Am I A God? Chapter 1020

With a thumb-sized white frost dragon hitting Mocha’s back, Mocha’s body was awkward and the speed of thinking was reduced.

Mocha suddenly found that his brain couldn’t keep up with the changes in the game. He was stunned by the assassin several times in a row, and even his skills couldn’t stand one, and he screamed.

Zhao Yao smiled and pointed out that a white dragon with a thick arm spurred toward Mocha’s back.

Mocha’s thinking speed was lowered again in an instant, and he stared at the phone in front of him, and he pressed the screen with his paws for a long time.

The hero manipulated in the game instantly became a fool, and was killed by the other party soon after going out.

The Fishball that manipulated the tank couldn’t help but scream: “Mocha, what are you playing!”

Zhao Yao smiled a little, and a white frost dragon filled the whole room slowly emerged from the void. After a roar, he slammed into Mocha’s back and finally integrated into his cat body.

I saw that Mocha was still in the same place, the mind was directly frozen, and the thinking was completely stopped, just as its own time was stopped.

Zhao Yao looked at the motionless Mocha, reached out and touched the other’s head, patted the buttocks, and saw that the other party had not responded. He nodded with satisfaction: “Good skills, so that if you play it later, you will have more to fight.” More tactical choices.”

An hour later, Mocha slammed back, and his body looked awkward. “What happened? I am distracted?”

On the other side, Zhao Yao has come to Frost City again, and he wants to find the skills of Mai Mai.

Anyway, I haven’t gotten the five lv25 super cats yet. Zhao Yao plans to learn more skills from Mai Mai here, or waste the consciousness of lv49.

But this time in the face of Zhao Yao’s request, Mai Mai scratched his chin and said helplessly: “I don’t have any other skills.”

โ€œAh?โ€ Zhao Yao said: โ€œIf you donโ€™t know other skills, donโ€™t you even have a skill book here?โ€

Mai Mai lay in bed on the four feet, heard the words rolling over, twisted and said lazily: “The most troublesome skills are learned, I don’t want those things.”

Zhao Yao helpless, in the heart of the dark road is not to learn the skills to change the route.

After the wheat Mai on the bed turned over, he suddenly got in front of Zhao Yao, and his head was on the head of Zhao Yao. “Light feather! That… did that bring it?”

โ€œAh?โ€ Zhao Yao stunned. He still wanted to change his course to learn skills, and even tried to learn the relevant knowledge of the country of consciousness. He didnโ€™t understand the meaning of Mai Mai at once.

Some wheat is embarrassed to say: “I was hurt again, and I couldn’t stop bleeding.”

Zhao Yao quickly nodded and said, “I know, I will send it to you later.”

Mai Mai got the answer he wanted and immediately laughed. He rubbed against Zhao Yao’s head: “Hey! It’s my cat slave!”

Suddenly her brow wrinkled and smacked on Zhao Yao’s head and neck.

Zhao Yao is curious: “What happened to Mai Mai?”

Mai Maiโ€™s eyes suddenly became sharp and he reached out and took an orange cat hair out of Zhao Yaoโ€™s clothes: โ€œLight feather! Are you looking for other cats outside?โ€

Zhao Yao snorted and his body suddenly stiffened.

Because of the customary relationship on earth, even if a person has a hundred cats, two hundred cats have nothing to do with one person and more cats.

But in the cat star Satoor, it can be different. One can only serve one cat. A cat can enjoy the worship of countless people. It belongs to a cat multi-person system.

Here, if a person walks between multiple cats, he is seriously rejected.

When Zhao Yao didn’t know what to say, McMillan huddled up and said something unhappy: “Hey… I know you cats and slaves, and when you see the cat, you can’t walk.”

She touched her chest and touched her ass. She said pity: “Is it because I don’t have a tail, no claws, no meat pad, but no hair, so you went to find another cat?” โ€

Zhao Yao said without words: “You are just fine now.”

“Where is it!” Mai Mai said with an angry voice: “Now I am so flexible! I don’t want to see my ass. The two meats on my chest are also in the way.”

There is also a hair on the body, and it always hurts when you lick something. โ€

Said, she spit out a pink little tongue in the corner of her mouth, but helplessly said: “The tongue is also a lot shorter, it is not convenient to make things.”

She looked at Zhao Yao and succumbed: “Is it less and less cute?”

Zhao Yao groaned and thought about it. After touching the head of Mai Mai, she was immediately sneaked away by Mai Mai: “Don’t touch the cat’s head! The cat’s head is not something that anyone can touch!” Think about it, Mai Mai turned his eyes and said: “If you want to touch, you can touch your back or your butt.”

“No need… I don’t touch it.” Zhao Yao took back his palm and said, “If you hate the human body so much, why do you turn to humans? Is it better to change back to a cat?”

“Itโ€™s Dad who told me to turn people into a man.” Mai Mai said helplessly: “He said that I am too stupid. If you turn to a cat for the first time, if you don’t live long enough, you may not be able to complete the second reincarnation.”

Zhao Yao is curious: “Reincarnation… Need a lot of preparation?”

“Of course!” Mai Mai looked up and looked at Zhao Yao and said: “It took me a long time to reincarnate for the first time. It was done with the help of my father. It would be harder for the second time to reincarnate. If I use cats. If you are, you may not have time to do it.”

Zhao Yao asked: “Is reincarnation more difficult than once?”

“Yeah.” Mai Mai huddled in the bed and muttered with his legs: “But if the talent is strong enough and the strength is strong enough, it is nothing. My talent is too bad, the growth of consciousness is completely Compared with the aging of the cat body, if you do not turn the generator, I am afraid that the second reincarnation will fail.

However, if the person is transferred, the growth of consciousness will be slower. Even if the second reincarnation can be completed, it will be pulled further and further away by other cats. โ€

Said, Mai Mai looked to Zhao Yao on the side and asked: “Light feather, have you ran with other cats?”

Looking at Mai Maiโ€™s fear and worry, Zhao Yao said: โ€œDo not worry, I will not run with other cats.โ€

After comforting Mai Mai, Zhao Yao went back to Earth and went to Cat Island. A figure appeared in his head.

“If you can’t find a cat, you can only find someone.” Zhao Yao squinted and thought: “I hope that the people who hunted the cat group have mastered the knowledge of the country of consciousness.”

Suddenly Zhao Yaoโ€™s phone rang: โ€œOld?โ€

Zhao Yao just took the call and heard the old man shouting: “Zhao Yao, is it true that you have to fight with Black Phoenix?”

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