Am I A God? Chapter 1019

“This guy…” Zhao Yao looked at the news about Black Phoenix, and said in his heart: ‘It’s a bit arrogant. ‘

However, the similar news Zhao Yao is just a look at the net red, star gossip, even if you have seen it, Zhao Yao continues to sleep into a dream, began to preview the silver skills learned from Mai Mai – Frost Dragon.

Ningning on the side secretly grinned: ‘It started to sleep again. ‘But the next moment she was happy again, and Zhao Yao slept, which means she started to play mobile phone at work again.

Zhao Yao first entered the world of seals, and took a glance at the situation on the book. Elizabeth began to collect evolutionary upgrades. At the current stage, lv20 should be reached today.

Then he swept Tom over there.

At this moment Tom is standing in the wilderness with the alien cat Lele, and Gaia is locked in the safe area of ​​the resurrection point.

I saw the alien cat Lele annoyed in the resurrection zone, and the resurrection point was all Gaia and his younger brother.

Then he saw that Gaia was full of golden light, and a pair of tens of meters long wings floated behind his back, accompanied by his exhalation and gently trembled.

Gaiahaha yelled and shouted: “Dwarf! You have the ability to come out to me!”

“I warn you! Don’t let me see you in the wild! Or see you killing you once, killing you back!”

Hearing Gaia’s words, Lele gasped his forehead and jumped aside, biting Tom’s neck and shouting, “This damn cat! I am going to hack him along the seal world. !”

Tom immediately screamed and said: “No, Lego! It’s not allowed to do this. If the game is dead, then no one will play the game.”

Lele angered: “Is it ok? When I was out of the mix, he was still on his mother’s stomach! Look at this country cat and cut us into the resurrection point, not killing. He and I will go out after Ale!”

However, after Lele had just finished saying this, a horrible pressure fell from the sky, and Zhao Yao’s power to manipulate the world of seals came.

Lele stunned: “Good conscious!” The next moment, he felt that his consciousness was shackled by the power of the heavens and the earth. It seems that with a little effort, he will be crushed into powder.

At the same time, I heard a voice coming to Lele’s consciousness: “Le Ge, I will give you a face to call you a Lege, seal the world is my thing, I can let you play inside, but you have to press Rules come… okay?”

Feeling violent, like a root tentacles, swiftly swept over his body, and Lehr nodded with some horror: “Okay, I know.”

His heart was secretly shocked: “Giggle this guy, has this country of consciousness been so powerful? Calling other cats… No, the more cats are being run, the more they can be in this country of consciousness. Defeating the giggling cat, it’s not my turn…”

When he heard what Lele said, Zhao Yao nodded secretly, and the power of the seal world immediately receded like a tide.

Lele felt a little relaxed, and after a sigh of relief, he asked Tom to the side: “Giggle this guy, how does the tone sound much better than before?”

Tom said: “I don’t know, it has been like this for a long time.”

Lele also asked casually, after all, he and the giggles have not seen for a long time, the ghosts remember the voice of the other party’s voice.

Just then, the outside Gaia shouted again: “Dead Dwarf! Why is there no sound? You see who this is?”

Then she saw a female cat who bought a shiny puppet skin and walked over to Gaia’s side, squatting against Gaia.

Staring at the outside of the provocative Gaia’s eyes, there was a raging anger: “Meng Meng! You joined them in the gang?”

Gaia squatted directly on the back of the mother cat, haha ​​screamed: “Dwarf! Now even your mother cat is already mine! I am you to delete the number! I still lose face here?”

Meng Meng said to Lele: “Le Ge, don’t blame me, the cat climbs high, the water flows down, you can’t afford the latest double eleven gods suit, I can only mix with Gaia brother. “”

Lele gas fell to the ground, and the cat’s hair blew up, screaming and rushing out, but Tom was hugged and stopped.

Lele angered: “Don’t stop me! I want to tear them!”

“Don’t be impulsive, Lego! You can’t beat him!”

Lele was even more angry when he heard this, but he couldn’t help it. If he played too early, he would not be blocked in the rebirth.

Tom persuaded: “Lege, Gaia, this kid is so powerful now, because he bought the double eleven gods suit, we can win him if we have it.”

Lele said: “Where is this God of War suit bought?”

Tom quickly said: “You have a new double eleven gods gift package on the mall page. After you buy it, you have the chance to win the package and get the 120 pieces to synthesize the victory suit.”

Lele’s eyes glared at the gift bag in the mall and muttered: “My gold coins are not enough to buy.”

Tom said: “It’s good to make money, Lego, let’s make a copy and make money.”

Zhao Yao is not a liver, not a money, in the world of Kaifeng, so in his settings, all the props in the game, even the mall props, can be purchased through the game currency.

So I looked at the God of War package in the mall, and Lehler nodded. “When I finished the victory suit, I will kill the pair of dogs and men!”

Seeing that Lele walked into the portal and ran to copy the copy, Zhao Yao nodded with satisfaction and so far, Lehr was still quite involved in the game.

Now Gaia, they basically play the alien cat Lele day and night, from time to time to let the other party fail, and then let the other side get some benefits, beat one or two times, and then fail, just like a hanging in front of the blind man Like carrots, they constantly attract each other to play.

In this way, Zhao Yao also has more time to enhance himself, and you don’t have to worry about the invasion of alien cats for the time being.

After seeing Tom no problem on this side, Zhao Yao once again showed Diana’s nightmare abilities, entered the dream of dreams, and began to learn silver skills with the help of time acceleration – Frost Dragon.

At the same time, Elizabeth is also steadily upgrading, so that the strength of Zhao Yao has been steadily improved all the time.

It took a few days to take time to learn in a dream, and Zhao Yao went back to the real world and began to practice Frost Dragon.

This evening, I saw Zhao Yao sitting on the sofa of the Cat Island Villa. I looked at the room and was facing myself. Mocha, who was happy to play the glory of the king, looked a little condensed: “In any case, Mocha is sometimes distorted. Just use him to test the skills.”

The next moment, the consciousness of lv49 turned into a white dragon.

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