Am I A God? Chapter 1004

After all, the body structure of humans and cats is too different. The taste is even more different. Many tastes good for humans. Cats don’t feel it or they are too irritating.

“It seems that you still have to look at what human little girls like.”

The head of the snow-capped mountain, Xueshan, looked at Zhao Yao and Mai Mai silently, and saw some of the two sides faintly frowning: “This light feather, in such a short period of time, got the closeness of Mai Mai adults.”

In the next few days, Zhao Yao kept trying to make a good relationship with Mai Mai and improve his position in the other’s mind.

The next day, Zhao Yao called and gave a light rain, and asked: “What do you think you need most, what is absolutely not in life?”

Xiao Yu wondered: “What do you want?”

“Don’t ask, just answer me directly.” Zhao Yao said: “After answering, I will give you money. What is the most needed in your life, absolutely nothing?”

“Mobile phone.”

“This can’t be done, change one.”

“Skin care products.”



“…and change one more.”

“sanitary napkin.”



“Orange cat Jojo shouted, thirty years of Hedong, thirty years of Hexi, Mo bully orange. YuanYuan, you dare to fight with me for three years…”

Mai Mai was listening to Zhao Yao’s story with great interest. He suddenly heard Zhao Yao stop and immediately nervously said: “Is it today?”

“Well, wait for tomorrow.” Seeing the disappointing expression of Mai Mai, Zhao Yao thought about what he was preparing, braved the courage, and tempted to ask: “Mc Mai, do you have… that is… …Do you have……”

“What?” Mai Mai wondered.

“It’s blood. Will you bleed every month now?”


The violent consciousness was uploaded from the body of Mai Mai and directly squeezed into the sea of ​​Zhao Yao.

Mai Mai’s eyes seem to be turned into a pair of erects, and Zhao Yao is very fierce: “How do you know that I am injured?”

A few months ago, Mai Mai found herself suffering from internal injuries.

Every other month, her body will begin to bleed. It will be a few days, during which time she will be weak, her energy will decline, and even her ability will be weak.

These days, she has been trying to cure the internal injuries in her body, but it has not been effective.

In order to stabilize the people and not cause panic in the territory, she has not announced her internal injuries.

Zhao Yao: “Is it hurt?”

After a long while, after Zhao Yao’s unprofessional explanation, Mai Mai understood his physical condition.

She said with some annoyance: “The woman’s body is so troublesome? I knew that I would turn to a man! I am bored, so I don’t have a few days every month to become weak?”

Zhao Yao silently took out the packaged sanitary napkin from the Space Gate behind him and put it in front of Mai Mai. She said seriously: “I recommend you a good thing…”

A few minutes later, Mai Mai touched his little shorts and said something awkwardly: “Is this thing really useful? It is so thick and hot.”

“You believe me, this is what I personally did. I will know how convenient it is when you use it.”

A few days later, Mai Mai found Zhao Yao in a mysterious way and took a picture of Zhao Yao’s shoulder. Some embarrassedly said: “Light feather, you last time, is that the sanitary napkin that was last made? Give me some more.”

Zhao Yao’s mouth showed a smile: “I will send it to you later.” After Mai Mai left, he opened the Space Gate and went in: “Zhao Xue! What about your sanitary napkin? Let me use it.”

A few minutes later, on the cat star, the blue moon that was sweeping the floor in the hall saw Zhao Yao and Mai Mai’s shoulders walking upstairs. Both of them had a smile on their faces, and they seemed to have a good relationship. .

In fact, it is true that feelings are better, because Zhao Yao relies on storytelling and sanitary napkins to further gain the appreciation and trust of Mai Mai, and its status in Frost City has become more solid.

However, unlike the optimistic form of Zhao Yao, the battlefield form on the northern wheat field is not optimistic. With the step by step of the apostles of Yaxing, the land of Maimai is constantly lost, and the apostles are caught again and again. Go, and then under the control of Yaxing, in turn attack the wheat field.

Some people even saw the apostles under Yaxing appear near the city of Frosty.

However, Mai Mai did not care about this. He only wandered around Zhao Yao to tell stories and tell jokes, and let other cat slaves look worried.


On the other side of the globe, the seal world is still running at full capacity, the collection of evolution has not stopped, and Ekaterina has become the second lv25 super cat after Diana, which can absorb 50%. Awareness attack, and up to the maximum enhances Catherine’s consciousness to 300%

So Zhao Yao thought for a moment: ‘Which upgrade next? ‘

When I think about it, Zhao Yao feels that the time to stop is more versatile and more versatile.

So Zhao Yao hung up Mocha this time and evolved to lv15 in one day.

After the evolution of Mocha did not control the transformation ability like Diana and Ekaterina, it popped up two options for evolutionary routes.

Everlasting stop: Your grasp of time becomes more and more skilled, and your time stops longer and longer, until one day, you stand in the silent universe forever. As your level increases, your time limit grows.

With the world: the distortion of the timeline is as natural to you as breathing, and you are getting more and more away from death. It seems that the things that can kill you in the world are becoming less and less. The cooling of spatiotemporal distortion decreases with increasing grades.

Zhao Yao looked at the two evolutionary routes with gaze. I didn’t expect Mocha to think directly about the pros and cons.

Yongshi often stops increasing the length of the stop, which can be said to be a universal aid, but Zhao Yao thinks that Mocha has a growth skill that is boiling, can accelerate n times in the time stop, 10 level 10 times, now 15 level is 15 times This is equal to the length of the stoppage that has been increased in disguise, and the permanent stop seems to repeat with him.

Although the auxiliary effect is not so strong, it is very embarrassing. Who doesn’t want to have more lives. Especially in the place where the cat star is now, it is more dangerous than the previous earth, and Zhao Yao wants more life-saving skills.

So I thought about it, and Zhao Yao chose the evolutionary route of the world.

Next Mocha upgraded to lv15, and the regenerative cooling of space-time distortion was directly reduced from 180 minutes to 175 minutes.

Looking at the situation on the book again, Zhao Yao returned to the cat star and walked toward the position of Mai Mai.

However, walking in the corridor of Maimai Palace, Zhao Yao suddenly felt a little bit wrong: “It seems a bit too quiet… and how is this atmosphere so suppressed?”

The next moment, he suddenly stopped and sniffed his nose: “Bloody smell?”

Zhao Yao frowned and continued to move forward. After a while, she suddenly saw the blue moon running from a corner. After seeing Zhao Yao, she shouted: “Light feather! Run!”

Zhao Yao: “Ah?”

The next moment, a gust of wind rushed, Zhao Yao had plopped down on the ground.

Blue Moon is shocked: “Light Feather!”

Behind the blue moon, a cat slave slowly came out and looked at Zhao Yao who fell to the ground, faintly said: “Resolve one again.”

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