Am I A God? Chapter 1009

When I heard what Zhao Yao said, the fathers of Mai Mai and Mai Mai were all surprised.

Black Cat looked at Zhao Yao and asked, “Are you sure you want to borrow my ability? You are not my cat slave. If I borrow it, I will only give you a small meeting. I will not lend it to you in the future. If you change If you are rewarded, you can get something better.”

β€œI am sure.” Zhao Yao pretends to be an excited expression: β€œI am longing for consciousness, I want to know what a powerful consciousness is. I adore this power, I want to feel this power.”

Black Cat nodded. It didn’t seem to be the first time to see a human being who worshiped consciousness. He only listened to him: “I can give you my ability for a little while, as for your first request…”

Black Cat is curious: “What skills do you want to learn?”

Zhao Yao thought about it and said the skills of the country of consciousness directly. This is obviously not enough. It is too obvious. The goal is too big, which will lead to the suspicion of the cats.

‘The country of consciousness, according to Tom, is also the highest level of gray skills in the short Maozong, so that…’

Zhao Yao looked at Black Cat and said, “I want to learn ash skills.”

Everyone in the room heard a word, and even Black Cat stayed asleep. The next moment, he laughed: “Good boy, you have a big appetite, you know that you don’t know what gray skills represent? That’s short hair. The most powerful, esoteric, and most secret knowledge of the sect, even we can not learn from every cat. Do you want a cat slave to learn gray skills?”

Zhao Yao’s eyes are disappointing: ‘Can’t cat slaves learn gray skills? ‘

But seeing the wheat on the throne holding Black Cat’s head constantly groaning, said: “Dad! He is my favorite cat slave! It saved my life! You give him a way to let him learn.” Gray skills!”

Black Cat was squinted and said intermittently: “Mike, I don’t want him to learn, there are rules on it. Gray skills are not learned casually. Every gray skill is made by The great cats of all generations have spent countless years of research and development. They have the power to manipulate billions of creatures, change civilization, and change history. How can it be easily passed to cat slaves?”

Black Cat looked at Zhao Yao and said: “Light feathers, gray skills can’t be taught to you. If you really want to learn, I can give you a way to think about black skills.”

Zhao Yao knows that he can’t force the other side. He nods and agrees: “Black skills are fine, but can I learn dimension blocking?”

When I saw the black cloud display dimension blockade, Zhao Yao was very aware of this skill. If he can also learn this skill, the improvement of combat power is a qualitative change.

Black Cat shook his head and smiled: “Dimensional blockade? That’s strategic skills.”

Aside from the wheat madness Black Cat: “Dad!”

Black Cat: “Okay, I think about it, you wait for me.”

So Black Cat first let Zhao Yao come up and intend to give him the ability.

“Only for a little while, I will take it back after the experience.”

Black Cat said as he pressed the cat’s claws to Zhao Yao’s chest. After a while, the rushing consciousness was constantly introduced into Zhao Yao’s body from his body. In fact, it was in the cat prince’s dress.

Zhao Yao also removed the ability of Mai Mai to inject the suit into Black Cat’s ability.

He looked at the new distorted ability of l49 in the cat prince’s dress and laughed excitedly.

‘In this case, the consciousness that I can use has reached lv49, and with other superability, the combat power has soared. ‘

‘But the lv49’s ability comes from Mai Mai’s father, can’t upgrade, can’t use skills, want to become stronger or rely on my own cat. ‘

Zhao Yao understands that although the lv49’s superability has been borrowed, it is used to bully lv49. The super cats who have mastered many skills are even lower, Zhao Yao may not be able to win with the power of lv49. .

On the other hand, Black Cat, who gave Zhao Yao his own ability, looked at Zhao Yao with amazement: “Can you take so much? Before Mai Mai gave you the ability, you can absorb a lot? Do you have sex with our cat? Especially high?”

Seeing the change of Black Cat’s face, Mai Mai immediately glared at Black Cat’s face and said: “Dad, you are not allowed to play the idea of ​​light feathers, he is my cat slave! I want to sleep with him!”

When I heard this, Black Cat’s face changed immediately, watching Zhao Yao’s cheeks murderous.

The first reincarnation of Mai Mai, the first time to be a human girl, did not know the things of men and women, his father of Mai Mai is clear.

Even if you pass the cat, but the daughter who is a cat wants to be transparent? Or being penetrated? I think that Mai Mai feels abnormal.

He glared at Zhao Yao: “McMai, I don’t want to sleep with people in the future, I don’t know?”

“Ah? Why?”

“No why! It’s not allowed.” After Black Cat gave the order, he glanced at Zhao Yao with a warning, and the body began to dissipate, leaving only a voice spreading in the space: “ability lends you, Try it yourself, I will take it back in a while. Dimensional blockade is not a random cat slave, I will give you a way to think about it, you will wait for me.”

Watching Black Cat disappear into the air, Zhao Yao can only ask another question of his own to Mai Mai: “What about Mai Mai, Naa Star?”

Among the apostles who sneaked into the palace and hijacked Mai Mai, with the cooperation of the apostles of Yaxing, Zhao Yao had previously suspected that Yaxing was also controlled by the Cat Hunting Group. Now that Mai Mai’s father is gone, he only I can ask about Mai Mai.

Mai Mai shook his head: “Dad went to Yaxing to see it. The cat slaves under Yaxing and himself were gone.” Speaking of this, Yaxing’s eyes flashed with anxiety: “Maybe hunted.” The cat group took it away. Dad worried that the cat hunting group would come back to me and said that it would send a cat slave to protect me.”

Zhao Yao nodded, and Yaxing asked him on the other side. The biggest problem was the skill. He did not expect that the short Mao Zong’s control over the skill knowledge was so strict, the gray skills were not open to humans at all, and the black skills looked at the meaning of Mai Mai’s father, and it was also a hindrance to learn.

‘If the identity of the cat slave is really impossible to learn, maybe it can only be changed. ‘

In the next few days, Zhao Yao showed up every day in Frosty City, telling Mai Mai about the story, waiting for the news of Mai Mai’s father, and staying on the earth for most of the time, connecting to the seal world. Upgrade the evolution of your own super cat.

After all, the seal world collects evolution, and Zhao Yao must enter it, so he spends most of his time in the world of seals every day.

Before the burden of the seal world could not be lifted, the fastest way for Zhao Yao to become stronger was to upgrade the remaining super cats to lv25.

Over the course of a week, with the attention of 30 million online people, Zhao Yao collected a lot of evolution and finally upgraded Mocha to lv25.

Mocha of lv25, the regenerative cooling of space-time distortion is reduced again, reaching 165 minutes.

The acceleration of the void boiling has reached a full 25 times.

It can be said that Zhao Yao’s strength in the material world has once again been greatly enhanced.

“The next cat…” After Mocha reached lv25, he had to upgrade the next cat. Zhao Yao looked at it and placed his target on Elizabeth.

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