Am I A God? Chapter 1017

When I heard what Zhao Yao said, the man in front of him shook a little and said: “He hasn’t seen it for a long time, and he can’t make a phone call. Our family is very worried about him. Can you let him come out and meet us? ”

Zhao Yao smiled and said: “Of course.”

Said, Zhao Yao has opened the kitchen’s Space Gate and shouted to the kitchen: “Hey, on the 5th, your family came to see you, you come out and meet them.”

After a while, Sun Jian walked out of the Space Gate and walked out of the kitchen. After seeing the man outside, he snorted: “Brother? How come you?”

The man saw Sun Jian and immediately went up. His gaze swept over Sun Jian’s thin, pale face.

Seeing the other person’s face look, the man looked worried: “What happened to you? How can I call you back?” He looked back at Zhao Yao and asked Sun Jian: “Is this store?” The boss forced you to stay? What grievances have you told me, I will help you.”

As the man said, the big men who followed the four stood up and looked at Zhao Yao with a bad look.

Just because Sun Jian was still in the hands of the other party, they only had scruples. Now that Sun Jian has appeared, they are naturally not too scrupulous.

“You have a chat with your brother. What are the misunderstandings?” After Zhao Yao said a word to Sun Jian, he walked back to the lounge chair and touched his chin. He continued to practice the dimension blockade.

On the other side, Sun Jian was shocked to hear what his brother said, and quickly pulled the other side.

Sun Jian’s mind kept jumping out of the horror of Zhao Yao. The super-ability that the other party showed on that day was just the tip of the iceberg, but it was enough to be scary.

Seeing that his brother wants to offend the other side, Sun Jian naturally wants to stop him, so as not to cause a great disaster.

Looking at his brother, Sun Jian said quickly: “Nobody bullies me, I want to work in this store.”

Sun Jian’s brother said strangely: “You want to work in this store?”

“Yeah, the boss of this store is very good, it is good to talk, and it is very good to play with cats. I just want to follow him for a few days here.” Sun Jiansheng was afraid that the other party annoyed the boss and quickly said: “And I It will be over for three days, and I will go back in three days.”

“Three days? Work? What are you doing?” Brother looked at his brother with amazement. When did his brother like to work like this?

“It’s three days!” Sun Jian said to Zhao Yao: “Boss, I still have three days to go back?”

Zhao Yao heard a slight sigh, then smiled and said: “Yeah, it’s almost three days.”

On the other side, Ningning heard a cold, this is the third three days, this is an endless three days.

She looked at Sun Jian’s gaze and was full of pity. She couldn’t help but say: “There are only three days left, and I have done a lot of work before. If you want the boss, let him go first.”

Sun Jian stunned and looked at Zhao Yao with hope.

Zhao Yao glanced at Ningning and said faintly: “Yeah, there are three days left anyway. Would you rather let me go for him?”

“Amount…” Ning Ning immediately stunned and said to Sun Jian: “You will work for another three days, and the time will soon pass.”

Sun Jian sighed, afraid that his brother annoyed Zhao Yao, and quickly urged: “Okay, you also heard, I just want to work here for three more days, rely on my own efforts to make money. You hurry, don’t influence The boss is in business.”

Zhao Yao reminded me: “Talk to your brother.”

Sun Jian was shocked, his body shook and whispered honestly: “Brother, I am very happy here, you don’t have to worry, I will go back after the last three days.”

Sun Jian’s older brother looked at Sun Jian with wide eyes. He did not expect that his rich second-generation brother seemed to have changed himself.

He patted Sun Jian’s shoulder and said with gratitude: “Brother, you have grown up. You used to look at your flower and wine. You know how to spend money at home. Then look at you now… you know that you are making money. It is.”

Sun Jian’s brother gratefully came to Zhao Yao’s face: “Boss, thank you very much, my brother is really… our family can’t manage him. I don’t think he knows that he is working hard to earn money. I know how to be polite to me.

Thank you, thank you very much! ”

Zhao Yao nodded and said, “I should do it.”

Sun Jian’s brother continued to move: “This kid has been obedient since he was a child. Now he is working here for you. The boss is free to marry him. I will educate him for me. This kid will be handed over to you. I have seen three days or less. Let him work for another two months here.”

When Sun Jian heard that he was in a hurry for two months, he quickly went up and said, “Wait a minute, brother, listen to me…”

Sun Jian’s brother stopped and said, “Don’t say it, you give me a job here, and work hard for a while.”

“Boss, he will trouble you.”

Zhao Yao smiled and said: “Polite, I must educate him for you.” He said with some seriousness: “But on the 5th… I mean Sun Jian, his character is somewhat naughty, and he has no patience in doing things. Sometimes you may call, send a message to you, say you want to come back…”

“The boss is at ease, now he is so easy to rehabilitate, we will not be soft, he will hand it over to you.”

Sun Jian said in horror: “Brother…”

“Sun Jian, we are for your good, you are working here, you have to get rid of those stinking problems, we will pick you up in two months.”

Looking at his brother’s departure, Sun Jian collapsed, and this is what he is jealous.

Ning Ning on the side looked at his desperate back: ‘It won’t be endless for two months…’

“Go to work.” Zhao Yao said to Sun Jian with a smile: “Work well, I am very optimistic about you.”

Li Shuzhen and Yang Hui, who witnessed the whole thing, looked at each other and always felt a little strange.

Li Shuzhen secretly said: ‘This Sun Jian… seems to be particularly afraid of the boss, why? ‘She recalls her memory with Zhao Yao: ‘This guy is obviously a cat-ridden house, can’t see any terrible places. ‘

Zhao Yao did not continue to manage too much of this matter. Sun Jian was just a flavoring agent for him in his life. The numerous super-powered cats on the cat star were his next target.

He plans to stay in the coffee shop for most of the next few days, practicing the dimension blockade of this skill.

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