Am I A God? Chapter 1005

Zhao Yao, who was seen as a two-star cat slave, was knocked down on the ground. The blue moon completely lost his victory. He stared at the strange man in front of him and said, “Who are you? Is it a cat slave under Yaxing? Direct What do you want to do in the impact of the palace?”

The man smiled slightly, extended a finger and made a sly move.

The next moment, along with his blowing action, an invisible mist blew from his mouth and rushed toward the blue moon.

The blue moon roared, and the body borrowed from the maturity of the wheat, and wanted to control the other party.

However, because of the gap in consciousness between the two sides, the blue moon’s ability did not work at all. Instead, the fog shrouded his body, and he was inhaled with a lot of fog. The blue moon’s body was so soft that it could not move and gradually lost consciousness. .

At the same time, the fog also rushed toward Zhao Yao.

‘I just just stunned this guy, but I still fainted together. ‘

Just when the man thought so, his eyes were slightly flowered, and then his eyes slammed open: ‘Where did the guy go? Why are you missing? ‘

Immediately after his head hurt, he felt a pair of big hands clutching his head and lifting him up.

The man violently launched the ability, squirting the poison in the pores of the body, and saw all kinds of purple and yellow gas blowing in the face, even rusting the ground and walls, and dropping pieces.

‘This guy is dead, my gas is full of jets, even steel can melt directly, he…’

Just when the man thought about it, the palm of his head was tightly closed, and the skull under the pressure of the giant force creaked.

He made a scream and struggled wildly, but he felt that the hand that grabbed his head was as unmatchable as a mountain.

Zhao Yao’s head was drilled out of a poison and took a deep breath. In the horrified eyes of the man, he breathed a gas into his mouth.

It was seen that his cheeks were exposed to poison by a black blood vessel, but they quickly recovered under the influence of Quick Regeneration.


Zhao Yao spit out a poisonous gas and said, “Shu Tan.”

“This guy! This guy actually inhaled my gas directly into the body?!” The man looked at Zhao Yao’s gaze as if he was watching a monster.

Zhao Yao showed a smile, shook the man in his hand, and licked his lips and asked, “Little guy, what else? Then spray it out.”

“Quiet…Monster!” The man screamed, and bursts of green light broke out in his eyes. There was a crack in the body of the whole person, as if it was to blew himself.

Zhao Yao frowned: “Trouble.”

Looking at the lv20 on the other’s head, Zhao Yao switched the capability directly.

lv25 can not be seen directly!

LV25’s nightmare lord launched!

The absolute gap in consciousness makes men directly recruit.

Then he saw that the man who had just blew himself immediately softened and entered the dream of sleep.

At the same time, Zhao Yao has also entered the dream of the other party.


The male apostle opened his eyes and looked at the awkward world in front of him. The next moment he reacted: “This is…dreamland?”


The male apostle turned his head and looked in the direction of the sound. He saw a huge, mountain-like Zhao Yao standing behind him. The place where he is standing now is in the hands of Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao said faintly: “You just used the super-ability of short-haired sects. As far as I know, the susceptibility of all cats in short-haired sects is a distortion of consciousness. You just obviously that is not? That is, you have behind Any other super cat?”

The face of the male apostle changed. The next moment he sneered: “Hey, do you think I will say it? I don’t think about it.”

Zhao Yao smiled: “I like you as a tough guy. By the way, let me tell you, now that the dozens of hours in this dream may be a second in the real world, we have time.”

Looking at Zhao Yao’s insidious smile, the face of the male apostle was ugly, and the whole person’s consciousness suddenly changed, and he wanted to break through the dream and return to reality.

Although he borrowed not the super-ability of consciousness distortion, but the consciousness of lv20 is enough to shuttle the consciousness dimension.

However, when I saw the man who wanted to escape, Zhao Yao thought, and the man’s consciousness seemed to hit an invisible barrier, and he slammed back.

Then the male apostle heard a hazy voice ringing in his ear.

“If you eat it, do you like to eat sweet or salty?”


A second after the real world, Zhao Yao’s eyes changed from awkward to clear, and the male apostles in front of him were revealing doubts.

Just in the dream, he has squeezed everything he knows.

It’s a pity that this man doesn’t know much, but what is certain is that there is a super cat with poison gasability behind the other side, and in addition to the apostles who borrowed poisonous gas from them, the cat slaves under Yaxing Also came.

β€œAmateur and the other apostles joined forces?” Zhao Yao frowned. β€œNo reason, why should he do this?”

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao gave a glimpse of the male apostle in his hands, and then moved on to the depths of the palace.


On the other side, the back garden position of Mai Mai Palace.

Then I saw that Mai Mai was half-squatting on the ground, one hand pressed the ground, and one hand covered her chest, and she continued to breathe vigorously.

Behind her, there were more than a dozen cat slaves who were poisoned to the ground, and the same can not move, even the black sand dunes are in it, watching the half-grained wheat wheat anxious.

Mai Mai Xindao: ‘Is it poisonous? When is the poison? Is the performance of other super-ability cats? ‘

She looked up, a pair of erect violently contracted, angrily looking at the figure in front of her eyes: “Snow Mountain! What do you want to do? Directly shot at me, are you crazy?”

In the short-haired sect of the super-cat’s civil war, in various battles for the site and resources, the cat slaves and the cat slaves can fight at will, even if they are killed, it will be fine.

However, it is not allowed to shoot the cat during the civil war. This is the iron that has been set since the establishment of the short Maozong.

That is to say, how people die does not matter, but the death of a cat is a big case, and countless humans have to pay for it.

In the face of the question of Mai Mai, Mai Mai’s cat slave manager, with a blonde snow mountain looking at the wheat in front of her eyes, shook her head and said: β€œThe times have changed, human beings will not be slaves forever. Control her! ”

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