Am I A God? Chapter 1008

When I heard what Mai Mai said, Zhao Yao was shocked in an instant, and there were countless movement pictures in his mind, and he looked at Mai Mai.

The black sand dunes on the side said quickly: “Mike Mai, isn’t that good?”

Mai Mai said: “What is wrong! I am going to sleep with a light feather today!” She said, she rushed up, holding the arms of Guang Yu and jokingly said: “You are so big, you must be very tall. warm!”

As she said, her head continued to squat on Zhao Yao, as if she were a cat, she wanted to smack her taste on Zhao Yao and announced the ownership of Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao secretly said: ‘Holding sleep? It’s true that the better cats will stay together and even sleep together. Does this guy treat me as a cat? But she trusts me so much now, can she learn more powerful skills? It is best to learn the skills related to the country of consciousness and the world of seals…’

Mai Mai is unprepared for the prevention of men and women. The cat slaves such as the black sand dunes on the side are not like this. They are desperately persuading Mai Mai, but they are rejected by Mai Mai.

The cat slaves watched Mai Mai hold Zhao Yao, and his body continued to linger on Zhao Yao’s body, showing a hateful color in his eyes.

Finally, the black sand dunes eyes brightened and said: “McMai, the super-ability of the poisonous cats in this attack, must be the super-powered cats of other forces, and the snowy mountains are leaving, but they are always It is possible to call again and must report it immediately.”

“Yes!” Mai Mai, who was holding Zhao Yao, raised his head violently: “Then rest, let me go to Dad to report this thing!”

Said, Mai Mai ran out, the body dissipated, and has already entered the dimension of consciousness to leave.

Mai Mai has gone, and the black sand dunes still want to say something. Zhao Yao said directly: “I am exhausted, I will go to rest first, see you tomorrow.” The next moment he directly shuttled the consciousness dimension to flash.

Returning to the Dimensional stomach bag, Zhao Yao looked at the snow-capped mountains that he had deliberately left behind. He could feel that there was no consciousness in the other side of the body. Obviously, after Mai Mai learned of the betrayal of the other party, he had already recovered the capability.

Ordinary people without superability, it is impossible to run away in this yuan stomach bag, so Zhao Yao directly smacked each other, and then in the surprised eyes of the snow mountain, a knife and a dragon knife were inserted.

After the dragon knife entered and exited several times, the snow mountain in front of him was already a tear and a nose.

When Zhao Yao lifted the Dragon Slayer again, he immediately shouted: “Light feather! What do you want to say directly, don’t move this knife again! You will swear me again, I would rather die!”

Zhao Yao looked at Xueshan and asked: “Who is instructing you to come? What forces are behind you?”

“They are hunting cats.” Snow Mountain said with a cold sweat: “I am determined to reform the short Mao Zong, let humans turn over to be the masters of the family.”

Xueshan looked at Zhao Yao and suddenly smiled: “Do you think that you are right for Maimai? Are you willing to be the slaves of these cats for a lifetime? You help these cats, they are persecuting humans, and the people of the hunting cats will not Passed you…”

Zhao Yao directly smashed the other side of the knife and then asked in the other person’s screams: “Tell me what you know about the hunting cat group.”

Regarding organizations like the Cat Hunting Group, Zhao Yao has had speculation before.

After all, where the earth is dominated by humans, there will be super-powered cats who want to overthrow humans and rule humans.

So short Maozong, the super-cat-led world, naturally there are people who want to overthrow the super-cat and rule the super-cat.

According to the news that Zhao Yao learned from the snow mountain pass, there is a non-short-haired super cat support behind the cat hunting group.

Xueshan went on to say: “I think it should be the super-cats of Chang Maozong. After all, their ability is varied and everything is there. And for a long time, we have always been our short-haired and non-wool ties to fight against Maoist. Mao Zong supported the hunting cat group to provoke the civil strife of the short Mao Zong. I think the possibility is very big.”

Zhao Yao nodded and said nothing about Snow Mountain. But no matter how Zhao Yao interrogated, he couldn’t ask more news, so he made a snap and waited for the midnight and the wave. Come up, dragging the snowy mountains and leaving.

Snow Mountain is shocked: “What are you doing?”

Smile at midnight: “Little brother, you may not be able to adapt at first, but as long as you do it for a while, you will find that this kind of life is quite substantial.”

Looking at the snow-capped mountains and being taken away by two people, Zhao Yao lay on the sofa, his eyes flashed, not knowing what he was thinking.

Early the next morning, Zhao Yao just returned to Frosty City and was called to the main hall by the black sand dunes. Then he saw that Mai Mai was still sitting on the throne as usual, and a pair of small feet swayed.

Only today, Mai Mai has a black cat in her arms.

When Black Cat saw Zhao Yao entering the hall, he looked at Zhao Yao with a look of his eyes.

Zhao Yao saw the moment of Black Cat, his eyes were slightly condensed, his eyes fixed on the other’s head, and his heart suddenly became nervous: ‘lv49? Is this guy the father of Mai Mai? ‘

Black Cat looked at Zhao Yao and said, “Mai Mai, is that light plume?”

Mai Mai nodded and glared at Black Cat’s head and said, “How? My new cat slave is amazing? He can inherit my 70% success!”

Black Cat’s gaze was slightly moved, and the distortion of consciousness was directly launched. The lv49’s ability instantly controlled Zhao Yao, and then asked: “Yesterday, you are fighting with each other, and then they ran this way directly?”

Under the influence of the distortion of consciousness, Zhao Yao couldn’t lie at all, saying directly: “Yes, our consciousness has collided three times and the other party has escaped.”

“Do you know each other? Do you know who they are? Are you with them?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know.”

Mai Mai said to Black Cat’s head: “Dad, why are you controlling my cat slave! He is mine! It’s mine!”

Black Cat narrowed his eyes and let go of the control of Zhao Yao. He said lazily: “I see if he has lied, rest assured, how can I grab the cat slave of Mai Mai. Well~~~ I press the neck and heavier.”

On the other side, Zhao Yao was relieved and knew that he had passed the time.

At the same time, Mocha, Diana, Ekaterina, and Bridget hiding behind the Space Gate are also relieved. If Zhao Yao has just been completely controlled, it will need Mocha to stop and shake with Ricecake. The knife attacked and killed Zhao Yao, and Zhao Yao was born again.

Mocha said: ‘Fortunately, Zhao Yao yesterday let Caesar wash himself out of yesterday’s memory, then let us tell him the process of fighting. In this way, he really thought that the other party took the initiative to escape, and it was natural to be controlled. ‘

Because I was too trustful of the ability to distort consciousness, and confirmed with my own ability that Zhao Yao did not lie, Black Cat looked at Zhao Yao and said: “Human, you are very good. Yesterday you saved my daughter, I will give you a reward. What do you want?”

Zhao Yao’s eyes lit up and immediately said, β€œI want to learn more and more conscious skills. I still want to… I want to borrow your superability and try what a stronger consciousness is.”

The four are finished, but in fact, the writing is still not the most satisfactory, but the promise is still updated. After all, online novels have the pressure to update, and they can’t be considered as much as other novels. This is a test of the author’s level. I am still far from enough…

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