Am I A God? Chapter 1007

A super-powered cat like Mai Mai has to turn to an unborn human baby for life and a new body.

But if only the body of the possession is obliterated, the impact will be small.

The black cloud in front of him is like this. The body of the body is wiped out, and consciousness immediately jumps out of the body and shifts to another apostle on the side, followed by the consciousness skill.

Lightning thinking – thinking speed, consciousness speed up ten times.

The whole world seems to have slowed down in the eyes of the black cloud, and consciousness is madly accelerating in his mind.

But his eyeball turned quickly, but he couldn’t see the traces of Mai Mai and Zhao Yao: ‘Hmm? Where did he go? ‘

Black Cloud did not know that Zhao Yao had already entered the space with Mai Mai. During his thoughts, a series of consciousness skills were released by him in just one minute and one second.

Consciousness Marks – Lock in the goals of your own consciousness.

The ivory-consciousness is a puncture attack of a light sword, which has the functions of cutting, piercing, and burning consciousness.

Speed ​​- speed up the speed and distance of consciousness transmission.

Then I saw a light sword composed of consciousness emerged from the black cloud, and then quickly expanded and burned in the next skill.

“go with!”

The next moment, I saw a slight flash of light, but it did not move, the black cloud smashed: “What happened? Where did they escape?”

Zhao Yao, who was hiding in the Space Gate, did not stop. He watched the attacking Montenegro, and he also started the time again.

After a while, Black Cloud only felt a flower in front of him, and some people disappeared at the place.

“Damn!” The black cloud that saw this scene immediately reacted, and he wanted to run out to the outside.

Zhao Yao hides in the Space Gate and flicks his fingers. The two coins have been directly shot through the feet of the black cloud, and they see the black cloud slamming and falling to the ground.

The black cloud changed his face and knew that he was in trouble.

The people around him were all stopped by Zhao Yao and brought back to the Dimensional Stomach Bag. This means that there is no other body in the Black Cloud.

In the entire back garden, just to prevent the wheat wheat from escaping the dimension blockade, this means that he is also trapped here, and consciousness cannot escape through the dimension of shuttle consciousness.

The black cloud at the moment was suddenly sealed in this flesh.

At the same time, in the Space Gate, Zhao Yao looked at the black cloud that was still on the ground, and did not continue to work, but carefully observed.

“Ideology can’t interfere with the material world, and it can only affect other people’s consciousness. All kinds of conscious skills and functions are also the consciousness of others.”

“And while conscious of this kind of thing, although it can shuttle the dimension of consciousness, it cannot be left alone in the material world without relying on the flesh.”

“Is this guy now surrounded by no other flesh, and the dimension of consciousness can’t be shuttled, is it trapped?”

“So what would his consciousness be if he killed him?”

Zhao Yao thought curiously: “Is it exposed to the material world? Or is it directly dead?”

The next moment, along with his fingers flicking, a coin has been shot through the head of the black cloud.

Zhao Yao immediately felt a sly consciousness coming out of the body and floating in the air for a while, then flew away in the distance.

But even Zhao Yao can feel that in the process of Flight in the material world, the large group of consciousness is consumed rapidly, almost the cliff-like weakening.


Looking at the numbers in the air that are flying all the way but decreasing, Zhao Yao said: “It seems that there is no physical support, it is directly exposed to the material world, and it consumes a lot.”

The other side of the cloud feels that its consciousness is getting weaker and weaker. When you finally can escape, you feel a heat wave.

Zhao Yao appeared in front of him, lv25 Diana consciously burned the invisible flame.

Chestnut skills – Yanyang.

At the same time, the maiden consciousness of lv28 on the cat prince dress directly hit the past. Before Zhao Yao discovered that the ability to borrow from Mai Mai was only the ability itself and consciousness, and there was no skill in the Mai Mai Institute.

Just like other cat slaves, after borrowing the ability, they have to learn skills themselves.

However, a lv25, a lv28, is enough to deal with the black cloud that is now weakened.

When Zhao Yao launched the attack, the black cloud felt the invisible flame burning in his consciousness. He screamed and wanted to escape, but the weakened consciousness could not withstand the burning of the yang, and then was lv28. When the consciousness is hit, it collapses directly and dissipates into the air.

At the same time, the seal of the Mai Mai body gradually dissipated with the death of the black cloud.

β€œIs it solved?” Zhao Yao said in his heart: ‘Sure enough, high consciousness is not Invincible, and the matching of ability is equally important. ”

“Ontology and physical body are too important for consciousness. Like the weakness of the short Maozong, I don’t know if the strong ones in them have a way to cope.”

Zhao Yao snorted and pulled out the people in the Space Gate. He saw that Mai Mai, Black Sand Dunes, Snow Mountain and others were stunned by him and knew nothing about what had just happened.

A few minutes later, Mai Mai first woke up. When she woke up, she found that her seal was gone and she was surprised.

She looked at Zhao Yao standing in front of her and wondered: “Light feather, what happened? That person?”

Others also woke up in succession, all looking at Zhao Yao with surprise and doubt.

Zhao Yao said: “I don’t know. I have had a few tricks with the other side. After I attacked it a few times, I suddenly fled.”

“Hey, I said, that guy feels much better than me. If it wasn’t for me, it wouldn’t be his opponent. It must have been hurt when I played against me.” Mai Mai said: “Light feather you Borrowing my strength of 70% to 80%, he will not be scared away at first sight?”

Zhao Yao turned his eyes and asked for a lv28, a lv29 on your head. It was clear that it was not so good. If he had other superability to kill the flesh and avoid the attack, the ability of Mai Mai could not really get the other side.

However, Mai Mai’s own brain filling speed is so fast, but it is to avoid the words Zhao Yao originally wanted to explain.

Mai Mai: “Right, Snow Mountain? Where did he go?”

Zhao Yao looked at the snowy mountain lying behind the Space Gate and shook his head and said, “It seems to have gone, no attention.”

“Damn! It’s cheaper for him.” Mai Mai said: “Let me see him next time, I must give him a slap!”

Other waking cat slaves also looked at Zhao Yao with a look of admiration. Although they did not know why the other party would retreat, it was already very powerful to be able to fight with each other and save the wheat.

Only in this battle, Mai Mai became more and more trusting Zhao Yao, and looked at Zhao Yao and said: “Light feather! I will allow you to sleep with me tonight!”

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