Am I A God? Chapter 1015

“If this guy dares to challenge me, hehe…” Zhao Yao looked at other super-energy information and found that after his life, the super-ability events seen by civilians are indeed more and more, super cats. It is being integrated into people’s daily lives little by little, and more and more people rely on super cats to make money.

Touching the chin, Zhao Yao didn’t think too much about similar things, but started practicing the dimensional blockade again.

After a while, Zhao Xue slammed into the coffee shop, and the whole person spread out on the sofa and shouted: “Zhao Yao! The cats are all caught back! Hurry and give me money!”

Zhao Yao looked up and looked at Zhao Xue and said with a smile: “Is it caught?”

“Of course!” Zhao Xue said with excitement: “You don’t know how hard it is for your cats! Those who hide in the sewers, hide in the Internet cafes, flee to the mountains, and go to the grasslands and deserts, I will not say anything.”

“Merlin’s super cats from a few star cats, they ran to the South Pole, you know it!”

Zhao Xue seems to recall his experience of catching cats on the Antarctic ice sheet. He said with a sad face: “I almost didn’t freeze me, I have played more than a dozen polar bears…”

Zhao Yao couldn’t help but say: “The polar bear is not in the South Pole.”

“Then they grabbed the past.” Zhao Xue said: “Do you know too much with the excessive? The dolls have gone to the moon with Kunwu! I am still rushing to the moon to catch them!”

Zhao Yao was surprised: “Oh? How did you get there?”

“Do a rocket!” Zhao Xue said: “It is the moon rocket that the Space Agency recently issued… In fact, it was quite a bit at the beginning, but there was nothing on the moon. I didn’t want to go up again.”

“Zhao Yao! Plus money! I have to add money to me! I feel that my menstruation is not adjusted, so tired and left a dark injury!”

Zhao Yao said in the heart: ‘It’s a very rich life. Maybe Zhao Xueduo can do something later. The province always stays at home like a pig. ‘

Zhao Xue said: “Hey, have you heard that? Cats have already gotten back to school, you can give me money, and don’t forget to add money, you must add money! The aftereffects of a lifetime.”

Zhao Yao looked at the task completion status on the book. A cat has the experience value of 500*2. This time, Zhao Xue helped catch the cat and directly let Zhao Yao have an experience value of nearly 100,000 points. It is really a very Objective income.

So Zhao Yao’s transfer also turned very happy, and added one million to Zhao Xue.

Zhao Xue, who was on the side, couldn’t wait to go after she had collected the money. Of course, she had to spend money with money.

而Zhao Yao 看着book上面book:lv8(134717/100000),感觉非常满意,有这些经验值,又能把一只猫升级到lv10了,为接下来下一只猫提升到lv25做好铺垫。

So Zhao Yao looked at the panel of the book:

Mocha lv25

Elizabeth lv18

Bridget lv10

Ares lv8(15800/50000)

Lucifer lv8 (10900/50000)

Pharaoh lv7 (11900/20000)

Ekaterina lv25

Diana lv25

At the moment, Yao Yao’s book, there are no cats that break through the lv10 limit, only Ares, Lucifer and Pharaoh.

Zhao Yao has calculated that the current experience value just raised Ares to lv10, Lucifer and Pharaoh are a little worse.

Anyway, I have to upgrade to lv10 in the future. Now, if it is right, Zhao Yao will raise Ares to lv10.

Asres promoted to lv10, and two more skill trees to choose from.

Zhao Yao looked at it carefully. Although he still had two skill points, he didn’t give it to Ares. After all, this skill point was not easy to get, he was more inclined to leave to Lucifer or Pharaoh.

Moreover, he looked at the skills of Ares and did not use the skills. He directly selected two skills.

One is to let Arees’s rejection field’s low temperature drop again, reaching zero and two Baidu.

Another level 10 skill is the force field transformation, which enables the power of the exclusion field to transform back and forth between the force field and the body.

To put it simply, the power of the exclusion field can be directly converted into physical strength and applied to the user, and the physical strength of the user can also be directly transmitted in the form of an exclusion field.

The current strength of the exclusion field is between two hundred and three hundred tons. If it is converted into physical strength, it can turn Ares into a super cat in a blink of an eye.

In turn, it is even more powerful. After all, Zhao Yao is the strength of eight cats. The strength is tens of thousands of tons. If the physical strength can be spread in the form of exclusion, the combat power is multiplied and can be followed. The growth of physical strength continues to grow.

Today’s exclusionary field and Pharaoh’s exerciseability are matched together, it is a perfect match, just like a chemical reaction, the combat power is rapidly increasing.

In one breath, Ares was promoted to lv10, and the experience value of the book was almost exhausted, becoming book: lv8 (517/100000).

After the upgrade, Zhao Yao tried to display the exclusion field, and then saw a chair between his thoughts, and a chair not far away slowly floated.

Zhao Yao tried to pour his physical strength into the exclusion field.

After a strange wave of volatility, the air around it seemed to tremble slightly, and a horrible force permeated the air around it.

Then Zhao Yao’s palm was gently pinched, accompanied by the explosion of his physical strength, the surging giant force directly spread through the exclusion field, and there seemed to be a thunderous thunder in the air.

Then I saw that the chair in front of Zhao Yao was instantly pinched into a small group, and then continued to collapse, and finally turned into a dust dissipated in the air.

“Good performance.”

Zhao Yao is satisfied with a smile. The physical strength can be transmitted through the exclusion field. It means that his physical strength can be erupted in any direction at any point in the surrounding air, and no real contact is made.

The area exerted by the force can be large or small, and it can carry out a penetrating attack, or grab a warship at a time, but it will not hurt the warship.

Just as Zhao Yao was novelly trying to exclude the new capability of the field, the phone suddenly rang.

Zhao Yao looked at it and was still a strange number, and some accidentally answered the phone.

“Hey? Hello, is this the latte family?”

“I am.” Zhao Yao wondered: “Excuse me?”

“I am Li, the first cat school in Jianghai. The head teacher of Latte.”

The other party said with a bit of sadness: “Latte has not been doing homework for many days. He asked him that he said that his father told him not to do his homework. He did not cooperate with us very much. He also chatted with other cats during class, and the other in the class. The kittens also have the same kind of learning and do not do their homework seriously, which has seriously affected our teaching order.”

Zhao Yao blinked in his eyes and said quickly: “I know the teacher, I will come to him now.”

The class teacher said: “You don’t want to be excited, the kittens are not obedient, and the naughty and bad guys are normal. We still focus on criticism and education. Don’t be excited, don’t hit the cat…”

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