualifications are still poor. However, it was because the storytelling was so favored by Mai Mai adults.

โ€œRight.โ€ Mai Mai suddenly looked at Zhao Yao and said, โ€œCan you afford my ability? So you can tell me stories anytime, anywhere.โ€

As he said, Mai Mai took a small foot and reached out to Zhao Yao’s chest and wanted to lend his ability to Zhao Yao.

Elizabeth is so stinky that I can’t stand it. In order to bathe her, there is only one more today.

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