Am I A God? Chapter 1010

In the coffee shop, Zhao Yao lies on a familiar lounge chair, but consciousness has entered the world of seals to collect evolution.

As soon as he entered the world of seals, Zhao Yao could feel the power of a strand of emptiness into his body.

On the book, Elizabeth’s evolutionary bar has continued to improve, reaching lv11 in five minutes.

Zhao Yao frowned at dissatisfaction, which was slower than the previous Mocha upgrade.

‘The players in the look-and-see game have recently lowered their attention to me. ‘

How to do the leek is not good, Zhao Yao intends to apply fertilizer.

I saw a line of big characters in the sky, and Zhao Yao spoke in the world of administrator rights.

Zhao Yao: “Everyone stops first! Listen to me!”

Countless people looked up at the sky and looked at the sky curiously.

Zhao Yao: “I really envy you, can live in the same era as me!”

Not long after the words were finished, Zhao Yao looked at the evolution of the book, and immediately felt that the collection speed was fast, basically the same speed as Mocha.

“Not bad, of course, the leek still needs to be fertilized to grow faster.”

Breaking through the lv10 limit, reaching lv11, opening the evolutionary road of Elizabeth, also began to get a new round of enhancement.

However, Elizabeth does not have the choice of evolution direction like Mocha. Zhao Yao guesses that Mocha has different emphasis on space-time distortion and time pause in lv1 to lv10, and Elizabeth has focused on Illusion all the way, so there is no choice of evolution direction.

Starting with lv11, Elizabeth’s Illusion is no longer just relying on sound waves to pass, but can also be passed through consciousness and directly into the consciousness of others.

Also starting from lv11, Elizabeth’s Illusion got the conscious blessing, and Illusion’s real effects, that is, after Illusion, there will be a certain degree of reaction in the body.

For example, in Illusion, there is a knife in the body, and there will be wounds on the body. Burned in Illusion, there will also be scars on the body.

The damage taken in Illusion will be mapped to reality.


Zhao Yao understands that this skill can be described as a promising future. After all, Illusion is not only an ordinary knife wound, but also various other endless modes of injury. Even if only a small part of the physical body can be mapped, it is very bad. .

Elizabeth’s strength made Zhao Yao feel a surprise. He waved his hand, and the whole person’s spatial position in the world of seals changed rapidly. In a twinkling of an eye, he came to the top of a valley and observed the map below.

“Look at how the situation on Lele is…”

I saw Tom and the short-haired Zongle’s multicolored cat hair, two huge golden wings behind it, and a set of claws that glowed like a light stick, carrying a group of super-powered cats, and another group. Super cats are grouped together.

This is a battle between the two sides in the world of seals.

On one side of the battle is the short-haired Zongle and Tom’s ‘Le Bang’, and on the other side is the ‘Gai Xing Society’ created by Zhao Yao’s super cat Gaia.

One of the characteristics of these two major player gangs is that they only recruit super-cat players. The entire gang is full of cat-shaped characters, none of which is human.

Just Zhao Yao world speech also deliberately missed here, but also in order not to affect the game of Lele, so the battle at the moment is still hot.

Seeing the battlefield in the battlefield, Lele’s mouth is a shock wave, shouting toward the distant enemy cat: “Fat cat! You will not come out again, I will completely dismantle your Gai Xingshe today!”

Tom shouted behind him: “Leller…”

“Call me Lego!”

“Lego, are we rushing ahead?” Tom shouted.

“What are you afraid of?” Lele looked at the claws on his front paws and said excitedly: “Just let me +12’s claws taste the blood.”

Zhao Yao observed the battlefield in the sky, watching Lele rushing to the right, constantly killing a famous enemy cat, and finally Gaia played, the two sides began to match, but in the end, Lele was superior and beat the other side. Gaia screamed a few words and fled, and the cats around Lele took a leap from one after another.

“Alright.” Zhao Yao nodded. “Look at him like this, I really like it.”

Although Zhao Yao’s current strength, it is completely free to kill or take the lv20’s Lele, but this will be a stunned snake, leading to the master behind Lele, Tom.

Therefore, Zhao Yao has been letting a group of super-powered cats play with Lele, especially Gaia is responsible for making opponents. Every time they are a little bit lost, they even lost a few times and dragged Lele. Always indulged in the world of seals.

What’s more, when Lehrer is addicted to the world of seals, he is also using Tom’s previous methods to gain his awareness while gaining attention.

Can play and can become stronger and can force, Lele naturally indulge in it, and even do not want to go back to the letter, let other cats come over a piece of cake.

Zhao Yao looked at Lele’s side when there was no problem. We heard a message on WeChat. It was a long time that I didn’t contact.

Lao He: “Zhao Yao, is there any time recently? There is something I want to ask for your help.”

Zhao Yao: “No time.”

He said: “It is to bring a speech to the apostles on our side, to teach, to improve morale.”

Zhao Yao snorted and knew that it was impossible to be so simple. With his current status in the superpower world, any action will be subject to a lot of comments, resulting in various political influences.

However, he was not interested in calculating the inside story. He really didn’t have time to do these things.

Lao He went on to say: “Zhao Yao, things won’t let you do it. You just come over and just say a few words. When you have a TV station, you will report it at home and abroad…”

“On the TV?” Zhao Yao snorted a little. He hasn’t been on a regular TV show yet. He thought it was a little bit of a heart on the TV. This can increase his fame and the limelight. It is also beneficial to collect more evolution after the number of people on the seal world has increased.

“Old, I really don’t have time…” Zhao Yao thought about it or refused. Now I’m going to hurry up to five super cats to lv25. It’s more important to unlock the lv25 level cap.

But when it was halfway, Zhao Yao suddenly groaned.

Branch task: speech

Mission Objective: Complete the old request, speak on TV, and encourage the young apostles.

Mission reward: 1000 point experience value

Mission penalty: none

Old Ho: “…and this time there is an appearance fee, and it takes an hour to spend at most…”

“Okay, I am going.”

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