Am I A God? Chapter 1018

After Zhao Yao practiced his skills, his cell phone shook again. He took it and looked at it. It turned out to be Zhao Xue’s news.

“YuanYuan’s intelligence?”

Zhao Xue was accompanied to monitor YuanYuan’s super-cat who caught the truant. While monitoring YuanYuan along the way, he also secretly helped arrest the super-cat.

Now that Zhao Xue is back, he naturally sums up the information collected by YuanYuan to Zhao Yao.

Although YuanYuan has been careful enough, she still can’t resist Zhao Xue’s monitoring for more than ten hours a day, plus the reading of the sheriff.

So this time, Zhao Yao naturally got a lot of information about YuanYuan.

‘What turned out to be x? ‘Zhao Yao looked at the information sent by Zhao Xue, and said in his heart: ‘X this guy, hasn’t become the golden finger of YuanYuan after he died? ‘

‘Is it possible to enhance YuanYuan’s Stealth ability by absorbing the super-power factor of other super-power cats? ‘

Zhao Yao looked at several videos that Zhao Xue sent over, which is the case of YuanYuan’s recent performance.

‘Already able to penetrate the wall, part of the physical body, ah…’

Zhao Yao smiled and smiled with a chin: “Not bad, wait for another upgrade, you can sign it.”

However, YuanYuan still needs to continue to monitor, so as not to cause trouble.

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao handed over the task of surveillance to the doll, and the other’s mechanical army was able to monitor YuanYuan continuously for 24 hours.

Then, with the help of the time acceleration in the dream to constantly review the materials, coupled with the super brain power after inheriting the quality of Pharaoh, Zhao Yao finally learned the capacity of the dimensional blockade after three days.

Then I saw Zhao Yao’s thoughts move, lv49’s consciousness spread toward the surrounding space, and the void seemed to move slightly.

Zhao Yao shouted to Diana: “You can try to see if you can navigate the dimension of consciousness.”

Diana, Ekaterina, Elizabeth, and Mocha have experimented a bit, and they are all unable to enter the dimension of consciousness.

Zhao Yao experimented with them. With his current proficiency, he used the lv49 consciousness to exert a dimensional blockade, which can block the distance of more than 100 meters, lasting about ten minutes or so.

“Enough is enough, with the skills of dimensional blockade, the super cats below lv49 are completely out of my opponent.”

At this moment, the door on the side was pushed open, the tea was standing on both legs, and a pair of front paws were lifted up high, and they came in with a pile of documents with their heads.

“Zhao Yao!” Milk tea went to Zhao Yao’s side and said, “This month’s Cat Street also has a monthly report on Bridget Catnip.”

Zhao Yao Qidao: “When did you start helping Baiquan?”

Some teas are embarrassed to say: “I told Baiquan that I wanted to help, and I recently worked as an intern at Cat Le Street after school. By the way, I also helped Bridget to do the marketing of Bridget Catnip.”

Zhao Yao couldn’t help but patted Mocha’s head and said, “Look at your son, you have already gone to work to make money. You are still in the third grade of elementary school.”

Mocha curled up into a ball, and a pair of white paws caught his head. It seemed to be a shy look, but his heart was sneer: ‘Cut, isn’t it a job, I will. When I was two years old, George Mocha came out and mixed, and I didn’t work longer than him. ‘

The milk tea said: “Yao Ye, don’t say tea brother, he has worked very hard.”

Zhao Yao shook his head and picked up the documents handed over by the milk tea. He took a look at it, mainly to see how much money he earned this month and make himself happy.

The milk tea on the side said: “The growth rate of Cat Le Street is slowing down. I did a market survey because the similar shops and shopping malls have started to increase recently. Many people and cats have begun to imitate us.

I think that the current entertainment project in Cat Le Street should be streamlined, analyze user needs through big data and cloud computing technology, and enhance the experience of employees and users…

And now the mobile side has more advantages than the PC side. I checked it. There are no apps in our major companies. We should start a comprehensive mobile strategy in the next quarter…

In the vertical segment of cat entertainment, we still have a lot of directions that we can work hard. I collected and explained the entrepreneurial direction of Merlin, Ares and Pharaoh, and you can look at their business plans later. ……”

Zhao Yao listened to what the tea said, and couldn’t help but ask: “Cup of tea, are these things you want?”

The milk tea smiled and some embarrassedly said: “It’s all learned with Baiquan. Baiquan is much more powerful than me.”

Zhao Yao thought about it and said, “If you like it, you should do more. It doesn’t matter if you lose money. Well, I will let Baiquan spend some money for you…”

Mocha in the heart said: ‘Maybe I can find milk tea later? ‘

Zhao Yao has completed the practice of dimensional blockade. He opened the Space Gate and returned to the palace of Frosty City. He plans to find another skill in Maimai.

“Hey!” Mai Mai was on the side of Zhao Yao’s shoulders, and he touched Zhao Yao’s head and said, “Light feathers! Let me tell you stories, today’s The story has not been told yet.”

“Yeah.” Zhao Yao thought about it: “That will continue the story of the orange cat Jojo.”

After telling Mai Mai about the story for half an hour, Zhao Yao looked at Mai Mai’s unfinished look and said: “Mai Mai, I have already finished the dimension blockade. Are there any other powerful skills for me to learn? ”

“Ah? Other skills?” Mai Mai said: “In addition to the new school blockade, I will only be a dragon.”

Then Zhao Yao asked Mai Mai for the silver skill frost dragon. After he wrote it down, he went back to a new round of study.

When I got back to the coffee shop, I heard a scream from Ningning, and Zhao Yao frowned. “What is it?”

“It’s a black phoenix!” Ning Ning said with excitement: “Black Phoenix has won three wars, defeated the American Destroyer, the Japanese robot, and the Indian Lohan. He is amazing!”

Zhao Yao snorted: “What are the broken nicknames.”

“They are all apostles on Forbes!” Ningning said: “Black Phoenix has been ranked fifth in the past, and he will have to challenge all the way.”

Seeing Ning Ning’s excited look, Zhao Yao snorted again, but couldn’t help but open the phone and searched for the news of the search for black phoenix. ‘

It was found that the other party was more fired than he had imagined. After all, since the super-powered cat was born, Black Phoenix was the first guy to broadcast the challenge apostle in such a high-profile manner.

The original Zhao Yao has not been overheated for more than half a year. Netizens need new stimuli. The appearance of Black Phoenix has replaced Zhao Yao, which has gradually cooled down, and become a new hot apostle.

So although it was banned by many countries, but the whole network is still full of his news, his fans on the social platform directly broke through 30 million.

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