Am I A God? Chapter 1013

The red sun on the side was still frowning at first, but listening to it also revealed the appearance of listening carefully.

After about half an hour or so, Zhao Yao licked some dry mouth and said, “Okay, don’t say ten days, the twenty-day nest is finished for you, and the rest can’t think of it.”

Mai Maiyi still licked his tongue: “Tomorrow will continue.”

β€œDo not worry, when is it broken?” Zhao Yao said: β€œWhere does the skill go to learn?”

“Go to a dream.” Mai Mai said, jumping and ran toward the big bed in the bedroom: “Come on to sleep, I will take you to that dream!”

Red Day looked at Zhao Yao who went to the bedroom and lowered his voice and warned: “Be careful, don’t give me any abnormal things, don’t make a passover, I will always stare at you.”

Zhao Yao rolled his eyes, what can he do, he and Mai Maiming are such a pure relationship, it is too perverted that you think about yourself.

After a while, Mai Mai and Zhao Yao became together and became immersed in the dimension of consciousness.

Then Zhao Yao followed Mai Mai and walked through the dimension of consciousness and came to a strange dream.

I saw a huge palace floating in it in the endless void.

Mai Mai and Zhao Yao stood in front of the palace’s gate, and could not help but raise a feeling of being very small.

Mai Mai looked at the dream palace in front of him and said to Zhao Yao: “Light feather, here is the dream of the short-haired son. He is a cat who has mastered the dimension blockade. If we want to learn this black skill, we must go to him. Learn.”

The most advanced black skills and gray skills are passed on by word of mouth in short hairs and are not recorded on the text.

It can be seen that the short-haired Mao’s super-cats are very much attached to these two skills, especially the gray skills.

This time, Mai Mai’s father also spent a lot of money to give his daughter the opportunity to learn the blockade.

Zhao Yao’s mind is thinking: ‘Short Maozong theory, the control of skills is still very strict, Mai Mai father clearly will be a blockade, want to teach her daughter and I have to pass the approval of the Ministry. How did the cat hunting group learn to block the blockade? Will they also master the knowledge of the country of consciousness? ‘

Just when Zhao Yao thought about this, the world of dreams suddenly changed. They seemed to be sucked into the castle by the slamming, and went directly to a room full of books. Then countless knowledge emerged from them. In front of them, when they reacted again, they have already returned to the school gate.

β€œIs this?” Zhao Yao’s head thought a little bit, remembering what he had just watched, and it’s the knowledge of dimensional blockade. By applying the method described above, you can block a certain range of dimensions. So that the consciousness of the creature cannot be shuttled through the dimension of consciousness.

At the same time, just as Zhao Yao and Mai Mai felt a little embarrassed, there was a cat call in the palace.

“You have learned all of this, go back… go back… go back…”

With a burst of echoes, Zhao Yao and Mai Mai felt that they had been pushed out a lot and left the dream in a blink of an eye.

The two quickly shuttled the dimension of consciousness and returned to the city of Frosty City in the material world.

Mai Mai walked up from the bed and snorted and complained: “It’s so complicated and difficult to learn! I feel so dizzy!”

Zhao Yao also licked some bloated heads. It seems that time has accelerated in the dreams, so that they can read a lot of knowledge in a short time.

‘Is it possible to accelerate the same time as Diana, is it an ideology skill? ‘

Zhao Yao squinted for a while, and then saw a new option in the book.

He can now directly let the super-cats under his master learn the black skills of dimension blocking, but need to consume a full 40,000 experience points.

“Can’t learn?”

Zhao Yao let the super-powered cats who are not allowed to learn the skills of this dimension blockade, and hesitated.

The consumption of black skill learning is as high as he imagined, and the key is that his super cat can only reach lv25 at the highest level, and after the dimension blockade is used, it depends on the strength of consciousness.

That is to say, strong consciousness can block the weak consciousness.

For example, lv30’s display consciousness dimension, lv25 can’t shuttle the consciousness dimension in this range, but lv35 can break through the blockade and make the dimension shuttle.

“If you let Diana directly learn this skill, now they can only bully the low-level super cat.”

“But if I can learn this skill like the apostle of the Cat Hunting Group, I can use the power of Mai Mai’s father lv49 to create a dimensional blockade, which is of much use.”

Zhao Yao said in the heart: ‘It is a lot faster to use the power of the book to let the super cats learn skills, but the scope of application is too low, and it is not very useful when they are low. ‘

‘Sure enough, I will learn to block the blockade myself. ‘

Thinking of this, Zhao Yao is determined to learn the skills of dimensional blockade.

Not just the skills of dimensional blockade, Zhao Yao decided to learn all the other skills he saw.

In fact, he originally had this plan, but this time he saw the experience of black skills consumption, but also strengthened the idea.

Learning by yourself is better than using the book to learn provincial experience.

Even the super-cats come together to learn by themselves, and it is better to spend more experience than to spend their experience.

So in the days that followed, Zhao Yao stayed on the side of Frosty City, telling stories to Mai Mai, tuning the kitten, or returning to Earth, entering the world of seals, and then dreaming about dreams in the world of seals. Self-learning skills in the case of accelerated dream time.

Of course, not only do you learn by yourself, Super Cats now have to learn with Zhao Yao.

‘A cat learning a black skill is 40,000 experience points, Mocha, Diana, Ekaterina and Elizabeth together, that is a full 160,000 experience value. ‘

‘Let them learn by themselves, don’t they earn 160,000 experience points? ‘

In the dream, Mocha squinted on the ground, and finally looked up and saw the words in front of him continue to fall on the ground, feeling the overwhelming sleep.

“You are already dreaming, and still sleeping?” Zhao Yao gasped and grabbed Mocha, lifted it up, and used both hands to force the Mocha in the dream into a ball.

There is a pair of eyes on the ball watching Zhao Yao, pity: “Zhao Yao Zhao Yao! I am very tired to read the third grade during the day, I will come to you to make up the class at night, I now want to doze off when I see the book, the kitten really Can’t hold on.”

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