Am I A God? Chapter 1005

Zhao Yao looked at the photos that Mocha sent him. He saw the little cats in the little cats and coffees, and the orange cats that were almost the same as Mocha.

Zhao Yao replied: “The orange cats are all very similar. Just look for them and you can find a bunch.”

“Where is it! Where are they like me!” Mocha said: “And they are not what I found, they all suddenly appeared! Not good Zhao Yao! Now there are a lot of orange cats in the world! A lot of oranges Cat!”

Zhao Yao frowned, what is the sudden appearance of a lot of orange cats? He tried to search the Internet and immediately became surprised.

β€œThere are a lot of orange cats in the capital, and it’s suspected of super-ability…”

“F297 spends a flight to Jianghai on the flight, because of the sudden emergence of a large number of orange cats urgently landing…”

“On the Pacific Fleet aircraft carrier, the ship sank due to the large number of orange cats…”

β€œThe junior high school boy pulled the orange cat in the school toilet…”

Zhao Yao looked at the news, and the expression on his face became more and more strange: “Is there a super cat that can be cloned and copied? But the scope of this communication is too big. Is the world copying orange cats? ”

Zhao Yao shook his head. Although he felt doubts and surprises, the super-energy event on the earth could not attract him too much attention. He said something to Bai Quan and let Bai Quan investigate it. Zhao Yao continued to retreat. It is.

“The three wars are getting more and more fierce. I still have time to gossip. I have to hurry and shut down.”

Thinking of this, Zhao Yao stood up and first quit the world of seals.

After all, the side effects of Pharaoh ability have been basically ineffective for him, then Zhao Yao continues to hang up in the world of seals, and also uses Pharaoh’s ability to hang up his body in the material world.

After 3 hours, Zhao Yao wearing the emperor’s armor appeared in the depths of the earth.

All around the four are liquid substances composed of iron and nickel, or the liquid state is not very accurate. Under the pressure of terror, the material here has the rigidity of steel and the flexibility of asphalt.

Even if diamonds appear here, they will be pressed into butter.

They are ten times harder than steel, but they can still be deformed without breaking.

The pressure of terror is also devastating the body of Zhao Yao, causing the body of Zhao Yao to be destroyed and then repaired, to maintain its own existence against the ultra-high pressure around it.

Under the blessing of Pharaoh LV83, Zhao Yao’s body is progressing rapidly.

‘According to this progress, for a week or so, the effect of the ground on my exercise is almost gone. ‘

Zhao Yao shook his head: ‘Superability is really unreasonable. The so-called strong and weak, in superability, may be just a moment. ‘

Just so hard to shut down and hang up for a few days, Zhao Yao received a letter from the cat and the person again.

Mocha: “Zhao Yao, it’s not good. Someone started to become an orange cat.”

Bai Quan: “The boss, the super cat who did not find the ability to perform, the scope of this capability is like the world…”

“Does people become orange cats?” Zhao Yao’s face changed slightly, and suddenly remembered Olivia, who seemed to have become an orange cat.

When he thought about it, he asked Bai Quan to ask for the case data of those who became orange cats. Looking at them one by one, there is still no clue.

At this moment, his eyes were condensed, and Zhao Yao felt that there was something in the void that seemed to pass.

“How is it possible? I clearly set the mute.” Listening to the whisper from the sky, Zhao Yao quickly called the control panel of the seal world.

“No, in theory, there is no sound on my side.”

The whisper is getting closer and closer, and Zhao Yao tries to listen, but it is always vague and can’t hear what he is saying.

He simply withdrew from the world of seals and returned to the material world, only to find that he could still hear the voice.

“Impossible, here is the center of the earth, how can you hear people’s voices?”

Zhao Yao sinks in her heart and remembers the situation before Olivia died.

But in the next moment, it was like a void affixed to his ear, and the murmur disappeared.

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao returned to the world of seals to hang up first. In any case, he had to upgrade the level of super cats to be more emboldened against any difficulties.

Another few days passed. With the increasing number of orange cats around the world, the whole society was affected. Even Zhao Yao personally investigated it and the results were no different from Baiquan.

‘This thing, I am afraid it is not the cause of the earth, is it brought by Olivia? ‘

But Zhao Yao didn’t panic at all. He looked at Mocha, who had already reached LV95 on his BOOK. He felt that he was walking with colorful lights.

“Mocha of LV95, plus the LV10 bonus of God’s King’s armor, which is LV105.”

The most powerful place for LV105’s Mocha, there are two points.

The first point is that the rebirth cooling of space-time distortion has been reduced to 85 minutes, which means that Zhao Yao can now regenerate every 85 minutes.

The second point is the effect of the void boiling, under the blessing of LV105, makes Zhao Yao’s action speed reach 105 times during the time stop.

That is to say, Zhao Yao now stops when it is turned on again, and has a relative time of 1890 seconds, about half an hour.

And under the acceleration of the 100 times of the void boiling, Zhao Yao can still get the physical impact of 100 acceleration, but the body will not be reversed.

In the past, when Zhao Yao used to be a three-pronged force, it was able to produce a punch and death effect by exploding at a quadruple speed.

Now that Zhao Yao is able to survive in the depths of the earth, then how amazing the destruction after a hundredfold acceleration, Zhao Yao himself is somewhat unpredictable.

Just as a bullet has been accelerated a hundred times, it becomes a super-electromagnetic gun. Mocha can now blast a tank when it stops.

Zhao Yao touched his chin and thought: “At least 10,000 times more kinetic energy?”

What’s more, Zhao Yao hangs in the heart of the earth during this time, and his physical fitness is improved.

Feeling that he is very strong, Zhao Yao looked at the changes in the world and decided to go to the aliens to see if there was any change in the Maoista, which caused the abnormality on the side of the earth.

So when the cat leather would contact Zhao Yao again, Zhao Yao chose to meet.

When I saw the first side of Zhao Yao, Nasha couldn’t help but say, “You finally came out. Do you know what the three wars are like now?”

So Nasha then introduced the situation of the three wars to Zhao Yao in detail, and then looked at him and said: “Short Maozong and Wu Maozong have surrounded the mother star of Changmao Zong, but now the hairy mother star The situation is very strange, everything is…in orange.”

Zhao Yao thought that he had got it wrong. After blinking his eyes, he asked, “What is orange?”

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