Am I A God? Chapter 1012

Within the huge and empty hall, there are dozens of super-powered cats in different colors lying in an oval pool.

Every time the cats breathe, a lot of liquid is sucked into their bodies, which seems to nourish their bodies.

It is obviously a place where the short-haired super-character cats store the flesh and become aware of it.

In one of the pools, a gray super-powerful cat that had been sleeping well suddenly opened his eyes, and the yellow scorpion was in a confused color. It seemed that he could not understand the situation at hand.

But a little confused for a little while, his eyes burst into the light of hatred.

The super-powered cat that suddenly awakened in front of her eyes was slamming on the earth by Zhao Yao.

In fact, the giggling was not smothered. He showed a cat’s two-point skill, and he gave a little consciousness to stay in the seal world, sneaked into the consciousness of a player, followed the other’s consciousness and went offline. The other’s body.

Then he went into a dormant state and slowly recovered.

This time, he was beaten from lv19 to lv10 by Zhao Yao. It was a big blow, suffering from unprecedented damage. It was as weak as when he was born. After sleeping for more than half a year, he was able to recover to the level of lv15. Reluctant to shuttle the dimension of consciousness.

After the dormant wakes up, he also knows through the media on the earth that his seal world has been mastered by Zhao Yao.

So it was not easy to shuttle the dimension of consciousness, after returning to his body, the gamble of the eyes flashed infinite anger.

He muttered with hate: “Zhao… Yao…”

However, the giggling did not leave immediately, but the light of wisdom flashed through his eyes and began to think.

“If you report the situation directly, the earth and the country of consciousness are not mine.”

When I think of the seal world that I have worked hard to create, I feel my heart is bleeding.

He can never give up the world of seals. In particular, the knowledge of the country of consciousness is originally a forbidden technique. He also learned it by chance. If the short-haired sons above are known, not only will he be punished, he will seal himself. The world will certainly not return it to him.

“You can’t report it to you. You need to find a few reliable guys to go to the earth together and grab the seal world back.”

I thought that my seal world had been in the hands of Zhao Yao, and I was free to play. I felt like I was a man waiting for my girlfriend in the hotel lobby for a night. He was so angry that he was green.

The country of consciousness was robbed, and it was more serious than the wife was robbed.

“The guy even if there is a seal world, but there is no relevant knowledge, the absorption efficiency should not be high, the upper limit of the load can not be improved, and the upgrade to two-star or Samsung cat slaves.”

“Find a few reliable cats, go to the earth to clean him up, and then divide the seal world.”

If you want to think about it, you still feel that it is more reliable, but it is a problem to choose who to go with.

“Can’t choose too strong, too strong where there is my share.”

“You can’t choose too weak. If you can’t beat it, don’t you send a cat?”

“It’s better to be a little better with me, a trustworthy cat.”

Giggle thought about it, slowly fell into sleep, began to restore strength.

“Zhao Yao! You are waiting for me!!”



Zhao Yao sneezed and said in her heart: “Which cat is thinking about me?” Shaking his head, he walked to the room of Mai Mai and was immediately blocked by a tall red-haired man.

The red-haired man said with a slap in the face: “This is Miss Mai Mai’s bedroom, and no one can wait.”

Zhao Yao looked at the red hair in front of her eyes. The other party was the apostle who had sent Mai Mai to protect Mai Mai. It was also given the ability of Mai Mai’s father lv49. It should still have a lot of skills.

“But this guy… how to be hostile to me.”

Red Mao looked at Zhao Yao in front of her eyes, thinking back to the instructions of Mai Mai Dad.

Beware of this man, you must not let this light feather and Mai Mai alone in the same room, can not let him close to Mai Mai more than three meters, can not let him and Mai Mai alone, can not let him eat wheat wheat to eat Something that I have passed can’t sit in the position where Mai Mai has been sitting, let alone breathe the air that Mai Mai breathed…

Red Mao said to Zhao Yao: “What do you have to say to me, I will tell Miss Mai Mai.”

Zhao Yao reluctantly said: “It was the black sand dune that informed me that Mai Mai was looking for me.”

At this moment, the door opened, and Mai Mai smiled and reached out to grab Zhao Yao: “Light feathers are coming! There is news about the skills!”

“Mc Mai adults!” Red Mao immediately stopped in the middle of Zhao Yao and Mai Mai: “The adults will not let you stay too close to him.”

Mai Mai snorted, and some couldn’t understand why his father had to do this kind of thing, and he was too lazy to pay attention. His body flashed slightly and he rushed toward Zhao Yao, directly holding Zhao Yao’s neck and riding on Zhao Yao. On the body.

“Zhao Yao! You are not learning the dimension blockade?! There is no problem this time, you can go to school with me!”

The red hair looked at Mai Mai’s appearance on Zhao Yao and looked up and tried to take away the other person, but he shrank again. He could only shout at Zhao Yao: β€œWhat are you doing with Guang Yu? Adults are a little farther!”

“You are so annoying, red day.” Mai Mai looked impatiently at his bodyguard and said, “What am I doing with Zhao Yao? Can I not even hold people?”

Red Day is helpless: “Miss Mai Mai, your father, he…”

“Hey! When is it the turn of people to manage the cat?” After licking his teeth in the red sun and seeing that the red day is not stopping himself, Mai Mai happily glared at Zhao Yao’s body and continued: “Light Yu! If the original dimension is blocked, the cat slave can’t just learn it, but Dad specially looks for the cat above to take care of it. You can learn the black skills of the dimension blockade with me this time!”

Zhao Yao excitedly nodded. “Well, how do you learn?”

Mai Mai’s eyes turned a bit and said to Zhao Yao: β€œNo, you will tell me the story today, and I will take you to study.” She thought about it and added: β€œToday’s ten days. Share!”

Zhao Yao looked at Mai Mai, who looked forward to her eyes: ‘This kitten is awkward, and it has become more and more embarrassing recently. ‘

However, after thinking about it, it is more important to learn skills, and there is still a red sun next to me. Zhao Yao has no idea to adjust the kittens in front of him. He directly opens the Space Gate and plans to start telling stories according to the contents of the mobile phone.

“Today, I will continue to tell you the story of Jojo’s adventure. After the orange cat Jojo broke through the clouds, he decided to go to Yulin Temple to rescue his father…”

Mai Mai heard Zhao Yao start to tell the story, and immediately squatted beside Zhao Yao, and listened attentively to the story of the orange cat Jojo.

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