Am I A God? Chapter 1011

“Apostles, if they go against the water, if they don’t advance, they will retreat. I can become the world’s number one in a short time. Invincible in the world, only two words are used, and that is diligence.”

On the podium, Zhao Yao was dressed in a formal attire, and his face was awe-inspiring. He looked at the many apostles and media in the media and remembered them.

In front of the TV at the moment, there are countless people watching Zhao Yao’s speech.

Zhao Xue was lying on the sofa of the Cat Island Villa. He looked at Zhao Yao, who was talking on the TV set. He snorted slightly, and he was envious of the truth.

Just listen to Zhao Yao in the TV and continue to say: “…and my Zhao Yao is able to achieve such a great achievement today, thanks to one person.”

Zhao Xueโ€™s eyes flashed: โ€œDoes the older brother thank him?โ€

Inside the stomach pocket, Mocha grinned: “Zhao Yao is wrong, it should be a cat.”

The old man sitting under the stage suddenly felt a little nervous: ‘I am also interested in Zhao Yao. If he wants to thank me, I will stand up soon…’

Zhao Yao: “The one who thanked me, that is my own!

Thanks to my own diligence, thank you for my own efforts. If it wasn’t for the year when I was awakened from superpower, I would work hard and lay a solid foundation for myself. I have a deep foundation and a thick foundation, and it is impossible to have the present strength. โ€

Zhao Xueyan squirted the cola in his mouth, not only the ordinary spray cola, Zhao Xue directly slammed the TV in front.


Zhao Xue has no choice but to stand up and start to clean up: ‘Recently, I often find Pharaoh borrowing ability to exercise, it seems to be a bit too strong. ‘Return to her and think again: ‘What about me getting married later? When you can’t sleep, accidentally kill someone? ‘

On the other side, the old man was depressed and said to his men: “Hurry him, let him finish it.”

After a while, I saw Zhao Yao on the stage reaching out and taking out a pack of Bridget catnip.

Zhao Yao: “The power of the apostle comes from the super cat. If you want the super cat to become stronger, the diet is very important.

The ordinary cat food catnip, I don’t feel comfortable giving it to our cats. This is the green catnip that our family planted and made by hand. I promote him now, I hope every cat can eat it. Healthy, eat nutritious.

And now buy our Bridget catnip, and participate in the equipment lottery, have the opportunity to get a +10 weapon in the seal world…”

When Zhao Yao started to advertise on the stage, he couldnโ€™t help but hold his face. For what Zhao Yao did, he wanted to stop it and couldnโ€™t stop it.

On the other side, Zhao Yao is very satisfied with the event. He has gained the experience of 1000*2 and improved his popularity. He has paved the way for the future increase of the seal world and the collection of more evolution.

What’s even better is advertising by the way, Zhao Yao himself advertised to promote Bridget catnip, the next domestic market share has soared, and Zhao Yao has more draws.

After doing all this, Zhao Yao changed his face and escaped from all kinds of reporters, officials, businessmen, and apostles who harassed himself and returned to the clean coffee shop.

Just entering the coffee shop, Zhao Yao’s eyes glimpsed, and he saw Ningning sitting at the front desk and looking at the phone. The video played on his mobile phone was his speech.

Zhao Yaoโ€™s eyes were slightly bright, and he accidentally asked: โ€œNing Ning, what are you looking at?โ€

“Zhao Yao’s speech.” Ning Ning said: “He is working hard, and today he can achieve such great achievements. Every day, he is working hard to cultivate, and to build a solid foundation. It is a little ordinary…”

Zhao Yao frowned, and some unhappy sitting on the lounge chair, his ears suddenly shaking.

After a while, the bell at the door of the coffee shop rang, and Yang Hui came to the coffee shop with Li Shuzhen.

Li Shuzhen walked in front of Zhao Yao with a cat bag. In the cat bag, there was a silver gradient British Shorthair.

Li Shuzhen walked to Zhao Yao and looked at Zhao Yao, who was already on the lounge chair. In his heart, he said: ‘Dead cat house, try to use cats to attract his attention today. ‘

She looked at the smile and said: “Boss, this is my family’s Nana, has been very disobedient, the boss you help education.”

Zhao Yao looked at the cat bag with some interest: “Your cat? Is it a super cat? Let me see it.”

Seeing Zhao Yao curiously opening the cat bag and holding Nana, Li Shuzhen said in the heart: ‘This guy really likes cats, this point is not wrong…’

Yang Hui, who was sitting in the distance with Ningning, saw this scene frowning and thought: “What the cousin is doing, how come I always come to the coffee shop to find this boss?” Do you really look at this boss? This… the gap is too big. ‘

Mocha on the other side lay on the table, a pair of white gloves and cat claws hugged his face tightly, and the whole cat group slept in a group.

But Mocha, who was slumbering, suddenly felt that a cat was shooting himself. He looked up at Lightning and frowned. “Why wake me up?”

Lightning excited: “Look! There are beautiful cats.”

Mocha glanced at Nana, who was taken out by Zhao Yao, and closed her eyes again: “Alright, seven-point cat.”

“So beautiful, seven points?” Lightning refused to say: “This cute little female cat, I just can’t move on her back.”

“I can’t move?” Mocha sneered. “I see you can’t wait for even the eggs to be stuffed.”

Lightning: “What are you talking about! How can you clean your cat with empty air?”

On the other side, Zhao Yao looked at Nana with interest, put the other person on the table and touched it. He said with a smile: “Don’t be afraid, Nana, do you want to listen to the owner’s words?”

Nana was afraid of the body constantly shaking, looking at Zhao Yao in front of her eyes, I was overwhelmed: ‘What happened? Why do I feel flustered and chest tight when I see this man, and my body still shakes? I rub… How do I seem to see the cat’s soul on him? ! ‘

Zhao Yao looked at Nana, who was kneeling on the table. She looked up and looked at Li Shuzhen and said, “The pretty little kitten is just a little bit courageous. You will bring her out to meet the world later.”

Li Shuzhen nodded and asked seriously: “Hey, Nana has a house at home, and she doesn’t come out very much. The boss is a cat-raiser. Help me teach her more.”

Zhao Yao looked at Li Shuzhenโ€™s appreciation and nodded. How pure and serious the cat girl, this attitude towards the cat is very responsible, and the spirit of learning is better than Zhao Xue and Ningning.

At the same time, Zhao Yao took out a pack of Bridget catnips from his hand: “Shu, have your cat ever eaten catnip?”

Half an hour later, Li Shuzhen and Yang Hui each walked out of the coffee shop with a large box of Bridget catnips.

Li Shuzhen: ‘Is it pitted? Impossible, I have always been a man, how can a man pit me. This man really likes my cat. It seems to me a bit too interesting. I will look at me if I can’t move.

As long as I work harder, I should be able to take him. ‘

On the second day, when Zhao Yao returned to Frosty City to tell the story of Mai Mai, Mai Maiโ€™s father came again and saw Zhao Yao say: โ€œIf you want to learn the dimension blockade, itโ€™s not impossible.โ€


At the same time, the cat star Satol is in a palace.

Rows of cats sleep in the palace.

One of the gray kittens suddenly slammed his eyes and climbed up.


I still wanted to fall into the jet lag. As a result, I was busy with a bunch of broken things. Let’s start with three more chapters. I slept and went on to write.

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