Am I A God? Chapter 1003

As the palm of McMade pressed against Zhao Yao’s chest, everyone in the room immediately felt a raging force tumbling from the body of Mai Mai, and the body that was moving toward the next moment rolled away.

The black sand dunes looked at this scene with surprise: “No, this guy’s qualifications should be bad, why… why…”

“Why can he bear the power of Mai Mai?” Blue Moon also looked shocked: “This qualification…”

The cat slave manager behind Mai Mai frowned and looked at Zhao Yao’s gaze with an accident: “This kid…”

Mai Mai’s palm gently pressed on Zhao Yao’s body, feeling that his superability seemed to flow into an endless black hole. He opened his mouth and revealed a pair of tiger teeth. He laughed and said: “Do you have a good relationship with me? Then take it, take it all, how much you can get!”

After a while, Mai Mai felt that the process of lending the ability slowly stopped and looked at Zhao Yao in front of her eyes. The eyes were full of expectations: “How are you feeling?”

Zhao Yao took a sigh of relief and looked at the reliability borrowed from the cat prince’s dress. The eyes flashed with satisfaction.

Just when Mai Mai came over and wanted to give him the ability, Zhao Yao directly deleted YuanStean’s Stealth ability on the cat prince’s dress, leaving a space for McMade to borrow the capability.

That is to say, just now, it seems that Mai Mai has loaned the ability to Zhao Yao, but actually borrowed the cat prince dress.

“The lv28’s ability… borrowed.”

Zhao Yao is satisfied, Mai Mai is also very satisfied, but her men have not had such a capable cat slave for a long time, and will tell the story, and she is very compatible with her, very able to bear her ability.

For the cat slaves under the hand, Mai Mai is also very reassured, because only she can recover the cat slaves’ ability, so it is natural to hope that the cat slaves will be as strong as possible.

However, even if the phase is very consistent, in general, the borrowed capacity cannot reach 100%.

Mai Mai certainly does not know that she has just borrowed the ability to target Zhao Yao, but the cat prince dress. Therefore, even if she moved her mind, she could not recover the loanability, and the ability borrowed by the cat prince was also 100% strong.

Mai Mai just looked at Zhao Yao with satisfaction and liked this new cat slave.

“Come and come, try to attack me, I will see how much you have borrowed my ability.”

Zhao Yao controls the power borrowed from the cat prince’s dress: ‘You can’t do your best, lower it a little. ‘

The black sand dune on the side said: “Adult, light feather he has not learned…”


There is no sound, but in the consciousness of the people in the place, there is a burst of blast, which is the collision of consciousness and consciousness.

Zhao Yao smiled and said: “I went to the library and read some books in the past few days. I probably know how consciousness works.”

Mai Mai’s body swayed a little, then looked at it and shook Zhao Yao’s arm and said, “It’s very powerful. Just now, I have the strength of 70 or 80%. Is it your strength?”

Seeing Zhao Yao nodded, Mai Mai screamed excitedly: “I am not my cat slave, Yaxing knows that I have such a powerful cat slave will be mad! You almost have the power of a two-star cat slave! ”

As she said, she tiptoed and touched Zhao Yao’s head and said, “From today, you are my cat slave!”

When I heard what Mai Mai said, the cat slaves present were envious and hateful, and they were able to borrow the power of the super cats. This is already an excellent qualification for one hundred and one.

Blue Moon looked at Zhao Yao, and he sighed in his heart. I didn’t expect that it was far worse than their guys yesterday. The next day, he flew up and got the favor of Mai Mai.

So in the next few days, Zhao Yao lived in the palace of Mai Mai. He didn’t have to do anything every day. He told the story of Mai Mai, and he was already favored by this super cat. He tells a story.

Under some intriguing inquiries and experiments, Zhao Yao also understood the origin of his two-star cat slave, and compared with the book’s lv system.

‘基本上lv11到lv19的,都是一星猫奴。lv20到lv29的则是二星猫奴。’Zhao Yao 摸着下巴,有些震惊地想到:‘那所谓的九星猫奴,难道就是lv90到lv99?’

Zhao Yao had to be grateful that he hadn’t been impulsive, and this cat star was more crouching than he thought. He even wondered if he would find a 90-level super cat to give him the ability through the cat prince dress.

But if you think about it, forget it. If you really encounter a super-powerful cat of more than 90 grades, it is estimated that a thought can completely manipulate him and give his future to others to choose. It is not the habit of Zhao Yao.


“Light feather! Light feather!” Mai Mai extended his hands and stepped on Zhao Yao’s chest. It was like a kitten treading milk. He yelled in his mouth: “A second time? Just talk again. Is it a short paragraph?”

Zhao Yao: “Today’s update is this, wait for tomorrow.”

Mai Mai said with dissatisfaction: “I don’t want to! You must give me more talks today, or I will let you go to be a trainee slave!”

Zhao Yao: “Well, it’s better to tell stories than every day. I want to think about new stories every day, so tired.”

Mai Mai frowned and looked at Zhao Yao: “Light feather, I feel that you don’t respect me very much.”

Zhao Yao looked at Mai Mai’s cute face. I imagined that the soul of a cat was hidden in the other’s body. Suddenly, I felt very energetic: ‘I want to touch it, I want to touch this humanoid cat. I don’t know if she still has it. How many cats are kept. ‘

Zhao Yao’s palm pressed onto Mai Mai’s head and couldn’t help but touch it.

Mai Mai’s eyes immediately slammed, and opened his mouth and bite into the palm of Zhao Yao’s touch, but Zhao Yao immediately sneaked away.

Mai Mai airway: “Don’t touch my head!” Then he opened his mouth and bit it. Zhao Yao repeatedly said: “Okay, don’t touch, don’t bite.” He said in his heart: ‘Yes Don’t you like the kind of cat that is being touched? Or is it because you are not familiar enough? ‘

After a while.

“You…what is this with you? Why are there so many hairs?”

“This is a cat’s toy, you try to touch it, it’s very fun.”

“Toy? It feels good… it’s weird.”

“Do you want to be? This can be awkward.”

“It’s slippery… um… weird smell.”

“Swallow it, this is good for the body.”

The door was suddenly opened by a bang, waiting for the outside of the cat slave to open the door to the snow mountain, and the heart rushed; ‘Damn! Mai Mai is so simple, in case he is cheated…” He shouted with a sullen look: “Light feather! What are you doing?!”

I saw that Zhao Yao was holding a funny cat stick and licking the plush mouse connected to it. The wheat Mai on the side took a few mouthfuls and then bit it into the mouth and sucked it onto the Bridget. It feels very strange after catnip.


Mai Mai spit out the mouse and catnip and frowned and said, “It’s weird! I don’t like this taste.”

Zhao Yao said in the heart: “It seems that because of the relationship between the human body, the taste has completely changed.”

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